28 July 2015

Reporting from the Front Lines of Dark Erotica

I've been hard at work finishing Enthralled, and that's going well. It's much faster to post quick little excerpts on my Facebook author page than it is to post here. That's why you haven't seen many posts here of late.

Here's what's going on.


Possible cover for Enthralled
Enthralled is nearly finished. I sought out beta readers and their feedback has been invaluable, so when I revise and edit the book I'll incorporate many of their suggestions and ideas.

A photographer has offered to shoot and provide me with custom cover photos, which was a completely unexpected little miracle. There's been one round of shooting and I have what could be a decent cover out of it after working my image editing magic on the original images. But it looks like there will be another round of shooting, so who knows, I might get the perfect pic from the new shoot (or get something I can use for the next book in the Futanari Vampires series).

Enthralled will be a full-length novel. It's currently sitting at over 60k words in its unfinished state and I expect that to go up, not down, after revisions and edits. I have some material that needs to be added to flesh out the main character and her futanari vampire lover.

I'm looking for reviewers who are willing to write an honest review for an advanced reader copy of Enthralled. If that's you, comment on this post or get in touch with me through Facebook.

The Ladies of the Lake

Look, no bat wings!
When I wrote Rough Ride, I had conceived of the idea of a collection of shorts taking place around the same lake as that story. All the stories feature women as the main characters, thus Ladies of the Lake was born. As soon as Enthralled is published, I'm going to write two more stories and publish the collection as a book. I'm also considering selling the shorts individually.

This will be an interesting departure for me because there's nothing paranormal about these stories. They don't feature futanari, just regular ol' folks gettin' down for some rough dirty fuckin'. I write what I feel like writing, and I felt like writing this, so there you go.

As an added bonus, I'm going to record audiobooks for these, and yes, I give good voice. You will like them.

Futanari Loves Octogirl

But speaking of monsters and futanari, In the Arms of Love is actually my best-selling book, so I don't want to delay anymore on the second book in the series. I absolutely loved writing the first book and I want to see what happens with Liana and Jaelyn just as much as you do! As soon as Ladies of the Lake gets published, I'll write the second futa/octogirl book.

Futanari Apocalypse Book 3

The first book in this series, Demon's Embrace, was the first erotic story I ever published. Both it and Angel's Kiss, the second book in the series, continue to sell. There's a lot left to do in this series. After all, Veronica and Sariel have a world to save... if they can save their own relationship, that is.

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