28 April 2015

An Interview with Veronica Hudson, Heroine of Demon's Embrace

Not 40s clothing, but she looks the closest 
to how I imagine Veronica
Veronica Hudson is a demon hunter in the year 1948, just after the end of WWII in New York City. She's the heroine and point-of-view character of the forthcoming Demon's Embrace, the first book of the Erotic Apocalypse series.

Veronica is quite the firecracker, as you'll see. I thought it would be fun to interview her so you cold have a chance to meet her.

Bryce: So your line of work is a little... unusual, to say the least. How does one break into demon hunting?

Veronica: I was born into it. I come from a long line of demon hunters, it runs in the family, which is probably the only way I've survived this long. Demon hunting is nearly 100% fatal for your first day in the field, and if you don't get killed the first time, well, there's always the next time. But I trained from my youth to do this.

Bryce: What was your childhood like?

Veronica: Next question.

Bryce: Uh... okay. Tell us something most people don't know about demons.

Veronica: What most people believe about them comes from silly stories and old poems. Way back when, the translation of ancient languages was done by sexist pigs whose bias and blindness permeated the very language they themselves spoke, so it's no wonder they couldn't translate anything correctly. Or that they flat out refused to believe what their eyes saw right in front of them. For example, most demons are referred to as "he" simply because they have cocks and because of sexist language at the root level. But demons are actually more like hermaphrodites: they have the bodies of women in every respect except they also have a cock and balls. And usually also wings, horns, and tails (laughs).

Bryce: So, you're saying they have vaginas and are women except they also have male genitalia in addition to female genitalia?

Veronica: If you want to phrase it euphemistically, yes.

Bryce: And how do you catch these demons?

Veronica: Circle of Binding. You know, Lesser Keys of Solomon, Goetica, what all the old texts say. It helps to know the demon's name, so that I have utter and complete control over her. Once they enter the circle, they're all mine. The hard part is how to get them into the circle. Sometimes you can trick them, but demons are extremely clever and cunning. Luckily, they're as depraved as I am, if not more, and I can usually lure them in with sex.

Bryce: Oh? That sounds intriguing. Tell us more.

Veronica: For a demon to even have a chance to walk the earth in corporeal form is rare. Rarer still is that they get hunted successfully. Since I'm the best there is, I have a sort of twisted fan club in Hell of demons who consider it bragging rights to have been hunted and sent back by me. After my brother died and I wasn't hunting demons his way anymore, I decided to try something different. To hunt them my way, I entice them with a chance to fuck me. Often their own lusts get the better of them and they actually step into the binding circle of their own accord.

Bryce: And so, do you... uh...

Veronica: Do I fuck them? Hell, yes. They are the most sensual creatures, and their abilities in bed are astounding, as are their... endowments. I once gang banged the entire crew of a destroyer during the war, and that was pretty transcendent, lemme tell you. But nothing holds a candle to a gigantic demon girlcock inside you. It's fucking amazing. Pun fully intended.

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Bryce: I see (coughs). And angels? Do you ever see angels or have dealings with them? With the "other side," I guess?

Veronica: Demons once were angels, only now they're like perverted versions of what they once were. Instead of feathered wings, they have bat-like wings, for instance. I have heard rumors that fallen angels walk the earth, angels that were not part of the original punishment, and have since fallen, but I wouldn't swear to have ever seen one. And as far as heavenly angels go, no, I've never seen one. You never know what's going to happen in the future, though. Why I'm doing their work for them, I don't know, but as long as I keep getting laid and getting paid, I guess I'll keep doing it (laughs).

Bryce: Well you keep writing about your escapades and we'll keep reading!

Read everything in Veronica's own words in Demon's Embrace, free for Kindle Unlimited! And check out my second interview with Veronica, too, in which she reveals some juicy details.

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