13 April 2015


I was writing, chugging along merrily. I'd written well over a thousand words.

Then my laptop overheated and shut off.

When I got everything up and running again, I discovered I had lost all my progress.

I was so angry and so devastated at the thought of having to write all of that all over again that I just decided fuck this, I'm done for now.

I didn't say I can't do it, because technically that's not true. But I don't think it would've turned out well. I was too angry and upset and I didn't want to bother trying to change my emotional state. Again, notice I didn't say can't, I said didn't want to.

Everything's a choice. When it's your decision, there is no can't. Can't is a lie to yourself, and when you repeat it to others, you lie to them, too.

At some point soon I'll need to get over my dread of writing those words over again. Meantime, I'm just going to blow off some steam and maybe go learn something.

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photo credit: via photopin (license)

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