23 May 2015

You've Met the Demons, Now Meet the Fallen Angels of the Erotic Apocalypse

In Demon's Embrace, Veronica Hudson gets up to her eyeballs in futanari demons, fucking her way through one encounter after another. In the second book of the Erotic Apocalypse, we begin to see a little of the other side of things, starting with the fallen archangel, Sariel.

This is probably complete overkill for erotica, but I came up with some pretty thorough lore for angels and demons that fits pretty well with what most people think they know about such "celestials." The key for this sort of thing, for me, is to base it on the known, and then take it beyond into the realm of the unknown but plausible.

Well, maybe giant-cocked futanari aren't terribly plausible, but to me it all makes a certain fucked-up kind of sense.

Inspiration for Sariel
To me, having a good story, good reasons for things, and deep, layered characters makes the sexy stuff even more sexy, because a huge part of what's truly erotic is context. A story's mythology and lore is a huge part of that context. One of the reasons people love A.N. Roquelare's (Anne Rice, as we now know) Beauty books is because her world-building was so thorough and lent an impressive erotic overtone to the books. The setting itself and the culture and its rules were part of the erotica. Those books are one the best examples I can think of to take my inspiration from in this regard.

That's why the Erotic Apocalypse isn't just about hunting and fucking demons because succubi are sexy, blah blah blah. These demons are being hunted in New York City in the year 1948, shortly after the end of World War II, just because I love the styles of clothing and hair from that era. I wanted the characters to have limited technology. I wanted more contrast between the setting and the society with Veronica and the Celestials so each would stand out more. As a character, Veronica is a complete anomaly for her time, being so badass and sexually charged, rubbing everyone the wrong way even though her heart's in the right place.

So the angels are not just hot futanari chicks with wings. They're an important part of the overall story. Yes, there's actually a story beyond "Veronica fucks every person she encounters." It ain't called the Erotic Apocalypse for nothing.

There are demons, fallen angels, and heavenly angels. Of those three groups, it's the fallen angels that interest me the most, because unlike the other two groups, fallen angels spend nearly all their time on the earthly plane. They are cast out of Heaven, but they haven't been sentenced to the underworld. Earth is their Purgatory, their Limbo. There's a matter of degree to their sins. It's a long way to the bottom, when you fall, and some have fallen farther than others. You can tell by their wings. Black wings? Fallen angels. Red wings? Fallen archangels. The farther you've fallen, the darker your wings get.

What if doing the right thing was a sin? What if it made you fall further? Would you still do it?

In my opinion, one of the things we like about erotica is that people do things they know are wrong, and they do them anyway. We live vicariously through that, that's part of the appeal of erotica. Fallen angels give me a chance to portray some highly conflicted characters, which will make them even more sexy, even more erotic.

And, oh yes, they will have big cocks, too. *Evil grin.*

If you haven't yet read Demon's Embrace, it's free on Kindle Unlimited.

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