30 June 2015

Putting the Erotica in Monster Erotica

Previously: Putting the Monster in Monster Erotica.

Today I want to explore the more fun part of monster erotica: the naughty bits.

To me it's the (mostly) physical elements that make monsters what they are that are also the sexy parts. Or at least the expressive parts. These are parts we use to identify them as monsters. Parts that usually aren't human: horns, wings, tails (especially tails), talons. Other things, too, like powers: reading minds or seeing in the dark or magic. Things that are impossible and don't exist, like sexual organs where they don't belong.

Being a monster has its good points, too. Sure, most everyone hates you and probably wants to kill you, but as a monster, you're free to do what humans can't. Especially civilized humans. You're free to indulge your monstrous nature. You don't need a reason, you're a fucking monster, doing what monsters do. Vampires kill and feed. Werewolves and other shifters kill and fight for dominance in the pack. Demons have all kinds of dirty work to attend to.

There's a dream, here. When you're the monster, the dream is you get to engage in monstrous behavior you otherwise only wish were possible or acceptable. When you're a normal person interacting with monsters, you're allowed to be swept up in their excess, in their monstrosity, whether by choice or by force (Taken Hard and Unprotected by the Werebuffalo!).

Imagine having the powers and immortality of a vampire, the speed and grace and just motherfucking style for days. Right? Imagine having the raw animal power at your beck and call of being a shifter: the speed, the strength, the enhanced senses. Fucking cool, yeah?

Hell, yeah.

Now the erotica part comes in, because along with these incredible abilities and powers also comes insatiable lust and sexual prowess. Monsters can't get enough dirty fuckin' and they're absolute bosses in the boudoir. Combine that with something already known for its outlandish desire and sexual proclivity, like futanari, and you have hazmat suit situations, here. Like, sexual defcon 5.

What also makes monster sex pop for me is focusing on the monstery bits themselves in my writing. The demons and angels of my Futanari Apocalypse series show what they're feeling through their wings and tails. Wings will spread, shudder, cower, fold down, whatever is needed to help portray emotion and thought. Tails, especially are not only expressive of emotion, but they make for amazing sexual tools, too. Tails can wrap around a cock, penetrate any hole in the body. Good times! Horns make better handlebars than pigtails.

And of course futanari are monstrous in their sexual exaggeration: enormous cocks on girls that drip and ejaculate ridiculous amounts of cum, dripping wet pussies, huge tits, and unrelenting sexual appetites.

This is why the Futanari Loves Octogirl series is so much fun to write. Futanari plus tentacles? It doesn't get any better for crazy monster sex. Those tentacles can do amazing things. Little suckers that kiss your body all over. Tentacles wrapping around your cock or squeezing your tits. Suckers on your nipples. Suckers on your clit. Tentalces doing things inside your pussy or ass that a finger or a cock could never do (think about how tentacles move). MULTIPLE tentacles inside you doing those things. And when you get hugged by a girl who has 2 arms and 8 tentacles, that, my friends, is an uber-hug.

I make my monsters behave in ways that are more human than the humans do, sometimes, but when it comes to the erotica in monster erotica, focus on the monster parts.

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