Futanari Apocalypse Book 2: Angel's Kiss

Demon hunter Veronica Hudson is in big trouble. She has a nasty, sexy demon to kill but she's been injured badly. Lucky for her, fallen archangel Sariel is here to help her heal, and by heal, she means have lots of outrageous futanari sex. Then Eleanor gets involved, too, and the sparks (and the juices) fly!

Veronica and Sariel go for round two with the futanari demon Xezbeth in a fluid-flinging sexual bloodbath you have to read to believe. Veronica makes an unholy bargain and she'll never be the same!

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Book 2 Means 2x as Much Dirty Fun

  • Twice as much sex.
  • The sex is twice as hard.
  • With twice as many partners.
  • Twice as much cum.
  • Twice as much blood.
  • Twice as much action.
  • Twice as many touching moments.
  • Twice as many laughs.

Basically, I had twice as much fun writing it!

In Demon's Embrace, you met Veronica Hudson and (briefly) Eleanor. Veronica's life changed forever when she decided to hunt sexy futanari demons through seduction. Now that her older brother was dead, she could do things her way, and she's a bit of a badass. A nymphomaniac badass.

The demons are futanari: women who have both female and male genitalia. In the previous book, Veronica went after a succubus and a princess of Hell and had intense sexual encounters with each one. Each one also magically altered Veronica's body so she could handle their giant futanari cocks without getting hurt. But when she went after a high-ranking demon named Xezbeth, she was defeated. A mysterious stranger appeared at the last moment to save her from certain death.

Angel's Kiss picks up where Demon's Embrace left off: Veronica is recovering under the care of the mysterious stranger, revealed as a fallen archangel. Archangel Sariel has a unique way of taking care of Veronica because her bodily fluids can heal. Veronica soon finds out that this isn't simply about hunting demons and fucking them silly, anymore. It's about preventing the end of the world.

Eleanor returns and gets tangled up in the near-apocalyptic events along with Veronica and her new angel lover.Eleanor proves too tempting for Veronica to keep her hands to herself. Veronica, Eleanor, and Sariel have a lot of insane, wet fun together. Together, Sariel and Veronica take on Xezbeth again, but Xezbeth makes Veronica an unholy bargain she can't refuse. And she will never be the same!

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