13 May 2015

[New Release] Shocking Taboo Erotica - My Mom's a Hot Messy Futa Now Available

"Mom, what are you doing? Oh, my God, what is that thing?"

Tabitha's a bisexual woman with a really big problem. Tabitha's mom underwent a startling transformation, thanks to recent advances in medical and genetic engineering: Tabitha's mother became a futanari!

She did it in a desperate play to keep her marriage together, but her mom's plan backfired and her husband left her. Now the only person she can turn to is her daughter. Shocked at her mother's insane news and behavior, Tabitha flies out to help her mother, only she's not prepared for the shocking discoveries that await her.

 There were… side effects to her mother's futanari transformation, and now she suffers from sexesthesia, which results in loss of control over her bodily functions as well as a pleasurable intermingling of different sexual and bodily sensations.

Fueled by memories of a drunken night of taboo love with her own mother years ago, Tabitha "cums" to her aid. Repeatedly. And in the messiest ways possible! This could very well be the hottest, dirtiest thing you've ever read.

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