28 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Inside Now, from Enthralled, Book 1 of the Futanari Vampire Chronicles

Greetings, my lovely dirty, dirty people! I'm writing chapter 5 on the new vampire story, Enthralled. It's been a few since I allowed any more sneak peeks to peek out, but that ends today. Here for you is the continuation of the opening lines up until the end of the first scene. Both posts will be updated with new edits to the story and with links so you can read them both easily.

Yeah, I know, neither of these SEXcerpts have any sex in them. Maybe if you're good little pervs and share this post around on social media, I'll post something bloody and sexy from the book.

Part 1

Help me, she mouthed.

The girl had fangs. Long ones.


Ashlyn couldn’t think or speak. What she was seeing was simply not possible. Her mind waited for some open mental loop to close, attempting to resolve the unreality, except it wasn’t closing.

The girl twisted Ashlyn’s wrist roughly and shoved her coat sleeve back, exposing her wrist. She dipped a finger into the blood of her own wounds and painted two words on Ashlyn’s pale skin:


The girl’s face pleaded with her urgently, silently. She looked scared.

Somewhere, church chimes rang out. Ashlyn looked up to see the sky beginning to lighten.

“Uh...” Ashlyn looked around as though something near her might offer her some clue or better yet absolve her of her involvement in this. That’s when she saw the girl’s torn clothes revealed a long, thick cock between her legs.


There was no hesitation in her, now. She scooped her arms under the girl’s back and legs and carefully lifted her up.

Why am I not simply calling 911? Or walking away?

She didn’t know. Or, rather, she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

It wasn’t that far to her place, she figured she could make it without too much trouble. The girl possessed an iron strength which belied her delicate beauty, and she clung to Ashlyn’s neck with only one arm. The other dangled limply. As Ashlyn carried her newfound, inexplicable charge, the girl bestowed little kisses upon her neck, which Ashlyn found both invigorating and distracting. Also distracting was how one of her legs flopped sickeningly.

Two words echoed through her mind, one improbable, one impossible. As Ashlyn carried the girl, every few minutes, she would hear a metallic sound, something being dropped. She saw one as it slipped out of the girl’s shredded clothes and fell to the street.

It was a bloody bullet.

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