15 June 2015

Some Thoughts On the 'Reality' of Octogirl Anatomy and Biology

Greetings, my dear romantic perverts. A quick thought to share with you today about the realism and the science behind the story in erotic romance and erotica.

You ready?

Here it is:


Actually, let me put it a different way: it only matters in that it serves the sex or the story, and that's it.

For example, in my futanari/octogirl story, the octogirl has chromatophores in her skin, just like real octopuses do. Chromatophores are cells that contain skin pigment and have the ability to change color. Not everyone realizes that octopuses (or octopi, if you prefer, but either is correct) can do this. They change color for camouflage or to indicate their mood. This is a real biological thing I'm using in the story because it's fun and sexy and helps tell the story.

How the suckers on their tentacles work and what they look like and how tentacles move, this is all based on reality and it goes into the story because HOT TENTACLE SEX.

Here's what doesn't matter:
  • That the octogirl can be out of the water. When she's out of the water she breathes AIR. When she's in the water, she breathes WATER. I don't even bother with gills, because gills are NOT SEXY. Realistic? NO. I don't give a fuck.
  • Octogirl does not have a beak or mouth in the center under her "skirt" of tentacles. She has big ol' sloppy wet ultra-fuckable pussy. OCTOPUSSY (sorry, I had to). Because, duh, it's a story about a futanari girl with a huge cock getting it on with an octogirl. It's fucking HOT and that's all the "science" I need.
  • Futanari exist as the result of a genetic accident, the details of which are not explained because it doesn't matter. It only matters that they're in the story and they're a highly oppressed group of people.
  • The particulars of how octopeople do anything in the water doesn't even matter for the first book, yet. If it matters at some point in the future then I'll just... make something up on the spot. I'm kind of good at that, actually, it's one of the reasons why I can write fairly quickly. Some of my best story bits and sexy bits come from following a whim to its conclusion. But I digress.
  • A real octopus would not be warm-blooded out of the water. No fluids squirting out of her in sexual ecstasy would be warm. But since octogirls aren't real to begin with (sadly) who gives two fucks about the science of warm blood vs. cold blood? Of course she's hot... she's sexy!
  • What does an octogirl eat? WHATEVER SHE WANTS. Ha ha. This one happens to like pizza and wine. On the spot I made up some bullshit about how she knew what wine was because her people would take it from sinking ships. SCIENCE.
RANDOM CONFESSION: Strangely enough, for all the tentacle-thrashing, big futa dick cumming action in this story... to my surprise it is actually turning out to be an extremely tender ROMANCE. Who'd-a-thunk-it?

Anyways, this is the kind of shit that goes through my head all the time. Just sharing it with you, aren't you lucky? Back to writing!


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    1. Thank you! Yes, me, too! Octopussy is amazing. It looks mostly human but it's not. Two words regarding octopussy: vaginal peristalsis.