21 March 2015

What No One Tells You About Writing Erotica 1 - You Become Even More Horny Than Before

One thing no one tells you about writing erotica is that you get super horny.

It's ridiculous.

It's funny because I'm writing these sex-crazed characters, and here I am acting like one of them. The urges are strong and relentless because I'm imagining all the various sexually thrilling scenarios that are going to happen as I write the Erotic Apocalypse series.

These stories (and probably everything I end up writing in the future, but of course, we'll see) heavily feature hermaphrodites known in Japanese as futanari. A loose translation is "new half" but that doesn't go over very well in our Western gender-rigid society. Gender and gender identity of course being constructs: they are taught. Science has proven gender is fluid, more like a spectrum than binary.

A futanari is a woman who has male genitalia in addition to female genitalia. In all other respects, she's a woman. A true hermaphrodite is an extremely rare individual and doesn't fit this description. Futanaris are erotic fantasy constructs. They tend to have certain characteristics enthusiasts come (heh!) to love about them, and one of the chiefest is their insatiable sexual desire and uncontrollable sexual fluids. Their pussies are always dripping wet. Their massive cocks continually burble forth precum. They lactate.

It's a hot, hilarious, erotic mess.

And the more I work on this story, the more I feel like that. I'd say 70% of the time I'm at my computer, I'm sporting a semi-erection. And so of course I've been masturbating far more than is probably good for either my body or my productivity.

I didn't know it was going to be like this.

I almost mind.

Back to the writing, hi-ho.

P.S. - If you want your fill of naughty hot futanari pictures, check out my Tumblr.


  1. I feel like this even when writing unpleasant yet titillating rape scenes...but that's GOOD because your reader SHOULD feel aroused and uncomfortable at the same time! Real people feel complicated mixes of emotions and sometimes what they 'shouldn't' be feeling echoes what the reader (and the writer) feels. It's a potent combination, I tell ya!
    P.S. one of my other stories had a hermaphrodite character too :) fun, fun, fun

    1. Hi Retzel, so sorry I missed your comment. Blogger's being stupid (or I am). I thought comments would be more noticeable, so I apologize.

      I think the mark of great writers is that they make you feel what they want you to feel, even against your will and despite whatever baggage you bring to the story yourself. This is something I can only aspire to. My goal is for people to read my work and say: "I can't believe I was so turned on by that." :D