11 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Welcome to Futa Island, Bitch

Admit it: When you saw The Little Mermaid,
you wished Ursula was young and hot
and those tentacles would've been super sexy.
I've started a new book and a new series, and I'm already 4k words into it just because it's so much dirty fun to write!

I don't have titles worked out just yet but the series is about a futanari and an octogirl. Also called octomaids or cacaelians, octogirls are basically mermaids but their bottom half is an octopus instead of a fish. Think Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid, only way sexier.

Tentacles and futanari dick? MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

Here's a brief excerpt from very close to the beginning of the story. Jaelyn arives on "Futa Island" a reservation for her "kind" in the midst of a raging sea storm. As the ferry gets tossed about on the waves, Jaelyn gets thrown into the arms of another futa girl coming to the island too. This gets her a bit excited and she has to go to the bathroom to uh... take care of business. She gets discovered by one of the other girls and is mortified. You see, Jaelyn doesn't want to be a futanari. This excerpt is the scene where she is being processed by the authorities.

The man before her looked like he really wished he was somewhere else. He peered through a stack of thick folders on his beat-up old metal desk and set them back down. She sat across from him in an uncomfortable metal folding chair inside the dilapidated little building near the dock. Waves of rain washed against the windows and lightning flashed outside.

“License?” he arched a brow at her and held out his hand. Jaelyn searched through her purse for her wallet and then extracted her Maine driver’s license. The man took it and looked at it carefully, as though he expected it to be a forgery. He spent a lot of time comparing its picture to the real person before him.

“What’s on your face?” he asked, then, “Wait, never mind. You’re a futanari, what else would it be?”

Jaelyn’s face burned with embarrassment.

“Is James still your last name? You are Jaelyn James?”

“Yes,” she said, wiping her face with her sleeve.


“Eighteen.” Guess somebody was too lazy or too stupid to look at the date of birth and figure it out.

“Penis length, both flaccid and erect?”


The man blinked at her. “Ms. James, you heard me. Please.” He raised his eyebrows at me and readied his pen to write.

“Why does that matter?” She just couldn’t let go the absurdity of it, the humiliation of being reminded she was a second-class citizen in the “Land of the Free.” Thunder boomed so loudly he had to wait to reply.

“It’s for our records, if you refuse to comply, things can become very unpleasant for you.” He glanced over to the other end of the room. Jaelyn followed his gaze to see a couple of beefy men with beer bellies that stretched out their uniforms. Slung over their shoulders were glossy black M-16 rifles. Jaelyn had a pretty good idea what unpleasant meant.

“Nine and... fifteen.”

The man’s pen slipped and ran off the edge of the form he was filling out and he coughed. Jaelyn felt her cheeks continue to burn. It was bad enough she had to be born a futanari to a family too poor to afford the reassignment surgery. But worse, she was huge, even compared to others of her kind. She recalled the red-haired girl who’d opened the bathroom door on her calling it a Frankenpenis. Her eyes burned and for a moment she thought she would have to fight off tears, but at the same time, she felt her member stir... again.

Don’t even THINK about it! she silently commanded it.

I'll be working on this story in a white hot heat until it's finished. Meantime, the 2nd Futanari Apocalypse book, Angel's Kiss is now available!

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