04 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Here to FSU - Angel's Kiss SNEAK PEEK

You guys, I have been so busy writing Angel's Kiss I've taken no time to post here. Right now, I'm about 30k words into it and it should be available within a couple weeks at the most. And yes it will be even hotter than Demon's Embrace!

I hope you like a little violence to go along with your sex, because this snippet is not a sex scene (even though it's still sexy). It's a battle scene. Writing combat is much harder than writing sex scenes, lemme tell ya. When I'm reading other authors, fight scenes are what I tend to skip because I find them boring. Often, they're boring because they're nothing but combat: no story developments are unfolding, no character advancement happens, there isn't even any foreshadowing. I think fight scenes need to be about more than just the fight, just as sex scenes are better if they're about more than just fucking.

Veronica and her new companion, fallen archangel Sariel, are approaching the mansion where the Virtue of Hell Xezbeth has made her lair. This is round two with Xezbeth, as those of you who've read Demon's Embrace know.

Veronica's gun once belonged to Xezbeth, but she managed to steal it from her in Demon's Embrace and now she uses it against her. She's very... affectionate with her weapons and liked to give them nicknames. The hell-tech rifle she decided to call Bones, because that's what it looks like the gun is made of. Bones appears to be semi-sentient, and does things on its own, which is a little unsettling but does a good job of keeping Veronica alive and enemies dead.

As Sariel and I approached the dark, fiery mansion, Bones reconfigured itself into a beast of a rifle, its long barrel like some kind of sickening, elongated spine and ribcage. Two hellhounds appeared to our right. They must’ve been patrolling the outer perimeter of the grounds in a clockwise route. As soon as they saw us, they howled, a sound that made my blood run icy cold. Imagine the biggest wolf you’ve ever heard and then take that two octaves lower.

Operating on instinct, I dug my back heel in and fired Bones from the hip. The gun arced almost straight up in my hands from the recoil, and I swear I skidded backwards in the dewy grass a few inches. But a fiery projectile shot forth, leaving a contrail of smoke, and hit one of the beasts as if a stick of dynamite had been stuffed into a side of beef. Black blood and molten lava spewed from the sundered hellhound.

Considering I write futanari erotica, yes, something
is missing from this picture! I try to keep the pictures
here somewhat clean and let the words be dirty.
Before I’d gotten off my shot, Sariel was in the air. Her wings snapped and her crystalline sword trailed in her hand like a rudder. Reaching the apex of her leap, she spun the sword in a graceful circle, pointing it downward as she descended. She put her wings together during her drop, like a hawk diving. The great blade pierced the hellhound’s skull as it leaped up at her, as if it meant to snatch her out of the air. The beast fell onto its hindquarters as Sariel’s blade continued its way through its flesh. With the momentum of her flight, she spun around on the handle of her sword like an acrobat and landed on her feet, pulling out the blade as she did so. She shook her hair from her face and flicked her arm to whisk the gore from her blade.

Hisses and screeches sounded. The hounds weren’t alone, but had been leading a patrol of demons, three of them. Of course, they were beautiful, with dangerously sexy bodies and faces and cocks, but at this point in the game, it wasn’t about seduction, anymore.

I wasn’t here to fuck, I was here to fuck shit up.

One of them I obliterated from the waist up with Bones right off the bat. Sariel decapitated the other two at the same time with a single spinning stroke. We could’ve left them that way, but I wanted to get them completely out of the picture, for one thing, and for another, I wanted to be merciful to them. Unless their heads and hearts were destroyed, they would only have lingered on in a lifeless, deathless limbo. I shot their severed heads into oblivion and Sariel stabbed their hearts. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you being so kind to them?” she said. I shrugged.

“I guess once you fuck a few of them, it changes things. You know, I actually liked the demons I knew... carnally. Got to know them as real people, even if only for a short time,” I said.

“Fair enough,” she said.

“You never fucked a demon?” I asked.

“Heavens, no!” she sounded horrified at the very idea.

“You should try it, you might like it. I mean, what would happen to you, at this point? You’ll piss off a God who [REDACTED SPOILER]?”

We ran into two more patrols before getting close to the mansion’s door and took them out in a flurry of blood and limbs flying. God damn, but it felt good to just be destroying everything in our path. Except...

“This is too easy,” I said, wiping blood spatters from my face.

“Yes,” was all that Sariel had to say. In all likelihood, Xezbeth wanted us to reach her. From her perspective, we were the unfinished business. Well, correction: me. The mortal who got away. Who embarrassed her before her minions. Who stole her gun from her. Who fucked her and lived. Yeah, I think maybe she had it in for me.

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