03 May 2015

Veronica Hudson - Demon Hunter, Demon Lover, Misunderstood Badass

This is the second interview with the heroine of Demon's Embrace, Veronica Hudson. In my previous interview with Veronica, we discussed how one becomes a demon hunter and how demons are caught (and what she does with them once she catches them).

Bryce: You're bisexual in the year 1948. That can't be easy.

Veronica: Don't get me started! It's like an entire nation decided to just sit on its collective rear end after giving women the right to vote. As if to say, "You got your bone, now shut up and go away." I'm not going anywhere. On top of that I can out-fight, out-drink, and out-fuck any man who dares to step into the ring with me. The hardest two things are finding a man who isn't a goddamn idiot and finding a woman who is... like me. I can't tell you how many failed friendships I have with other women. You think you're reading the signs right and go for the kiss or that more... intimate touch and suddenly it's Freak Out City. It gets tiresome.

Bryce: Has anyone ever told you that you have a tendency to rub people the wrong way?

Veronica: All the time, usually by screaming at me that they hate me and either running away crying or trying to kill me. I can count my true allies on one hand, and that's after chopping off a few fingers. Maybe I just don't understand people? I seem to relate better to demons (laughs). You know, Nietzsche once said you had to be careful when hunting monsters, lest you become one. Maybe he was on to something, there. I can be a little rough, a little dominating. It sort of comes with the job, but I enjoy it.

Bryce: Would you rather dominate? Do you enjoy being dominated?

Veronica: I love dominating other women and demons but I love being dominated by men. I don't know... sometimes I think I may be an "alpha female." If I can dominate you, I will, but if you can actually dominate me, I'll submit to that. I once let the entire crew of a Navy destroyer use me like a fuck toy and it was one of the most transcendent, greatest nights of my life.

Bryce: Do you have an ultimate domination fantasy?

Veronica: Hmm... interesting question. I would love to be able to submit to a demon, to be totally dominated by her cock, without the safety and control of a Circle of Binding. Just me and the demon of our own free wills, nobody trying to kill anybody else. I don't know... that actually might be worth the ultimate price (laughs).

Bryce: What would it take for that to happen? What would prevent a demon from killing you without being bound by you?

Veronica: I don't know. I suppose if she cared about me enough, she would rather want me alive instead of dead.

Bryce: Can demons love? Are they capable of love?

Veronica: I think demons are capable of love. I think being capable of love and yet being bound to Hell is the greatest punishment of all that they suffer.

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  1. Bryce you have such a unique storyline and a spunky character! I am really curious about this book of yours!

    1. Thank you so much. You have no idea how encouraging that is to hear (well, maybe you do, you're also a writer).