13 June 2016

Have you read 'One Good Turn,' Yet? Check out these reviews...

The most recent book I've published is a new one in the Futanari Vampires world. It's a short story on the side, not a full sequel, called One Good Turn.

You can get it via this universal Amazon link (works for all countries): http://mybook.to/onegoodturn

Lust, immortality, power, and vengeance...

This is the tale, soaked in sex and blood, of how futanari Dr. Ashima Safar becomes one of the immortal undead, and what she does with those powers.

One night two of her favorite patients show up at her door. Musette and Ashlyn tell her they're vampires and naturally she doesn't believe them.

In a bloody, disturbing, and most of all orgasmic futanari menage--the last one of her mortal life--the two prove to the doctor that vampires are indeed very real. When she next awakens, she is forever changed.

She has a trip to make to a small, ancient town in the Saudi desert. And she doesn't care what she has to do or who she has to kill to get there. A man from her tortured past lives there with whom she has unfinished business.

Because one good turn...

Get yours on your ereader now: http://mybook.to/onegoodturn

Because One Good Turn is new, it doesn't have a ton of reviews yet, but the ones it does have are stellar and warm my horny little heart:

By Bob Milne on June 10, 2016

There are books that you read, books that you enjoy, and books that you experience. It's the difference between merely consuming the random assembly of dead letters on a page, and being consumed by the illusionary world they create. For the all-too-brief span of a single evening, One Good Turn was one of those books, sinking its teeth into me, holding me close, and refusing to let go until we both lay spent and empty upon the final page.

Bryce Calderwood is, quite simply, a true master of erotic horror. The imagination demonstrated here is astounding, but the quality of the writing is even better. It's a combination that makes for a deliciously deceptive read, with the writing itself almost too good for such weird, wild, wanton material. There's a passion to the storytelling that doesn't often make it through the interference of mainstream editors and publicists.

There are two narrative threads here, one dealing with supernatural monsters, and the other with human monstrosity. Ashima is a fascinating character, and one who embodies the very idea of rebirth and transformation. The greed and cruelty of a Saudi Arabian sex-slave ring transformed her the first time; the wealth and perversity of Japanese businessmen transformed her the second time; and the hunger and lust of Futanari* Vampires transformed her the final time. She is a complex woman, mentally and emotionally scarred from her childhood experiences, with the issues of power and control driving her in interesting ways. Her final transformation is not one that comes easily or instantly, and the way that supernatural seduction plays out is really the heart of the story.

This is a story that has its bloody, chilling, violent moments. As erotic and seductive as the vampires may be, Calderwood doesn't let us forget that they are monsters first - impossibly strong, bloodthirsty, dangerous creatures. Making them futanari vampires adds a whole new level of kink to their erotic aspect, however, and that's where the imagination of the story shines brightest. It's also where the theme of transformation gets a twist, in that the vampires looking to transform Ashima were themselves transformed into futanari by the doctor. Musette and Ashlyn's seduction of Ashima is breathtaking in its perversity, with acts that are as intoxicating as they are impossible, but the narrative strengths keep it from ever descending into mere literary porn.

If you have an open mind, a sense of erotic adventure, and an admiration for the beauty of imagination, then One Good Turn is worth checking out.

OMG! This book is a fantastic story of futanari vampires. It's HOT! Sex, blood and lust all wrapped up in this captivating book.

Ashlyn and Musette are back to visit the good doctor that gave them the gift they've always wanted.
Ashima has a story of her own to share throughout the book.

I loved the way the story flowed through the eyes of Ashima. Her realization of vampires and the lust she harbors for Ashlyn made this story impossible to put down!

In order to understand what is happening in this book it is helpful to read the first Futanari Vampire book. I really enjoyed this book. It was awesome to see how Ashlyn and Musette added to their clan. I think the Dr. Is going to be a very good addition. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Read it for yourself

I don't know any author who wouldn't be happy with reviews like that. I'd love to know what you think of it, too. Get your copy: http://mybook.to/onegoodturn

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  1. Congrats, hon! Futanari vampires? Mmmm, yes, please! I will so definitely have to add this to my reading list.