01 June 2015

Heat Level: 4 out of 4 Stars! A Review for Demon's Embrace

Mindy at Naughty Book Snitch has reviewed Demon's Embrace.

Here's her synopsis, but if you want to read a highly entertaining review, you really want to check it out for yourself. I love her reviewing style and the funny pictures she uses. She has a gift for making the every day extraordinarily dirty through context.

When Mindy first told me she was reviewing it, I checked her site to see if she ever gives bad reviews, and it turns that she does, and that's great, because it means she's not jerking everyone off just to get affiliate commissions or whatever. You know she's being real.

One of Mindy's GIFs referencing the cum levels of Demon's Embrace.
Anyways, go check out her review of Demon's Embrace and be sure to follow her on social media and stuff, too, she's a wonderfully fun (and dirty) person.

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