09 January 2016

Write What You Want or Sell Books? Are These Desires Exclusive of Each Other?

As a niche, futanari is not the worst thing ever. It's popular enough that I can, less than a year after starting to write erotica, make enough money at it every month to pay a couple bills and have some "mad money." And I'm surprised and glad at the people I've introduced to it who'd never heard of it and ended up thinking it was really hot.

But I also get comments a lot to the effect of "it's really hot, but girls with giant cocks is not really my thing." That's understandable. Futanari is a weird niche because it attracts all kinds of people: straight, gay, lesbians, every point in between, and trans. The majority of futanari enthusiasts seem to be mostly straight males.

However, most erotica readers are straight women.

So you see the inherent conflict, here.

The question is: how do I write what I want to write and also sell books?

Could I write billionaire step-shifter MC BDSM stories? Yeah, sure. I could also KILL MYSELF.

Actually, I could write a story like that: as a parody. And then inevitably, some people wouldn't realize it's a parody and send me illiterate emails about how much they love it and then I'd have to kill myself, anyway.

My subconscious has been working on solutions to this dilemma. I only find out about this after receiving the product of that labor, usually known as a flash of inspiration. When I started on the second Futanari Vampires book, Revenant, I simply knew that the title character of that story would be male. My conscious mind and ego wanted to rebel against this. I strove to make this character futanari or even female. But no matter what I did, it just didn't feel right, because the character was "born" male in my subconscious.

So this means that Revenant will be full of male-on-futanari sex. For my female readers that are more or less straight, they'll have a chance to see how I write male characters. I hope y'all like it, because there's more coming in the future.

In the forthcoming steampunk sky pirate witch series, there will be all kinds of characters: futanari, male, female, and CATGIRLS (I may be a little excited about the catgirls). Futanari will still be there, but they won't be the main focus. They'll be part of a smoking hot erotic mix. This is something I want to write, very much, and it's also something I hope will sell well.

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  1. Hey if they are anything like Amelia in Treasure Planet...holy shit haha I love that cat lady!