18 August 2015

[Review] Queen of Swords: Villainess Book 1, by Alana Melos

Review for Queen of Swords: Villainess 1, by Alana Melos



Meet Caprice, better known as the villainess Capricious Whim....

Caprice is a woman who works hard and plays hard. She's a veteran villain of Imperial City, and what you might call a 'maladjusted individual'. While she plots to achieve her own goals, she's forced to take whatever jobs may come along, and any unintended consequences from them!

The heroes don't always win in this world, but being a villain has its own unique set of problems.


The building we were set to raid stood had five stories, but only the first floor was above ground. That could make things interesting as our target was on the very bottom floor, and even though my teke was pretty strong, it wasn’t strong enough to punch through metal. I brought Sadowski into our mental link--with his permission--so we didn’t have to use any sort of mundane communications. Are you ready? he asked us.

I sent an affirmative, and Michael held up a hand, indicating for us to wait a second. I turned to watch his transformation in the dim light, and had the pleasure of feeling it second hand in his mind as well. It took no concentration at all, but rather a relaxing of a certain vigilance he kept in his head. His body shape didn’t change, but the skin changed color, going from that beautiful dark skin to a tan, then a pale brown, then to white, then to bone white. Every vein and wrinkle was highlighted in that stark white, giving him an eerie, otherworldly, look. Every tooth in his mouth grew and sharpened into fangs. His eyes glowed softly in the dim light, a very dark red which you could barely see at all. Lastly, claws grew from his fingertips, elongated nails which could scratch stone.

His mind… that was a trip. Michael receded from me with a last mental wink and saucy nod, and coldness filtered in. I had been linked with Nos before, and the coldness startled me every time. Age… unthinkable amounts of time lay heavy on his mind, giving his mental landscape an alien feeling. As Nosferatu’s eyes raked me from head to toe in a once over, I could feel a lust for me, but it wasn’t like Michael’s lust, hot and red and passionate and thick like a pulsating heart. This lust was cold and dry, a brief curiosity about how much pain I could take before I died, wondering how much blood he could wring out of me, thinking of all the delicious things he could do to me to make me scream and beg to be killed.

I shivered, and sent to him telepathically, Try it. Try it and see. I couldn’t help my own lust at the challenge, and the thought of the cold dead body underneath mine turned me on like nobody’s business. Here, of course, is where being an empath and a telepath worked against me sometimes: I couldn’t tell if that desire came from me, or from him. That second it was the same, a perfect circle of sadism, wanting to see how much the other would take before they broke, and not just break, but break completely. I wanted to snap his bones and suck out the marrow. I wanted to lick his heart while it was still beating. I wanted to squeeze his head and pop his eyes out of his skull. I wanted to snap his fingers off, one by one. And I wanted to fuck him, hard, getting every last bit of juice out of him….

See what I mean? I knew some of those thoughts weren’t mine. We struggled back and forth for a heartbeat in a mental tug-of-war, two vicious personalities clashing for the dominance we both knew we deserved. Harry was shoved out of the link, and he looked at us as we became locked in a staredown. Another heartbeat passed, and we both mutually agreed to back off. There was no conversation, no verbal or telepathic agreement… we just knew we were a match for each other. A perfect match.... he sent, sensing my thoughts. 

My Review

So if you read the excerpt above you can see why I would like this book:
  • Hot badass female main character with a strong personality that makes for a decent first person narrator.
  • Mixing sex and violence together makes my dick hard.
Caprice is more than just "maladjusted." She's fucking psycho, and I love it. If she didn't create and abide by a strict set of rules for herself, she would rapidly end up dead, probably after taking as many people as possible with her.

She has superhuman powers, as do many of the characters in this story. Almost too many powers that are too strong: telekinesis and telepathy strong enough to invade people minds and control them or to even fly and dismember people with the power of her mind. The one check against all this power is that it drains her really fast. What I'd like to see is her endangering herself and others more through her craziness. She's more calculating than her name, Capricious, would suggest.

The story, plot, and setting here are really good. I likes me some mixing of technology and magic and Queen of Swords has that. One of the best scenes in the book, both for the sex and for the magic, is what happens when Caprice visits Alistair the mage.

The sex in Queen of Swords is very well done. The scenes are long enough for you to get your jollies if that's what you're after, but they're not overburdened with excessive detail that loses you. If you like femdom, you will really like most of what's in this story. I'm not even into femdom, but the final scene was super-hot. And that's before it gets violent.

Also: THAT COVER ART, YO. That is some good shit right there.

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