15 July 2015

[Review] Watch Me, by Patient Lee

Book Description

A couple discovers the new thrill of being watched.

A family of five vacations in New York City. When the woman's parents offer to take the children for the night in the adjoining hotel room, they take advantage of the "adult time." Staying quiet so parents and children don't hear, they exchange delicious oral sex. They up the ante when she opens the curtains and presses her breasts against the cold glass, begging the people in view to watch her.

Inspired by a couple of true events, this short romp will satisfy.

My Review

Watch Me had some great moments and a great ending, which most erotica shorts don't. People fuck, there's some kind of afterglow/comedown at the end, and that's it. End of story. Watch Me has a much better ending than that, but I won't spoil it for you.

My favorite things about this story was how a warm wet washcloth gets used and the main exhibitionist sex scene. Specifically, Ms. Lee does an excellent job of getting you to really feel what it's like to be pressed up against glass and getting fucked but good.

My one complaint is that it's too short and could've involved a lot more detail during the sex scene. At the same time, too much was written about things that were not sex and didn't matter to why you'd want to read it, which is exhibitionist sex. Ms. Lee puts a good dose of her real life into her stories, and there's absolutely a charm to that. But it can also get in the way of telling a better erotic tale.

If the kids and the mom and all that attendant business were left out and the story was a series of increasingly hot and dangerously exhibitionist encounters, it would have been more satisfying, at least to me.

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