Book 1: Demon's Embrace

Demon's Embrace is the first book in the Futanari Apocalypse series. Join Veronica Hudson, demon hunter extraordinaire, in the year 1948, as she fucks her way through several encounters with sexy futanari demons.


World War II is over and New York City is crawling with sexy futanari she-demons. Bad girl Demon hunter Veronica Hudson has her hands (and mouth, and everything else) full as she catches her prey through seduction. In this historical paranormal tale of erotica, Veronica goes through one smoking hot sex-soaked encounter after another! But she may have more than she can handle when she goes after a powerful demoness who's packing a little something extra. Okay, maybe not so little!

Where Can I Get this Book, Already?

You can read Demon's Embrace for free via Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.

What Others are Saying about Demon's Embrace

"That was nasty, filthy, demented, panty wetting, deliciousness." - Mindy Naughty Book Snitch

"I can't wait to read the next one!" - Patricia

"This book was too raw for me. I deleted it." - Anonymous

"I just love how originally freaky your story is, Bryce. Such a neat combination, too. Post world war 2 era mixed with demon-hunting and futanari sex. Definitely a first of its kind that others could only dream of successfully imitating." - RetzelPretzel


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