24 August 2015

[SEXcerpt] In an Octopus' Garden - Song of the Siren: Futanari Loves Octogirl 2

I'm about 13k words into the second octogirl book, called Song of the Siren: Futanari Loves Octogirl 2. Until I published Enthralled, my futanari vampire tale, In the Arms of Love: Futanari Loves Octogirl 1 was my most popular book. People loved the strange, beautiful and HOT romance that blossomed between Jaelyn the futanari and Liana the octogirl.

If you read the first book, you may have idly wondered what would happen next to them?

I guarantee you will not see coming what happens.

I can't even give you much in the way of snippets because nearly everything is a spoiler. But I can give you a couple paragraphs out of context.


Jaelyn reached out to a bank of blue-green glowing tubular structures that grew out of the grotto’s wall. Each tube ended in a little spray of crystalline filaments, and the tip of each filament was lit by a dot of light. They swayed slowly even though there was no breeze. She touched it and all the filaments sucked back into the glowing tubes. The light of the tubes rippled and flickered, like the glowing coals of a blue fire, and then faded.

“Wow...” Jaelyn whispered reverently. Liana glided up behind her and encircled her in her arms. She leaned her head upon the back of Jaelyn’s shoulder and kissed her there through the wet fabric of her hoodie. She reached under her hoodie, cupping and squeezing Jaelyn’s breasts and sighing.

“We can come here whenever we want and no one will ever be able to find us. We can cry out as loud as we please and no one will hear."

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