23 March 2015

What No One Tells You About Writing Erotica 2 - Pen Names are a Minefield

Come on, you didn't think Bryce Calderwood was my real name, did you?

Of course not. Like many erotica writers, I choose to have a pen name. Keeping my real identity a secret is not of paramount importance, but for now I try to keep my mild-mannered reporter identity under wraps while the "super" me has much more fun running around with a hot demon hunter who likes to fuck her futanari prey to Oblivion before she dispatches them back to Hell.

Or is that the other way 'round?


So you can imagine the explosive horror I felt when I accidentally tweeted the wrong content to the wrong Twitter account (here is the correct one). By some strange stroke of luck, no one on my other account reacted publicly to it. Whether or not they saw it... I have no idea. If they did, thankfully they've got the good sense and tact to say nothing.

But I have to be careful everywhere, with every online step I take. Want to pin this to your Pinterest board? Better make sure you're logged in to the correct account! Thankfully the little pin window makes you pick a pinboard first, so I can see by their titles which Pinterest account I'm logged into.

This problem is why I use a completely different email service when operating as Bryce: it's easier to keep everything separate.

More work than it's worth

I could create separate logins on my computer, but that would be a disaster of a different kind, because I need to switch back and forth many times a day.

What will I do when someone wants an interview and asks for pictures or a video feed? Hopefully something clever. I don't know. That's not a problem, right now, so I won't worry about it.

Oh, and Facebook?


Yeah, um... no.

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