28 March 2015

Demon's Embrace Opening Lines [Excerpt]

Imagine her in 1940s clothing
and you'd have my Veronica.

My name is Veronica Hudson, and I’m a demon hunter, although my business card says I’m a private investigator.

There aren’t many of us.

This is because corporeal demons are rare. Also because most rookie demon hunters don’t survive their first encounter, and those that do either quit immediately thereafter, or they don’t survive their second encounter. Getting killed by a demon doesn’t leave much of you left to bury. It just might be the most dangerous job in the world, with a near 100% mortality rate on the first day of fieldwork. Perfect for me, since I’m not fit for anything else.

All in all, I’ve sent sixteen of them screaming back to Hell.

I’m the best there is.

The Hudson & Hudson Investigations agency looks normal enough when you walk in. The letterhead is painted smartly on the frosted glass of the door. Just within, Darlene Rivers sits at the reception desk. I don’t think she knows just how beautiful she really is. If you sneak up quietly and open the door quickly, you might catch her hand flying up from underneath her desk. She’ll blush uncontrollably, velvet black curls bouncing, hoping like hell you didn’t see that. She might put a finger to her mouth without thinking and you’ll notice it’s glistening wet and she’s sucking on it and oh, God, this is probably where I should tell you I like both women and men.

This is only a first draft, everything's subject to change, yadda yadda yadda. Your reactions and feedback are appreciated.

More teases to come!

Want to know more? See more about the book here.

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