21 May 2015

[New Release] The Incestuously Orgasmic Futanari Shitstorm Continues

The delightfully depraved tale of Tabitha and her hot messy futanari mommy continues! Wet Messy Futa Roadtrip is now available at Smashwords because this shit is too hot for Amazon.

Tabitha and her mom are in for the roadtrip of their lives with scorching wet messy non-stop futanari action!

Previously, Tabitha found out her mother had become a futanari and needed her help. When she arrived, a desperate, forbidden love arose arose between her and her mother, complicated by the side effects of her futanari transformation. Tabitha's mother suffers from sexesthesia, and loses control of her bodily functions during orgasm, resulting in a hot wet sexy mess.

In Wet Messy Futa Roadtrip, Tabitha has decided she wants to become a futanari, too, just like her mom, so they can continue their forbidden taboo love. The van from the Futanari Transform Institute arrives and two very sexy futas appear to transport them to the FTI. But... it's no ordinary van! It's outfitted with all kinds of amazing technology of a decidedly sexual nature.

But when Tabitha actually arrives at the FTI and meets the mysterious Dr. Gentry, will she change her mind, or will she go through with her futa transformation?
You can read a generous 20% of the story for free on Smashwords and it's available in every format and reader imaginable. Get messy!

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