10 April 2015

Demon's Embrace Excerpt - Interpersonal Relations are Hard

 In this earlier scene, Veronica returns to the agency after just hunting, bedding, and killing her first demon on her own after the death of her brother Ben several months ago. Her secretary, Darlene, doesn't take to Veronica's new method of demon hunting and lets her know it in no uncertain terms. Veronica... well, Veronica can be a bit of a shit, sometimes.

As I walk in the door to the agency, Darlene yanks her hand up from under the desk as though electrically shocked. She rises to her feet and puts her hand to her mouth. At first I think she’s going to lick her fingers, but then I remember how I look and realize she’s just shocked in the non-electrical sense.

“Oh, my God! Miss Hudson, what happened to you?”

“I decided to hunt demons my way, Darlene.” I tilt my head to one side. “It’s decidedly more... satisfying.”

I drag my feet into the War Room but stop halfway across when I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I knew it was bad, but holy fuck. My icy-blues peep out at me from a blood mask, like a crazed creature caught by bright lights in the dark. There is not an inch of me that isn’t covered in blood, jizz, or both mixed together.

I burst out laughing.

I fall to my knees, rifle and sword clattering to the floor on either side of me. I hold my hands out to my reflection, the bloodied demonic goddess kneeling before me, and I laugh. I can’t stop laughing. I’m laughing so hard I’m having trouble breathing. My face careens to one side and I feel a sharp sting. Looking around in surprise, I see Darlene standing over me with her hand raised.

“What is wrong with you!” she screams at me. “You’re supposed to hunt them, not become one of them!”

“That was the best sex I ever had,” I mused, “man or woman. Come to think of it, she had both sets of plumbing, so...”

“WHAT!? You... you...”

“I fucked her, Darlene. I fucked her, and it was great. In fact, I can’t wait to do it again.” Darlene is so appalled I can’t help but laugh in her face. I rise to my feet, pick up my sword, and hold it up diagonally to her pretty little throat. She stands perfectly still, fear setting across her face. Her gaze bounces from the bloody sword blade to my eyes and back again.

“You ever raise your hand to me again like that, and you’ll be joining Ben in Hell.”

Darlene’s face goes slack in horror, then crumples into ugly sobbing.

“Ben wouldn’t... You heartless... He’s not... You think you’re so great,  but you couldn’t save him AND NOW HE’S DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!”

She runs from the room.

Well, I guess I’ll never bed her, now.

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