07 April 2015

What No One Tells You About Writing Erotica - It's the Best and the Worst of Everything

The world of erotica is the same as the "normal" world, except more magnified. When you look at non-erotic fiction, most of it's shit, some of it's good, and a tiny fraction of it is transcendent.

Erotica is the same, but more so. There's no end to the flood of bad erotica. Gives the entire genre a bad name. The stuff that makes people think erotica is shit written by hacks who only care about money.

Good erotica?

Really good erotica?

It is rare. It is a treasure to hold onto in your heart. It becomes a part of who you are, more so, I would argue, than "normal" fiction can. Because we are sexual beings. Normal fiction touches everywhere but our sexual core. Good erotica touches us in all the normal places and taps into our sexual core.

More than just taps it.

You could say really good erotica fucks you, good and hard, in a way you'll never forget.

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