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My only goal here is to geek out on erotica: my own and the process and trials of writing it. I write "serious" fantasy (cough, cough) under a different name, but this site is all about writing erotica. Dirty stories. Smut. Pornographic literature. Filth.

Completely depraved filth, I might add.

I'll talk about what I'm writing and the hows/whys of writing erotica. If you've recently donned your authorial traveler's cloak and set foot on the same path, you may find some of my articles here useful. I don't claim to know anything, I just share what I learn because I need to know it for myself.

About Me & My Erotica

My avatar: the Seal of Enoch
I have an unwavering and relentless desire for the sexually twisted, the perverse, even the offensive. I always have, even since I was a kid. I didn't have any kind of  sexual "awakening" where one day I realized what kind of person I was.

I was born this way.

In fact, I got in trouble for it several times as a child and as a teenager, too.

I try to do two things with my erotica: write as best I can, and push both sexual buttons and sexual boundaries.

Create plots, characters, and prose as good as any good story.

My goal is to write stories so compelling, you want to tell everyone about them but then you remember how full of twisted fucked-up sex they are (hey, you always have those few friends who really know you and know that deep inside you're a sick fuck just like they are--you can share with those friends).

I want you to think, "That's the most twisted, fucked-up thing I've ever read, and I really liked it."

Push the boundaries of what you expect and what's acceptable from sexual encounters. 

Oh, yeah, baby. Tha's what I'm talking about!
  • Futanari demonesses with huge horse cocks that can shoot enough cum to require a professional disaster cleanup crew to come in afterward. 
  • Female bisexual main character who's really kind of a shit to people, because she's been through Hell (literally) and the normal world has little use for her, but plenty of judgment to hand down. 
  • Main character catching demons and restraining them and then fucking their futa girlcocks until they're both quiveringly senseless. 
  • And she brutally, horrifically dispatches their corporeal bodies and sends them back to Hell. It's almost snuff, but since their spirits go back to Heaven or Hell and eventually they'll come back, they didn't die. Basically, there's lots of blood and cum.
  • Futanari angels whose desires become insatiable because they can't handle being in a corporeal body.
  • Nuns who are just as naughty and dirty and bad as everyone else---possibly worse.
  • As you continue the Erotic Apocalypse series, the story that's uncovered will be considered extremely blasphemous and sacrilegious by many.
  • If I haven't incorporated every taboo yet that exists, don't worry, I will, eventually. I'm also contemplating an erotic series whose characters and setting might remind you of some of some cute cartoons. What I do in that one might just offend everybody who isn't helplessly turned on by it (possibly both).

Where else to find me 

Tumblr: http://brycecalderwood.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brycecalderwood
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  1. Loved your 4th of July Rough Ride, but couldn't find a comment box. Great stuff, Bryce. Would love to see what you would do with a D/s couple.

  2. Hi, Maggie, thanks so much for your kind words. Sorry you had trouble with that page. There is a comment box and even a couple comments, too. It's all the way down at the bottom of the page: http://brycecalderwood.blogspot.com/2015/07/free-erotic-short-story-rough-ride.html

    I don't particularly care for writing about more structured D/s relationships. Mostly because that's not who I am and I write about things that personally turn me on. What WOULD interest me, though, is the particular subset of D/s known as DD/lg or CG/l (Daddy Dom/little girl or Care Giver/little). So you might see something from me along those lines in the future. :)