15 May 2015

[Excerpt] - What most women do

Greetings, my lovely and terrible pervy friends. Today brings you another snippet from a story in progress, the one I'm casually referring to as my "billionaire BDSM story." You can read the first excerpt here and the second one is here.

In this third and latest excerpt, billionaire Kaden Montgomery has returned with friends to dine at the steakhouse where Cass waitresses. This visit is even more memorable than the first one as Cass makes a crazy decision and her coworkers' jealousy reaches the peak of its bloodlust.

“Cassandra, look at me.”

“Yes, Sir,” she knew she would have no trouble whatsoever obeying that order. She wished she could look at Kaden all the time. She had her growing collection of pictures and video clips thanks to her internet research, but of course none of that compared to having one of the world’s most powerful and enigmatic billionaires sitting before her.

“Did you know I constantly get offers like the one you made earlier, this evening?”

“I suppose I could’ve anticipated that, Sir, but I didn’t. Of course that would happen to you all the time.”

He nodded. “Do you know why you failed to anticipate that?” She thought about it for a moment but came up with nothing and shrugged.

“No, Sir, I don’t know why.” She looked down at her lap.

“I told you to look at me.” She snapped her eyes back to his face. This was turning into a complete failure of an evening.

“The reason why you failed to anticipate that,” he said, “was because you weren’t thinking about me, or about ways to anticipate what I would need. Instead, you were thinking about yourself.” She realized that what he said was true, and the growing dismay in her dove even deeper. Kaden stood up from his chair, stepped to her and crouched before her. He looked at her with an earnest intensity that made her heart race again.

“When women make those offers to me, as you did, when they offer to ‘do something full-time’ for me, do you know what nearly all of them do?” She could smell the wine on his breath. She licked her lips.

“No, Sir, I don’t.” she whispered. She whispered because she relished the intimacy of this moment, and she wanted to make it more intimate in an acceptable way. He reached out and brushed her hair out of her face for her, tucked it behind her ear. She closed her eyes briefly at this touch, all exhaustion burned away from her body in a flash of thrilling heat, but then she remembered her orders and quickly opened them again to focus on him.

“What most women do,” he continued, “is offer to suck my cock.” Again her fantasy came back to her unbidden, full force, and made a thousand times worse because it was Kaden himself who triggered it this time! She felt her face grow uncontrollably hot, completely giving herself away. Now he knew! But if so, he gave no sign of it.

“But you didn’t,” he continued, “You at least had the class and the grace to not go there, and I want you to know I’ve noted that.” He was now caressing her cheek. He brushed his thumb across her lip, but she did not open her mouth, did not kiss his thumb or lick it. She was perfectly still.

“So, even though you still have some things to learn, I do like what I’m seeing, which is why I told you what you needed to do, instead of simply rejecting you outright. You’re a good girl, Cassandra, and good girls get rewarded. Would you like your tip?” A rush of yearning, hungry pleasure coursed through her sex.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, sure that he could hear her raw desire in her voice.

“You know I notice everything,” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” she said.

“The new clothes are nice, you chose well. Close your eyes.”

She did. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“You are not allowed to make a sound, do you understand? Nod your head if you do.”
She nodded.

“Put your hands behind your back and open your legs.” Another surge of desire and need flared up through her. She clasped one hand in the other behind her back and spread her knees wider, opening herself to whatever he was going to do. Suddenly in her ear he whispered: “Good girl.” His breath caressed the skin of her neck. Something was placed in her hand behind her back and Kaden pressed her fingers down over it to hold it.

“I want you to do something for me, Cassandra. Are you willing?” For a brief second, she feared what it was he might ask of her, but then she realized it did not matter at all what it was. She would do anything.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, still whispering, only now she had to whisper, even if she hadn’t intended to, because she was breathless.

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