13 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] A Very Thorough Exam

Dear dirty perverts, I present to you another deliciously dark snippet from the forthcoming futanari & octogirl book. I am blazing through this thing. It might be finished and published by the end of the week.

Once they arrive at the island, the futanari girls are subject to medical inspection. I mean, OF COURSE they are. How can you not have a naughty medical inspection? That's just crazy talk.

“Ah, our last one for the day, what weather we’re having, no?”

Jaelyn was greeted by a tall woman in a white latex uniform that clung to every curve of her amazing body underneath a loose latex lab coat.

Jesus Christ, they’re not even pretending it’s a real exam. What kind of uniform is that?

“Nice uniform,” Jaelyn said, holding out her folder to the woman.

“A necessity, what with all the... fluids I have to deal with when we get new girls in.” The woman came closer and as she took the folder from Jaelyn’s hand, she caressed her fingers. The futa was a stark contrast to her surroundings. The room itself looked like a nightmare from an abandoned insane asylum, containing a crazy old medical chair that had old-fashioned pedals and levers, stained dingy tile walls and floor, and flickering fluorescent lighting tubes above. A first aid cabinet was mounted on the wall.

The woman looked quickly over the contents of the folder and Jaelyn saw her raise her eyebrows and quickly glance at her crotch. A sly smile crept onto her face and she licked her very, very dark red lips. She closed the folder and looked at Jaelyn.

“Well, my dear Jaelyn James, my name is Dr. Ilsa Carerra. We conduct medical inspection exams for all of our new residents. We can’t have anyone coming onto the island with a communicable disease and there may be other medical issues we’d need to know about so we can make sure everyone is taken care of. Usually the inspection is rather cursory, but in your case, I’m going to make an exception and see to it that your treatment is much, much more thorough.” She sounded as if she were about to start moaning with pleasure on the spot.

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” said Jaelyn. Dr. Carerra looked at her appraisingly and came closer. Very close. She wore thick black cat’s eye glasses and behind them gazed at her a pair of the most expertly made-up eyes Jaelyn had ever seen. Her eyeliner wings were perfect and her smoky eye shadow was to die for. Jaelyn found herself stirring more inside against her own will.

“Oh, so you know how this little game is played?” Dr. Carerra said with a sensuous sneer to her lip. Her rich, dark chocolate hair was up in a messy bun and as she spoke, she reached up and removed the clips. She shook her head and let her hair cascade down in luxurious dark waves that Jaelyn wanted to touch despite herself.

“Yeah, I know how this game is played,” Jaelyn said.

“It’s my favorite game in the world,” whispered Dr. Carerra, moving in so close Jaelyn felt her lips brush against her skin as she spoke.

“I hate it,” Jaelyn hissed. Dr. Carerra’s laugh was languid and sultry.

“Oh, don’t tell me that, my dear, I’ll only enjoy myself more. You signed consent forms long ago agreeing to this. Now, take off your clothes.” And she licked the side of Jaelyn’s face, which instantly made her nipples painfully hard. She hated it, but it felt so good. She was starting to feel a little conflicted.

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