13 July 2015

[SEXcerpt] How to Feed Your Futanari Vampire, Part 2

Greetings, my lovelies. I've been doing everything except continuing Enthralled, my futa vampire novel. But that ended today as I got back to work on it. I think I needed the break, but it felt good to return to it. As a bloody, sexy treat for you, here's an excerpt from when Ashlyn seduces another victim for Musette to feast upon. Convincing futa-haters from the protest rally to come home with her is nothing, so as this excerpt begins, Ashlyn is bringing in her second "dinner" for Musette. Musette is still injured, but not as severely, and she can speak, now.

WARNING: The following is hella fucking graphic for violence and a dose of sexy thrown in as well.


The second victim wasn’t that different from the first guy, at least, in how she seduced him, his beliefs and behaviors. How sad it was to Ashlyn that people could be so much the same. What was the point of being alive if you were going to be like everyone else? She never gave two shits whether anyone thought she was weird for smoking cigars or fighting with swords, or even being an illustrator.

She brought the guy in and led him to the couch by tugging on the flap of his fly. He came along willingly but wondered why there was plastic on the couch. She told him it was because they were about to repaint the living room.

“We?” asked the guy.

“Yeah, me and my hot redhead bi girlfriend. She’s here, if you want to meet her. She may even join us. Would you like that? Threesome?” She looked at him with a coy, pouty face and put a finger to her mouth. The guy could hardly believe his luck.

“Uh... yeah, sure,” he said, trying to play it off all cool.

“Okay, I’ll get her. Oh, Musette!”

“Yes, my pet?” Musette answered from the bedroom, and hobbled their way.

“I’ve brought someone for us to play with.”

“Oh? Is he cute?” Musette was closer, now, almost around the corner. She wore a pale robe, tied loosely at the waist.

“He’s a handsome older gentleman,” said Ashlyn, looking at the man appraisingly, as though she liked what she saw.

“Ooh!,” said Musette, “Does he have a big cock to suck?” Musette limped into the living room and put an arm around Ashlyn. They kissed, trading tongues for a moment before Musette looked at the man.

“I don’t know,” said Ashlyn, “It looks pretty big under those pants. Why don’t you get them off, Daddy, and let your little girls play with you?” The man needed no further urging. He undid his belt with a musical clink and off the pants came, revealing a cock that actually wasn’t too bad, by normal human male standards.

“Ooh,” said Ashlyn, “Look at Daddy’s plaything! Can I play with it, Daddy? Please?” She gave the man a sad, pouty face. Musette moved in close to him on the other side. She managed to get her left arm up over the back of the couch and behind his head without too much trouble and with her right hand she caressed his cheek.

“Oh, yeah, baby, play with it all you want,” he said, but he was staring at Musette. Her eyes were incandescent again, shining with that beautiful rose color, and he was transfixed. She was ready to drink. Ashlyn wrapped her hand around the man’s cock and stroked him slowly. Musette slid a hand over his chest and kissed his neck.

“I don’t know, pet, he doesn’t look that big to me,” said Musette.

“What?” said the guy.

“Well, whip yours out and let’s see who’s bigger,” said Ashlyn. Musette untied and shrugged out of her robe and tossed it away.

“Oh, shit, Master, your cock is so much bigger!” said Ashlyn.

“What the fuck!?” said the man.

“Isn’t it, though?” said Musette

“I’d rather play with yours,” said Ashlyn.

“This is bullshit! I’m outta here!” said the man. He tried to get up but both Musette and Ashlyn pushed him back down.

“Well, what are we going to do with this guy? He’s no Daddy, he’s a Littledick,” said Musette.

“Fuck this, you fucking whores!” said the man. He tried to get up more forcefully, but Musette had no trouble at all pushing him back. His face was getting red and he had quite the offended pouty lip.

“I dunno,” said Ashlyn, “You’re the fucking vampire, why don’t you drink his blood and then kill him?”

 “What!? Fuck you, I don’t care if you are girls, you touch me again, you get hit!” said the man. Musette deliberately put a finger to his chest and pushed him back again. He raised his hand, but Musette bared her fangs and hissed at him like a predatory cat. Ashlyn was starting to get a little frightened, herself. She'd never seen anything like that. The man shrieked and a little jet of pee shot out of penis. Musette smacked his face so hard his head turned all the way and he bounced off the couch cushions, making the plastic tarp crinkle. She caught him by the face as he rebounded and she bent down and tore out his entire throat with a gristly wet ripping sound.

Ashlyn flinched and put up her hands as hot blood covered her. The man’s arms flailed and his legs kicked out, hitting the coffee table and flipping it over onto its side. Musette slurped and swallowed the blood out of the man as fast as she could. She was a ravenous red demon, veiled in blood from head to toe. Blood sprayed through her fingers and around her face as she fed. As the blood washed over Musette’s cock, Ashlyn noticed it throbbing slowly and steadily into an erection.

Before she even thought about what she was doing, Ashlyn reached out and stroked Musette’s cock while she drank. Musette slurped and sucked at the wide-open tear in the man’s neck. Blood poured over Ashlyn’s hand and Musette’s cock as she stroked it. And then, just like that, it stopped. His heart had pumped out whatever remaining blood in him that Musette didn’t drink and he was done. Dead. Musette’s cock was now fully erect and Ashlyn stroked it, but she kept her gaze on her master.

Musette crouched over the dead man. Her mouth hung wide open, revealing long upper fangs and shorter lower ones. They gleamed white but red ran in between them. Blood drool cascaded in stretching ribbons from her lips. She was a feral animal on a fresh kill. With eyes that flickered like coals, she looked at her own hands like she didn’t know what to do with them. She slowly brought them to her face and slid them down through the blood coating it. She undulated her body and caressed her own breasts with her eyes closed. Blood sluiced down her tummy and her thighs.

Ashlyn slid her palm along the underside of Musette’s cock from tip to balls. Musette opened her eyes and looked at her like she’d just as soon kill her, too. Ashlyn realized she was now unbelievably wet and aching to be fucked.

“Master...” she said, and that word seemed to cut through the fog of Musette’s blood lust. She cocked her head at her pet, closed her eyes again and breathed deeply. Her eyes snapped open and she threw the dead man onto the floor where the tarp extended across the rest of the living room. Rivulets of blood ran along it in random patterns. She grabbed Ashlyn by the back of the head and yanked her in close. Ashlyn completely panicked and let out a helpless wail.

I’m gonna die now. This is how it ends.

Musette opened her mouth and kissed Ashlyn. Ashlyn was so surprised and grateful Musette didn’t kill her, she could hardly respond except to weep.

“Oh, Master...” she said, but anything else she might have said was kissed away by Musette’s fierce lips and tongue. The passages in her body opened up by the surge of adrenaline now flooded with lust and desire. Ashlyn moaned through her kisses and slid her hands all over Musette’s blood-soaked body. The smell and feel of blood coating everything was overpowering. Ashlyn disengaged, and for a moment it looked as though Musette was going to contest the loss of her feast, as though Ashlyn had tried to steal food from an animal. Ashlyn lay on her back on the couch. Blood pooled around her on the plastic. She spread her legs and with her hands spread apart her lips, revealing the tender, wet pink folds amid a field of red.

“Take me, Master...”

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