Futanari Apocalypse Series

World War II just ended and for Veronica Hudson it's a good time to be a demon hunter, especially when you're a repressed bisexual and the demons are futanari hermaphrodites. Veronica's approach to demon hunting is, like her, decidedly unconventional.

She seduces them.

In scene after scene, Veronica engages in smoking-hot futanari demon sex that pushes the boundaries of what's possible--or even permissible to print. Veronica does it all with depraved, lusty abandon.

But all Hell breaks loose when she's given her toughest assignment yet to capture a high-ranking demon on the loose.

She thought she could handle it alone.

Futanari Apocalypse Series Titles

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  1. Book 1: Demon's Embrace  [Learn More | Purchase]
  2. Book 2: Angel's Kiss [Learn More | Purchase]
  3. Book 3: Hell's Lament*
  4. Book 4: Yet to be determined
  5. Book 5: Yet to be determined
* Titles subject to change prior to publication

Who doesn't like hot sexy demons and angels?

How about hot sexy demons and angels equipped with both cunts and cocks (futanari)?

There's always been a close link between divinity and androgyny. What most people really know about angels and demons amounts to nothing more than ignorant children's stories. Truth is always stranger than fiction, and far more perverse.

This requires intervention with extreme prejudice. But now her brother is gone, killed by a powerful demon and Veronica doesn't know her name. Forced to work alone, Veronica puts her own sexy spin on how to entice demons into her traps.

What she doesn't bargain for is getting mixed up in fending off a premature apocalypse when she's never felt more alone or outside of normal society. How can she save the world when she can't save those she loves... or even herself?

WARNING: These are works of highly explicit sex and violence and contain the following kinks/fetishes/triggers:

  • Futanari (women with both female and male genitalia but who identify as female, not to be confused with shemales, transexuals, sissies, or ladyboys)
  • Sex with supernatural creatures that have non-human body parts
  • Violent death and gore, including dismemberment and decapitation
  • Explicit oral and vaginal sex
  • Explicit anal sex
  • Choking
  • Sperm vomiting
  • Sperm-swapping
  • Blood drinking
  • BDSM
  • Fucking machines
  • Female ejaculation (squirting)
  • Blisteringly blasphemous and sacrilegious content

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