31 March 2015

Demon's Embrace [Excerpt 3]

“You could only be Veronica Hudson, the legendary demon hunter,” she says to me. As her delicious lips move, I see her canines are fangs. I smirk at hearing this.

“Who says I’m a legend?”

“Everyone in Hell.”

“Well, I guess that’s something. People here hate me.”

“Oh, make no mistake, my pet, we hate you in Hell, too, worry yourself not on that account. But we love you, too. We’re complicated like that. You see, there’s a very exclusive club in Hell, and everyone’s dying to get in.”

“That’s why you spawned so close to the agency.”

“That’s my clever Veronica.”

“I guess today is your lucky day,” I say to her. She raises an eyebrow and cocks her head. “How so?”

“You get to start an even more exclusive club,” I say, the faintest glimmerings of a colossally stupid idea forming in my head.

I move my hand slowly so she can see it and insert my fingers into my sopping wet pussy with a wet sound. I move them around a couple seconds, pleasuring myself in the process. Then I gently slide them out with my fingers still slightly hooked and together so they hold as much of my juices as possible.

I raise my fingers to her mouth. It’s dripping down my arm. At the last moment I’m afraid she won’t go for it, but her mouth opens and out from between her fangs comes a long dark purple tongue. Really long, ending in a point. She doesn’t take those pink eyes off me as her mouth opens even wider and her prehensile tongue spirals around my dripping fingers. It tightens its grip around my fingers, like a tiny snake. I feel her tongue pull on them, she pulls them into her mouth. I don’t resist. Her mouth closes around my fingers and finally she releases me from the gaze of those hypnotic eyes by closing them as she tastes me.

I feel her tongue uncurl from my fingers and slither up and down the length of my fingers in her mouth. I spread my fingers apart just enough for her to flick her tongue between them. I feel another surge of juice building up in my pussy, getting ready to spill out. She sighs loudly through her nose as she tastes my juices on her tongue and I feel something thump into my inner thigh. Her cock is semi-erect, bowed and pointing slightly downward, it throbs and bumps against my leg each time. Milky precum burbles out of it, smearing across my skin and running hotly down my bare thigh.

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