08 June 2015

[Update] First Draft of Angel's Kiss FINISHED

Finishing a book is always a bittersweet experience for me. There is the triumph of completion, but also a sadness that it's over. Especially when you have as much fun writing as I do. And I had so much fun writing Angel's Kiss.

This book is twice what Demon's Embrace was:
  • First of all, and most importantly: more sex. Like, WAY more sex. Yes, there is a real story, a real plot, but at the same time, I'm a big fan of "everybody fucks everybody and as often as possible."
  • More menage! Threesomes and a foursome, woo hoo!
  • Put on yer waders and yer rubber gloves (and open your mouth) because the futanari cum output in Angel's Kiss is just ridiculous. Plus, Veronica and Eleanor practically dehydrate themselves from squirting so much.
  • Keep them on because the blood kink and the violence... well, it gets pretty sick. And that's the way I like it, or I wouldn't have written it that way. The final sex scene could be described in 3 words as: fucking blood bath. Emphasis on the fucking and blood. Bath, not so much, because it's DIRTY. So, so dirty.
  • You met Eleanor in Demon's Embrace. Well, she's a scene-stealer in Angel's Kiss. I loved writing her cute naughty squirting hotness so much.
  • As the title of the book implies, this story has more than demons. For the first time, you get to meet an angel. A fallen archangel, to be specific. She may be good, but she's far from innocent. In fact, I'm pretty sure she is the most sexually sadistic character I've yet created.
  • The story takes some incredible turns and the reveals are stunning. The series ain't called the Futanari Apocalypse for nothing.
  • In Demon's Embrace there were some moments of tenderness, some poignant scenes. Expect not only a bit more in Angel's Kiss, but also there is love... polyamorous love, even.
  • Veronica will never be the same after this story. The ending was a little heart-wrenching for me to write, just because I don't think anyone loves Veronica more than I do, and I really put her through some dark shit in this story.
Now to edit and tighten things up, get a cover for it, and release it! Could be a week or so for that to happen, so stay tuned because of course I'll let you know when it's available.

If you still haven't read Demon's Embrace, don't wait any longer, grab it now.

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