19 July 2015

100 Facebook Likes Reward: FULL SEX SCENE from In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl

Well damn if you beautiful perverts didn't just send my Facebook page to over 100 likes! I promised as a reward for success that I'd post a full sex scene from In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl.

Jaelyn James is a reluctant futanari sent to a special island reservation for her "kind." One night she finds a girl washed up on the beach who is half human and half octopus, like a mermaid except an octopus instead of a fishtail. The octogirl is badly injured, so Jaelyn takes her home to nurse her back to health. She treats her and leaves her in her bathtub while she goes to bed. She gave the girl her teddy bear to let her know her intentions were for the good. This scene begins the next morning.


The sound of swish-thump, swish-thump caught Jaelyn’s attention, and she opened her eyes. She gasped, realizing she’d overslept and, propped herself up on an elbow. She immediately regretted that when her muscles reminded her how torn up and damaged they were after last night.

Last night...

She turned her head to look at the door to the bathroom and saw that it was open all the way, but she couldn’t see the octogirl. Grimacing, she sat up all the way, noticing for the first time, her incredibly hard morning wood and the cum-soaked front of her skirt. Her raging cock was making quite a tent under the darkly-stained fabric. She sighed. Just another glorious day in the life of a futanari. She was starting in earnest to wonder where the octogirl had gone when Teddy appeared right in front of her face, suspended by a tentacle around his neck. Jaelyn squeaked and started, tipping backwards and losing her balance. Her arms flailed and her legs went out as she fell backwards off the bed and hit the wooden floor with a thud and a grunt.

She heard a giggle and then...

Swish-thump, swish-thump. The bed moved and creaked and she saw several tentacles appear over its edge. Octogirl came to the edge of the bed and looked down at her. She had to bend over a little, due to the size of her breasts so she could see over them. Jaelyn stared in wonder at her black and sea-green eyes. In the bright light of the day, her pupils were thin slits like a cat’s. Her hair was white and her tentacles were a dark purple. Teddy floated down to her in his tentacle noose. Jaelyn realized she was giving him back to her. She reached out and took him and the tentacle uncoiled from around his neck and traced a graceful path back through the air.

“Thank you for the toy,” she said in her strangely melodic and sensual voice, “believe it or not, it really did help.”

“You’re welcome,” said Jaelyn.

“Here, let me help you up,” said the octogirl. Suddenly Jaelyn had tentacles under her armpits and the crooks of her knees. She was being lifted up off the ground and settled back onto the bed. The girl occupied half the bed, her tentacles arranged around her somewhat evenly to support her weight. Where the tentacles grew thicker near her waist, there was also a thin stretchy membrane or webbing between them, looking for all the world like a kind of skirt. Jaelyn thrilled at the touch of her tentacles. Not only was her morning wood not going away, but almost impossibly, it raged even harder. She hated herself for it but she wanted to touch it so badly. No, she wanted the girl to touch it.

“Oh, really?” said the girl, and before Jaelyn could protest or do anything, the girl slipped a tentacle under her skirt and lifted it up, then flung it away, exposing Jaelyn’s huge erection. Jaelyn had forgotten the girl could read her mind.

“Only somewhat,” said the girl as she inspected Jaelyn’s cock. “But it’s how I learned to speak English long ago, and many other languages, for that matter. Except I have a hard time with what many words mean because I have no context for them.” She rumbled forward in the bed on alternating sets of tentacles under her, almost like how a spider would crawl, each tentacle coiling in a smooth, graceful motion. A single tentacle came forward and began laying itself down one inch at a time on her cock, from the base to the tip. The tip of the girl’s tentacle curled over the head of Jaelyn’s cock. Jaelyn covered her burning face with her hands and moaned a long shuddering moan. She could feel the suckers... sucking on her, individually.

“Oh, God, oh, God...” she whispered.

“It’s really big,” said the girl. Her voice was unusual, but even so, Jaelyn thought she detected admiration in it. Jaelyn didn’t know whether to moan or cry. The sound she made sounded like both.

“You seem distressed,” said the girl, “I’m sorry... should I not do this?” She started to remove the tentacle from Jaelyn’s cock by popping the suckers off of it one by one.

“No! Yes! Oh, God, I don’t know! I don’t even know your name. Do you even have a name?”

“My name is Liana,” said the octogirl.

“Liana... that’s a beautiful name,” said Jaelyn.

“Thank you, Monster Cock,” said Liana.


“That’s not your name? How your friend addressed you?”

“No, she was just being a bitch.”

“Oh... she was... being cruel to you?”

“Yes. My name is Jaelyn. Jaelyn James.”

“Jaelyn. I like it. How is she your friend if she’s cruel to you?”

“She’s not really a friend, we just all live together in this house.”

“Oh. What is a monster cock?”

Jaelyn pointed at her erection.

“How is that bad? I love your monster cock,” said Liana.

“I hate it,” said Jaelyn. Liana blinked her strange eyes and tilted her head to one side. Her pretty mouth frowned.

“How can you hate something that is a part of you? That is you?” she asked, “I’m sorry, Jaelyn, but I don’t understand.”

Jaelyn sighed and wiped away her tears. “It’s okay,” she said, “I don’t understand it, either. Someone else here tried to teach me otherwise. I believed her in the moment, but afterward all my old feelings came back. You really do like it?”

Liana nodded. “Yes! It’s magnificent! So big and beautiful. I really want to put it inside me, I know it would feel so wonderful!”

“Oh, God, oh, God...” whimpered Jaelyn. Liana rushed forward in a flurry of curling tentacles, pressing against Jaelyn’s cock with her breasts, working it into her cleavage, pushing forward until Jaelyn felt compelled to lean back, but she kept moving forward in a surreal, smooth motion, almost as if she were rolling on wheels as her tentacles undulated beneath her. Jaelyn’s back was against the headboard. Liana rubbed her prodigious breasts against Jaelyn’s own, and when their nipples brushed against each other’s it went straight to her pussy and the base of her cock and she moaned.

“I find all of you very appealing,” she said, “No, that’s close, but not quite the right word. Attractive! Yes, attractive, that’s the word. And for my kind, attraction is not just for the body. It is for the mind and the heart, as well, because we can see into each other’s minds and hearts to some degree. I like very much, Jaelyn, what I see in your mind and in your heart.” As she spoke, Iliana’s colors changed from dark purple to violet to deep crimson.

Liana pressed more into Jaelyn. Some of her tentacles were now draped over Jaelyn’s legs. Liana was, essentially, straddling Jaelyn. She reached out with her pale hands and caressed Jaelyn’s tear-streaked cheeks. Jaelyn looked into her black and green eyes and Liana looked into her blue ones. Two thin tentacle tips rose up on either side of Jaelyn’s face and began stroking her blond hair back away from her face Two more slid up her tummy to her breasts. They bent in a U shape like a pincher and squeezed her breasts.

“Jaelyn, why won’t you touch me? Do you not also find me attractive? I thought I felt attraction from you. Was I wrong?” As she spoke, Liana continued to touch and caress Jaelyn with several different tentacles as well as her hands. Jaelyn sighed.

“No, Liana, you weren’t wrong. I find you indescribably beautiful, I’m just... so confused within myself.”

“Do you want to touch me? I want you to touch me. I want to feel your hands all over my body. Please...”

She took Jaelyn’s hands in her own and placed them upon her breasts. Jaelyn felt Liana’s nipples stiffen under her fingers.

It’s already far, far too late. There’s no going back. 


“Yes...” breathed Jaelyn, hefting Liana’s breasts in her hands, squeezing them and sliding her thumbs across her nipples. “Yes...” she said again, sliding a hand up behind the back of Liana’s head and diving her fingers into her strange hair. It didn’t feel like human hair, its strands felt thicker and slightly flat, as if they were extremely thin satin ribbons. She pulled Liana’s face down to her own and parted her lips, but Liana pushed away, looking concerned.

“What are you doing? asked Liana.

“I was going to kiss you,” said Jaelyn.

“Oh! I know the word but not what it meant. My kind, we don’t do the kissing.” Jaelyn was at a bit of a loss, but after a moment, she had an idea. One she learned last night from someone else who found her attractive and beautiful.

“Just try to do what I do, but don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right,” said Jaelyn.

“Okay,” said Liana.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth a little bit, like you were going to touch some food to your lips.”

Liana wiggled into better position, which meant rubbing against Jaelyn’s cock, which made her moan and her cock leak embarrassing amounts of precum. But Liana’s eyes were closed, so she didn’t see it. Jaelyn slightly puckered her open lips and caressed them across Liana’s lips. Liana gave a tiny gasp and tried to follow along, moving her lips to caress Jaelyn’s lips.

They continued like that for a few moments, lightly brushing their lips against each other with slow, gentle movements. Liana tasted like the ocean, she was amazing, and was learning how to kiss pretty quickly. Jaelyn kissed her just a little more forcefully, pushing a little harder with her lips and her mouth, which made Liana gasp again, but then she pulled back. Liana kept her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, which made Jaelyn smile, it was so adorable.

“Okay, you can open your eyes, now.” She did, and looked at Jaelyn, and smiled in pure delight, laughing a little laugh.

“Wow...” said Liana.

“You like that?” siad Jaelyn.

“Oh, yes,” said Liana, “Can we do more?”

“We can kiss all day. But now we’re going to do something new. This is called French kissing, and you use your tongue. You can do other things while kissing, too, like touch each other and stuff.” Liana nodded, looking very earnest and serious and beautiful and suddenly Jaelyn felt like she was going to have a panic attack, except she felt wonderful instead of scared. No, that wasn’t right. She was scared, but she was aware that Liana could read her thoughts and she didn’t want to think this one thought in particular too loudly, lest she pick up on it.

God help me, I might be falling in love. At first sight. With an octogirl.

“Kiss me, Liana,” she said.

Liana did, attacking her with the same intensity with which their first kiss ended. Jaelyn brought up her hand to caress Liana’s face as they kissed and Liana did the same. Then Jaelyn slipped her tongue into Liana’s mouth, searching, licking, and caressing Liana’s tongue with her own. At first, Liana did nothing but feel the new sensations, but after she determined that she’d received the basics, she started to imitate Jaelyn and do everything back to Jaelyn that Jaelyn did to her. Their tongues flicked and touched and slipped over and around each other and suddenly Liana moaned in a sort of guttural, helpless manner and Jaelyn felt her cock and balls and thighs coated with something wet and warm.

Liana broke off the kiss and gasped, “Oh!” and she looked a little shocked.

“What was that?” asked Jaelyn. She watched in wonder as pink patterns of curling lines appeared all over Liana’s face and chest for a brief second as she looked away, then faded.

“You’re making me feel so good,” she said, and she seemed embarrassed. Those pink patterns on her skin... was that her way of blushing? “I’m getting... excited.” She cupped Jaelyn’s face in her hands, looked right in her eyes, and said, “Very much I want you inside me.” The way she said it was so cute and endearing and yet also it was unmistakably ravenous.

“So... you’re just... wet?” said Jaelyn.

Liana nodded, chewing on her bottom lip. “Very,” she breathed, and then moaned seemingly uncontrollably and all her tentacles shivered and curled and Jaelyn’s cock was again flooded with hot, thick liquid. Liana started grinding against her cock with the undersides of her tentacles near her center (core? waist? Jaelyn wasn’t sure what to call it). Only the tip of Jaelyn’s cock was visible, the rest of her was underneath Liana’s “skirt,” as it were, the webbed membranes between her tentacles. She glided over Jaelyn’s cock deliciously on the slickness of her own octo-juices.

“Oh, fuck...” said Jaelyn.

“Oh! Is this bad? I’m sorry, I can’t help it!” said Liana, suddenly looking distraught. Dark red patterns flashed over her skin and her tentacles turned brown.

“No, no, no it’s not bad at all,” said Jaelyn, “I fucking love it. It feels amazing!”

“But... something is not well with you,” said Liana, “I can sense it.”

“Yeah, look,” said Jaelyn, “I’ve never... been... with your... kind, before.”

“Oh,” said Liana, changing color again. Now her tentacles were a deep cobalt. “Ive never been with your kind, either. Human females are very nice-looking but they aren’t... equipped? To give me what I really want. And men are mostly boorish idiots out of all proportion to their tiny cocks. But you... you’re different. You are the most beautiful girl and yet you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks,” said Jaelyn. It was so hard to take a compliment about the one thing about herself she didn’t like.

“But.. I don’t even know what you... what you have under there.” Jaelyn confessed.

Liana looked at her for a moment.

“Only a hundred rows of sharp teeth,” she said.


“I’m joking,” she said, smiling, “I have what all women have. A... pussy? That’s the word, yes? A pussy. I have a pussy. And a butt. Have you not noticed that two of my legs are longer and thicker than the others? And they meet up together on my backside almost like your legs and your butt.”

“Can... can I see?” Jaelyn made an apologetic face and bit her lip. She wasn’t sure what was acceptable or not with octogirls. What if that was a big taboo in their society? Liana leaned back away from her, then unfurled two tentacles to the posts of the headboard. She leaned back on her two human hands and then heaved her entire lower body up close to Jaelyn’s face like a beautifully monstrous flesh blossom. Despite herself, Jaelyn shrunk back from it. Luckily Liana couldn’t see that.

All spread out like that, Jaelyn could see her eight tentacles actually somewhat divided into two group of four. There were indeed two thicker, more shapely tentacles that looked somewhat ass-like, and above where they came together, was a pulsing round ring of wrinkled flesh that had to be her anus. Above that were slick folds of flesh that looked familiar to her.

Strings of sticky fluid draped from them down to her cock where she’d been rubbing against her. If what Jaelyn saw was on a human woman, it would probably be considered a huge and well-used pussy. Because she had grown so aversive to her own dick, Jaelyn had developed over the years a fascination with big pussies and labia. Liana even had a big vulva, and then around it were the creases where her tentacles joined up with her waist and the rest of her body. She had a prodigious clitoral hood around which hung slicked curtains and folds. She saw a peek of pinkish-purple inside.

“Can I touch it?” Jaelyn asked.

“If you don’t hurry up and do something, I’m going to wrap all my arms around your head and suffocate you with it,” Liana said anxiously. As if the thought doing what she spoke of really turned her on, she let loose a surprised moan and right before her eyes, Jaelyn saw thick clear fluid surge out to splatter softly onto her breasts.

“Oh, Dagon!” said Liana, “Jaelyn, please, you’re torturing me!”

Who’s Dagon?

Jaelyn reached out and just palmed the entire thing, closing her fingers over Liana’s entire mound, but resting the tip of her index finger just above her clitoris, pressing on it gently. Liana let out a shuddering moan. Jaelyn squeezed her fingers together, squeezing Liana’s vulva and squishing her wet lips together, sliding them against each other. She moaned again, high-pitched. More fluid sluiced out between Jaelyn’s fingers and ran down her arm. When she looked at it more closely, she saw it wasn’t perfectly clear but had a slightly bluish-gray tint to it.

She brought up her other hand and gently spread Liana open, eliciting another moan from her. Goddamn, but she was a meaty girl! Almost a hot pink color inside. Liana was issuing constant little moans. Her vaginal muscles pulsed and contracted, as did her protruding back door bud. More clear-blue fluid welled up before Jaelyn’s eyes and poured out.

“Oh, Jesus,” breathed Jaelyn. She put her hand on one of Liana’s tentacles near the base where it joined her body and guided her down. The suckers of her tentacle puckered and grasped at her palm and fingertips. With her other hand she aimed her cock for those big beautiful wet folds. As soon as Liana realized what she was doing, she cried out.

“Oh yes, please, Jaelyn, I want you so much.” She rose up on her hindmost tentacles. Her front tentacles were still wrapped around the bed posts, so now she hovered above Jaelyn like monstrous umbrella. She slowly lowered her channel onto Jaelyn’s raging hard cock, engulfing it in warm wetness. All the way in, all the way to the very base of her cock. Liana bent over her, leaning forward onto her cock and pushing down onto it. Jaelyn reached up to her face and cupped it in her palms.

The wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock of pleasure on Liana’s face in that moment was something Jaelyn would never forget. Liana’s body shuddered with pleasure, her tentacles turned bright green and she began wrapping them around Jaelyn’s waist, her thighs, her arms, pinning her down. The webbed skirt around around Liana’s waist suctioned tightly around Jaelyn’s loins.

“Whoah...” said Jaelyn. Liana put her face very close to Jaelyn and the look on it was pure ravenous lust. Being inside of Liana was like nothing she’d ever felt, before.  Liana worked her vaginal walls in some kind of inhuman, peristaltic motion, devouring Jaelyn’s cock. As Liana shuddered with pleasure above her, her pale breasts swayed enticingly against her own. Liana began riding up and down on Jaelyn’s cock in an undulating motion. Jaelyn felt as if she were being vacuumed up inside of her, so tightly did Liana suction onto her with her tentacular skirt.

“Fucking incredible,” breathed Liana, “Oh, Dagon, can we just do this forever for the rest of our lives?”

“Only if you let me move,” said Jaelyn, “I want to put my arms around you.”

“Oh, sorry,” Liana breathed, “you’re just so fucking nice and big, the way you fill me up, I got carried away.” Jaelyn heard the quiet popping sounds of her suckers letting go of her arms and then the tentacles were unwinding from them. It was actually a very pleasant sensation, but Jaelyn was glad to be able to move her arms again. She reached up and wrapped them around Liana’s neck and pulled her down so she could kiss her.

“Oh,” breathed Liana, “Kissing and fucking at the same time...” Jaelyn slipped her tongue into Liana’s mouth and Liana did the same as she undulated above her. “Oh, yes...” Liana said into Jaelyn’s mouth as they kissed. The way Liana was moving and riding Jaelyn’s cock, Jaelyn didn’t think she could hold out much longer. She woke up with morning wood and had been getting so turned on by everything Liana did that not only was she about ready to blow, but she knew it was going to be a big one.

She’d never experienced this level of pleasure before. Last night, Ilsa showed her that embracing her true nature as a futanari could feel really fucking good, but with Liana, it was different. She was from outside of everything Jaelyn knew, and she valued Jaelyn for who she was inside. Although, right now she was doing a pretty good job of valuing her cock as she impaled herself on it over and over, rocking and undulating atop her with abandon.
Jaelyn looked up at her and smiled, “That feel good?” she asked.

“Oh... you have no idea!” Liana said.

“Hmph... I have a pussy, too, you know!”

Liana gasped, “Oh! That’s right!” Jaelyn felt the tip of a tentacle slither in between them at the base of her cock. Liana moaned and shuddered and more of her honey spilled out. She slid the tentacle around in it to get it coated and then...

“Liana, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to make your pussy happy, too,” she said.

“Oh, God...” and then Liana was inside her. She’d penetrated her with a tentacle!

“Hungh...” Jaelyn moaned, “Oh my FUCKING GOD.”

It wasn’t like putting a dildo or a cock inside her, it was a living thing inside her. Liana curled the tip of the tentacle and moved it all around inside her pussy and there was just nothing like it in the world.

“Oh my GOD, Liana, fuck me!”

“Yes!” Liana slammed herself onto Jaelyn’s hard cock with powerful motions, grunting and moaning loudly, now. Her hair hung down around Jaelyn’s face and swayed with her undulating rhythm. Jaelyn reached up and grabbed a handful of Liana’s hair and pulled her head back. She put her other hand on Liana’s waist and pulled her down onto herself with greater force. Liana cried out almost as if she were in pain and Jaelyn felt more hot slick fluid pour out over her under Liana’s membranous skirt. The sloshing, wet slapping sounds of their fucking were turning her on even more. Liana was whimpering, almost crying.

“Jaelyn... I’m going to... going to...”

“Cum, Liana, cum for me, fucking drown me!”

“Uh... YES...”

Liana cried out over and over and her tentacles went wild, spiraling and curling and thrashing. She spurted fluid all around Jaelyn’s cock so hard that Jaelyn heard it pattering against the mattress. The tentacle inside Jaelyn’s pussy worked its magic until her pussy came with its own release of fluid, priming the pump for the imminent big one. Jaelyn felt that final flex-of-no-return deep in her pelvis and her cock let loose inside Liana’s quaking pussy with a powerful spurt of cum.

“UH!” Jaelyn practically screamed as she unleashed her torrent into Liana. Everything that she was drained out of her, expelled into this amazing beautiful monster, this octogirl she found nearly dead on the beach. Liana held her close with both her ams and her tentacles and was doing that vaginal peristalsis thing again on her cock as she was cumming and it felt so fucking amazing she just couldn’t contain herself. Jaelyn bucked and thrashed with her whole body, screaming in pleasure, so that Liana had to hold her down with at least four tentacles.

She felt her own hot cum leaking back out of Liana, trickling trails down her balls. Liana withdrew her tentacle from Jaelyn’s pussy and brought it up to her face. She stuck out her bright pink tongue and slid the tentacle across it, tasting Jaelyn’s honey and looking at her through heavy-lidded black eyes. Her pupils were wide from excitement and her green irises glowed like sea glass in the light. Then she collapsed against Jaelyn and snuggled into the crook of her neck. Jaelyn’s cock was still inside her. Jaelyn put her arm around Liana’s shoulder and together, they simply lay there in stunned silence, in awe of each other and of themselves.

Nothing is ever going to be the same, thought Jaelyn, as she stroked Liana’s white hair with her fingertips.


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  1. What an interesting read! It was amusing, incredibly unique and erotic too! It's like nothing I've ever read.