14 April 2015

Demon's Embrace Excerpt - 'Yes, Miss Hudson'

In a previous excerpt, Veronica goes to confession not to confess, but to receive her next demon-hunting assignment in secret. While there, she has a very naughty encounter with the priest. In the booth comes a young woman with a naughty confession of her own. Veronica catches up to her afterward and hires her as her new office cleaning lady. The girl has no idea Veronica knows her dirty secret.

This excerpt begins after a full day of demon fucking adventures, Veronica is trying to unwind with two fingers of bourbon and two fingers inside herself when suddenly there's a sound from the front of the agency...

I pull my wet fingers out of my pussy and hurriedly slurp the juices off them as I stand up. My feet splash through the liquid on the floor as I walk around my desk, drying my hand on the inside of my skirt.

“Miss Hudson? Hello?”

I try to act normal as I walk through the main meeting room up to reception. A wetness on my chin tells me I need to swipe my wrist across my mouth. Eleanor turns around as I enter the reception room at the front of the office and smiles shyly at me. Just looking at her makes my pussy hungry and twitchy.

“It’s Monday, so here I am, and I’m wearing a skirt like you said, Miss Hudson.” I bite my lip before replying.

“Yes, you are, thank you for remembering.” Below the dark tartan skirt she’s wearing white knee-highs and black loafers and, oh, God, I should not have had this much to drink so soon. I’m normally not such a lush, but, you know, it’s just been that kind of day.

A day that’s not over.

“Are you the only one here, Miss Hudson?”

All the better to get you alone, my dearest...

“Yes. Darlene, my secretary, is taking a few days off.”

“Who’s the other Hudson, if I may ask? I noticed on your card and on the door it says ‘Hudson & Hudson.’”

“That would be my brother, Ben, who’s no longer with us.” To a more socially sensitive adult, my tone would suggest the subject be dropped, but Eleanor is young and oblivious and just too fucking cute for me to care one way or the other.

“Oh? Is he doing something else, now?”

“Yes, rotting in his grave.” Her hand flies to her mouth and her blue eyes widen.

“Oh, gosh! Oh, Miss Hudson, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to--”

I wave a hand dismissively. “Don’t be. I shouldn’t have tried to be cryptic in the first place.” I turn around and motion for her to follow me.

“This is the meeting room, past it is my office. Bookshelves need to be dusted but please don’t handle the books themselves, many of them are very old.”

“Yes, Miss Hudson.”

I will never tire of hearing her say that.

I can tell she’s slightly perplexed. She must be wondering why all the old books for private investigators? But she has the good sense to keep her pretty mouth closed.

“In here,” I say, leading her into the War Room, “I keep the weapons and gear I use. You are not to touch anything on this wall or the workbench. The day I let dust collect on my gear is the day I deserve a forced retirement with extreme prejudice.” Her eyes bug out at the guns, swords, shields, axes, bows, more guns, daggers, spears, and yet more guns.

“I won’t touch a thing, Miss Hudson. Just what kind of private investigator are you?”

“Something like a bounty hunter,” I say. She frowns and brushes stray black hair out of her eyes.

“This is sort of the broom closet and bathroom. Got broom, dustpan, mop, and so forth. Industrial sink there. I’ll leave you to it, any questions, just come get me.”

“Oh, you don’t need to stay on my account, Miss Hudson, you should go home.”

“I have... unfinished business and I have to go out later and meet a colleague. Thank you for your consideration, though.”

She smiles shyly and again brushes her hair away. I want to reach out and do it for her but I stay my hand. I watch her bend over to pick up the dust pan and gather the cleaning implements she needs.

“Say, Eleanor, you wouldn’t mind some music on the record player, would you?”

“Oh, no, Miss Hudson, that sounds wonderful!”

I put on some Dinah Shore and walk back to my office, trying not to let too much wetness leak out down my leg. Instead of sitting down at my desk, I peek around the door jamb and watch Eleanor. Everything she has sways as she dusts and sweeps. Even her breasts are cute: not large, but perfect little bubbles made to be squeezed and ah, God. I’m touching myself, stretching out my panties with my hand inside them as I press against my clit with my thumb and work my fingers inside. I’m masturbating while watching my employee work as though I am some kind of dirty old man. Funny how you never hear about dirty old women. If I survive long enough, I’ll probably the dirtiest old woman alive.

Suddenly I need to not be standing and I hurry to my desk, hiking my skirt back up and sliding my soaked panties all the way off as I sit down on the wet leather. I lean up on one buttock so I can slide fingers into my newly altered and extra-sensitive asshole. I don’t know whether to silently thank Tauthe for her treachery, or curse her. Right now I’m leaning toward thanking, though. My asshole hungrily swallows my fingers and flexes around them. Pleasure shoots up through me like fire along a fuse and I cum just from fingering my asshole while I imagine it’s really Eleanor’s tongue back there and her saying, Gosh, Miss Hudson, I love jamming my tongue up your dirty shithole, it’s so naughty! How she can talk while she’s tongue-plugging my pooper is irrelevant. It’s my fantasy, damn it, and it doesn’t have to make sense. I’m biting down hard on the meat of my forearm so I don’t cry out, my head down on my desk, my back arching up like a cat. My fingers are making wet sounds as they slip in and out of my ass and the patter of falling liquid sounds deafening to me.

“Okay Miss Hudson, I’m all d--Oh, my God!”

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  1. Well that escalated quickly! haha though doesn't it always? ;)

    1. Indeed it does! Thank you for reading and commenting.