14 August 2015

Quick Update and SNEEK PEEK: Song of the Siren: Futanari Loves Octogirl 2

After what seemed like forever writing Enthralled, today I have begun the second octogirl book. In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl has so far been the best-selling book out of everything I've written. The reviews of it have been positive and people have expressed to me they're keen to know what happens with Jaelyn and Liana.

So you'll be pleased to hear I've begun writing the second book. In fact, I think I'll tease you with the first few lines from it.

Keep in mind this is rough and unedited, subject to change before publication. It picks up right where book 1 left off, due to the shocking news Jaelyn learned right at the end of her session with Dr. Carerra.


Jaelyn snuggled up tightly against Liana’s bosom and sighed deeply. Liana coiled her tentacles about Jaelyn more snugly and rocked her back and forth. Jaelyn’s cock and every hole in her body was raw and sensitive from what Dr. Carerra had just put her through. Conflicting thoughts and emotions flashed randomly through the clouds of Jaelyn’s mind like heat lightning.

Liana trembled, her tentacles quivered around Jaelyn and pulled her in even more tightly. The only time Jaelyn had seen her tentacles quake like that was when she climaxed, but this was something else entirely, something bad. A quiet and strange sob slipped from Liana’s white lips and was borne away on the sea breeze.

Jaelyn looked up to her face to see it screwed up into gnarled grimace. The chromatophores in her skin washed her face with dark patterns and her tentacles turned from dark purple to an ochre-splotched black.

“I know you’re trying to be forgiving and understanding,” said Jaelyn, “but I don’t see how you can be after seeing into me. I’m sorry. I’ll just... I’ll just go.” Knowing Liana could read her thoughts, she couldn’t really hide anything from her. She did what she did to try and preserve their love and had betrayed it anyway in the process. Dr. Carerra, in a jealous rage, had coerced her into directing her own infidelity against Liana. And as much as Jaelyn now hated Dr. Carerra...

She had enjoyed it. She had felt the echoes of what could have been between her and Ilsa Carerra had she not fallen in love with, of all things, an octogirl. But she did fall in love with an octogirl. And now she had ruined that, too. Each relationship had ruined the other and she was the reason for it.

When she moved to try and extricate herself from Liana’s coils, however, Liana wouldn’t let her go.

“Liana, you can’t seriously still love me. Plus, you’re in danger. Somehow they know about you and they’re coming.”

Liana unscrewed her face and opened her eyes, first her outer eyelids and then the clear diagonal ones. Despite herself Jaelyn couldn’t help but be transfixed by Liana’s eyes, which were glossy black with irises of sea green. Her pupils were slitted like a cat’s. Liana fixed those ethereal eyes on Jaelyn’s blue ones. She looked sad, tired. Jaelyn blinked and flinched in shame before her gaze.

“You’re so fucking stupid, Jaelyn,” said Liana.


Instead of answering, Liana unwrapped some of her tentacles from around Jaelyn and rose to walking height. She carried Jaelyn like a package. Moving faster than Jaelyn had yet seen, Liana swished down to the edge of the shore in a whirl of coiling tentacles.

“Liana, what are you doing? Oh my God, I’m sorry! Please!” Jaelyn writhed against her living bindings but could not loosen them. The cold waters of the Atlantic shocked her as they sprayed up around Liana’s tentacles.

With a scream from her strange vocal chords, Liana leaned back and hurled Jaelyn into the ocean.

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