04 January 2016

7 Cranky-Ass Random Thoughts about Writing, Social Media, and Life

  1. Kindness is not sexual interest or desire. If you're mistaking simple politeness for sexual interest, you need to back the fuck up and examine where you went wrong in life.
  2. Not liking something doesn't mean it's bad, wrong, evil, or immoral. It only means that your personal preference is otherwise. What you love can be (and probably is) just as wrong and stupid and bad to other people, so get over yourself. Keep your judgmental-ass mouth shut.
  3. Publicly expressing how desperate you are for love or sex will not get you the kind of attention you really want It will attract losers and users and dick pics (or if you're male, you'll just be ignored entirely). Everyone feels lonely and bereft at times. Have some good friends whose shoulders you can cry on and keep that shit off your public timeline. Especially if you're an author selling books about love and sex. 
  4. If you truly cared about something or felt strongly about something, I would think you could take a moment to compose your own thoughts and feelings about it in your own words instead of being a sheep and copy/pasting the same fucking status as everyone else. All that tells me is that you're lazy and that you just want to feel good about yourself for a moment. Especially if you're a writer. Jesus Christ, fucking write something, and do it well. As soon I figure out your status is a paste job, I stop reading. I don't even care what it's about. Maybe that's just me, and maybe I'm kind of a dick about it, but why follow the crowd when you can blaze trails for others instead.

  5. People are suckers for nice poetic phrases that for some reason always start with word "And," but ignore real wisdom or anything that requires true self-examination.
  6. Being an indie self-published author means you are a one-person publishing company.It means you have to do or hire out everything that publishers do. You may not like all those other aspects to it, but if you fail at them, you won't sell books. People make a big deal about writing, but I'm sorry: writing is only the first step. It's merely the price of entry now.
  7. Nearly everything you believe about the world is probably wrong. History is a lie. If you want to know the truth about anything, look at who's talking and how they get paid. Look at their agenda. Follow the money. If that's too much work for you then shut your mouth. Being informed is better than being opinionated. Snopes.com is your best friend. Ignore others' bloviating ignorance (if you had to look up bloviate, congratulations, it's an awesome word to have in your arsenal :) ).

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  1. Concise, something often lacking on blogs.

  2. AND...That is why we are connected! Excellent post!