05 June 2015

Character Interview: Meet Eleanor Deveraux: Cute Naughty Squirter of Angel's Kiss

Taking a little break from writing the second-most intense sex scene of Angel's Kiss to give you this character interview with Eleanor Deveraux, the new cleaning girl of the Hudson & Hudson Investigations Agency.

Of course, Hudson & Hudson is no ordinary private investigative agency. It's a front for Veronica Hudson's secret life as a mercenary demon hunter.

Character inspiration for Eleanor
But Eleanor wasn't hired because a cleaning girl was needed. She was hired because Veronica lusted after her, and needed a pretense, plain and simple. We first meet Eleanor in Demon's Embrace, but she makes more of an appearance in Angel's Kiss. Some of the hottest, wettest scenes in the book feature Eleanor, where her combination of innocent cuteness and desire to be naughty end up stealing the show!

I would've loved it if I could've gotten her to open up a little more, but she was so distraught and embarrassed that I just didn't have the heart to push her that far. If you want to see just how bad this good girl can be, you'll have to read Angel's Kiss when it comes out soon.

Bryce: You had NO idea what you were getting yourself into when you went to work for Veronica, did you?

Eleanor: Gosh, no! I went to confession one day, and uh... well, never mind about that. Afterward I was walking down the street when Miss Hudson spoke to me, and she offered me a job as a cleaning girl at her agency. I really needed a job, too, so of course I said yes. She was so kind and pretty!

Bryce: Why did Veronica just run up and speak to you out of the blue?

Eleanor: (blushing) Ah, she uh... noticed I had wet stains on my skirt and wanted to tell me so I wouldn't embarrass myself.

Bryce: Interesting. And how did those stains get there, Eleanor? Was it water?

Eleanor: (blushing even more, fidgeting) Please, can we talk about something else?

Bryce: So, you found out that Hudson & Hudson, and Veronica, are not exactly what they seem. Were you shocked?

Eleanor: I'll say! At first, I thought they were private investigators, because that's what it said on Miss Hudson's business card. But she has a room in there with an entire wall covered in different kinds of guns and swords and other weapons. Her pride and joy even had a nickname. She called it Big Boy (giggles). I'd never seen a gun so big in my life. I asked her about it and she said what she did was more like bounty hunting, and I thought what a strange profession for a woman to have. 

Something's happening to Veronica. Her demonic
"gifts" are changing her.
Bryce: But Veronica is not a bounty hunter, is she?

Eleanor: No, she's a demon hunter, something I never imagined could exist!

Bryce: Have you, personally, seen any demons or seen anything strange?

Eleanor: Well... I don't know what to make of this, but when Miss Hudson first hired me, everything was fine. She was very beautiful but also strong. I just love her wavy red hair and I don't think I've ever seen anyone on whom lipstick looks more natural. And she has blue eyes, like me! But then... she started changing, and I don't know if it's bad or good. Frankly, I'm worried about her.

Bryce: Changing how?

Eleanor: Oh, I know this is going to sound so ridiculous, but she now has these sharp teeth, you know, like an animal, and... (sighs) horns.

Bryce: Horns?

Eleanor: Yes, horns. Growing out of her head (puts hands to head and points finger up on each hand). Like... like a...

Bryce: Like a demon.

Eleanor: (covers mouth with hand) Yes! Oh, I hope she's going to be all right!

Bryce: You seem more concerned for Veronica than a mere cleaning girl would be. Is there something going on between you two? I happen to know Veronica very well and I think she would just adore you.

Eleanor: (blushing, fidgeting, squirming in seat) Please, no! I mean, yes. Oh, I don't know what I mean. Maybe? I was always told that sort of thing was wrong, an abomination, but the angel, she does it, too! But she's more than a woman. She has a... (covers face with hands).  Oh, it's so confusing. I don't think I want to talk about this!

Character inspiration for fallen archangel Sariel
Bryce: That's okay, Eleanor, you don't have to talk about anything you don't want to. Would you want to talk about the angel, though? Are you saying you saw an actual angel?

Eleanor: Yes! Oh, my gosh, she is so beautiful, too! She's here to help Miss Hudson with something important, but it seems they spend an awful lot of time... well, never mind.

Bryce: If this is all so strange and, knowing Veronica, sinful, with the sex cranked up to eleven, not to mention dangerous... why haven't you quit? It can't be the money. Surely, there are safer and saner jobs to have.

Eleanor: I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me, one that I never knew existed. Demons and angels walk the earth. Women can love other women. Being bad feels really, really good. I would not trade my time with these extraordinary people for anything in the world. Yes, it's dangerous. I don't know what's going to happen, but I could never turn my back on Miss Hudson. Unless...

Bryce: Unless what?

Eleanor: (puts finger in mouth) Unless she orders me to turn around and bend over!

Bryce: (laughs) Why, you...

Eleanor: Interview's over! (giggles)

Meet Eleanor in Demon's Embrace. Much more of her coming (and cumming) in Angel's Kiss!

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