25 May 2015

[SEXcerpt] What Have I Done?

Writing for the second book in my series continues at a decent pace. Tentatively titled Angel's Kiss, it picks up where Demon's Embrace left off. There's not much I can share with you in the form of excerpts at the moment, because it's all terribly spoilery, even if you'd read the first book.

The angel of Angel's Kiss is Sariel, a fallen archangel come to aid Veronica to heal her up after her nearly fatal encounter with the demon Xezbeth at the end of the first book. Or, at least, that's why Veronica thinks she's there. Sariel has her own reasons for things, which she hasn't yet revealed. Veronica's partial demonic transformation has continued as she discovers her fangs are longer and she has horns growing out of her head.

In this scene, Sariel has just revealed to Veronica an earth-shattering secret about the nature of God, earth, and the heavens.

“That’s what I adore about you, Veronica.”


“Most people would simply refuse to believe it. The rest would ask, ‘What should we do?’ but not you. You ask, ‘How can we stop it.’” She kissed me again.

“Well, yes,” I said, “Despite the fact that nearly everyone hates me and my life feels ultimately lonely and meaningless, I still prefer it to oblivion.”

“Oh, Veronica, people love you. Rather, they try to. You make it impossible for anyone to really love you, and then you blame them for it as if it were their fault.”

“What? I do not!People are just closed-minded, jealous, petty assholes!” I raged, shaking my fists. I stood up from the bed and paced about the room. “Everybody loved my brother, not me. He was the hero, the family heir, the good boy. And I was in his shadow my whole fucking life! I was the bad girl. I was the whore. Never good enough!” At this point, I was randomly picking things up and throwing them against the wall, and I wasn’t even paying attention to what they were. That was booze? Shit. I was the very epitome of blind rage, inconsolable.

“How can I be the best and never good enough at the same time!” I grabbed the sheets off the bed and flung them about, but I only succeeded in getting tangled in them. I threw myself back onto the bed in a tangle and sobbed. I had never said any of that to anyone else, and once the flood gates were open, there was no holding it back.

“Veronica... you’re doing it, now. You’re proving my point even as you try to deny it.” Sariel leaned over me, put a hesitant hand on my shoulder.

“Why are you doing this to me!?” I screamed. She had the code, she cracked me open, my guts were exposed, vulnerable, and I lashed out.

“I’m trying to... to heal you,” said Sariel.

And then I was on her.

Grabbed her by the back of the head, twisting up her silver hair into my fist, yanking her to me. Her golden eyes looked at me with sadness and fear.

She was afraid of me.


With my other hand I reached out for her cock, which had engorged at some point during all of this. Perhaps during my rage? Did that turn her on? I didn’t know, but there it was before me. The way I had her pinned to me, she leaned back and her legs were bent under her, so her cock jutted out at an angle. I stroked it. She moaned.


“Shut up!” I growled, “You want to sin? Let’s sin, Sariel, let’s waste some seed. Let’s... let’s let some blood.”

“W-what?” she said, but I was already twisting up her hair in my fist even more tightly.

Pulling her head back. Jerking off her hard cock as her arms flailed helplessly.

I sank my fangs into her, one piercing her skin before the other. Pop, pop.

Her angelic blood heated my mouth. She moaned, whether in pain or ecstasy, I didn’t know. Perhaps both. I held her to me, pinned her down. Her wings flapped like a bird caught by a cat. I swallowed her blood, I stroked her cock. Fire ran through my veins. Even as I drained the blood from Sariel, it seemed what she had in her all wanted to flow to her cock.

I let my fangs out of her skin and her blood flowed in earnest, cascading down her neck, over her breasts in ribbons of red against her pale flesh. My body flushed with power from her blood and pain from my injuries and where my horns were growing.


I bit her again, this time on her breast, even as the first bite continued to pour out blood, which was now covering me, as well, and staining my bed.

“Oh, fuckyesohGodohFUCK!”

Sariel’s hips bucked and she screamed weakly, clutching at me with a blood-spattered arm. She came hard enough to hit the opposite wall with her glowing spunk, jet after massive jet of it, impossible amounts of semen ejaculated from her raging cock as I stroked it and fed on her, her cries seemingly never-ending.
When she finished cumming, I let her fall from my arms in a heap of limbs, blood, and pink feathers.

There were four hard-hitting thuds against my front door. I turned to look, blood dripping from my face.

What have I done?


What happens after this? You'll never guess. It gets really crazy. And dark. And poignant, even.If you haven't grabbed the first book, yet, Demon's Embrace, get it now while I'm writing the second book.

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