28 July 2015

Reporting from the Front Lines of Dark Erotica

I've been hard at work finishing Enthralled, and that's going well. It's much faster to post quick little excerpts on my Facebook author page than it is to post here. That's why you haven't seen many posts here of late.

Here's what's going on.


Possible cover for Enthralled
Enthralled is nearly finished. I sought out beta readers and their feedback has been invaluable, so when I revise and edit the book I'll incorporate many of their suggestions and ideas.

A photographer has offered to shoot and provide me with custom cover photos, which was a completely unexpected little miracle. There's been one round of shooting and I have what could be a decent cover out of it after working my image editing magic on the original images. But it looks like there will be another round of shooting, so who knows, I might get the perfect pic from the new shoot (or get something I can use for the next book in the Futanari Vampires series).

Enthralled will be a full-length novel. It's currently sitting at over 60k words in its unfinished state and I expect that to go up, not down, after revisions and edits. I have some material that needs to be added to flesh out the main character and her futanari vampire lover.

I'm looking for reviewers who are willing to write an honest review for an advanced reader copy of Enthralled. If that's you, comment on this post or get in touch with me through Facebook.

The Ladies of the Lake

Look, no bat wings!
When I wrote Rough Ride, I had conceived of the idea of a collection of shorts taking place around the same lake as that story. All the stories feature women as the main characters, thus Ladies of the Lake was born. As soon as Enthralled is published, I'm going to write two more stories and publish the collection as a book. I'm also considering selling the shorts individually.

This will be an interesting departure for me because there's nothing paranormal about these stories. They don't feature futanari, just regular ol' folks gettin' down for some rough dirty fuckin'. I write what I feel like writing, and I felt like writing this, so there you go.

As an added bonus, I'm going to record audiobooks for these, and yes, I give good voice. You will like them.

Futanari Loves Octogirl

But speaking of monsters and futanari, In the Arms of Love is actually my best-selling book, so I don't want to delay anymore on the second book in the series. I absolutely loved writing the first book and I want to see what happens with Liana and Jaelyn just as much as you do! As soon as Ladies of the Lake gets published, I'll write the second futa/octogirl book.

Futanari Apocalypse Book 3

The first book in this series, Demon's Embrace, was the first erotic story I ever published. Both it and Angel's Kiss, the second book in the series, continue to sell. There's a lot left to do in this series. After all, Veronica and Sariel have a world to save... if they can save their own relationship, that is.

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19 July 2015

100 Facebook Likes Reward: FULL SEX SCENE from In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl

Well damn if you beautiful perverts didn't just send my Facebook page to over 100 likes! I promised as a reward for success that I'd post a full sex scene from In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl.

Jaelyn James is a reluctant futanari sent to a special island reservation for her "kind." One night she finds a girl washed up on the beach who is half human and half octopus, like a mermaid except an octopus instead of a fishtail. The octogirl is badly injured, so Jaelyn takes her home to nurse her back to health. She treats her and leaves her in her bathtub while she goes to bed. She gave the girl her teddy bear to let her know her intentions were for the good. This scene begins the next morning.


The sound of swish-thump, swish-thump caught Jaelyn’s attention, and she opened her eyes. She gasped, realizing she’d overslept and, propped herself up on an elbow. She immediately regretted that when her muscles reminded her how torn up and damaged they were after last night.

Last night...

She turned her head to look at the door to the bathroom and saw that it was open all the way, but she couldn’t see the octogirl. Grimacing, she sat up all the way, noticing for the first time, her incredibly hard morning wood and the cum-soaked front of her skirt. Her raging cock was making quite a tent under the darkly-stained fabric. She sighed. Just another glorious day in the life of a futanari. She was starting in earnest to wonder where the octogirl had gone when Teddy appeared right in front of her face, suspended by a tentacle around his neck. Jaelyn squeaked and started, tipping backwards and losing her balance. Her arms flailed and her legs went out as she fell backwards off the bed and hit the wooden floor with a thud and a grunt.

She heard a giggle and then...

Swish-thump, swish-thump. The bed moved and creaked and she saw several tentacles appear over its edge. Octogirl came to the edge of the bed and looked down at her. She had to bend over a little, due to the size of her breasts so she could see over them. Jaelyn stared in wonder at her black and sea-green eyes. In the bright light of the day, her pupils were thin slits like a cat’s. Her hair was white and her tentacles were a dark purple. Teddy floated down to her in his tentacle noose. Jaelyn realized she was giving him back to her. She reached out and took him and the tentacle uncoiled from around his neck and traced a graceful path back through the air.

“Thank you for the toy,” she said in her strangely melodic and sensual voice, “believe it or not, it really did help.”

“You’re welcome,” said Jaelyn.

“Here, let me help you up,” said the octogirl. Suddenly Jaelyn had tentacles under her armpits and the crooks of her knees. She was being lifted up off the ground and settled back onto the bed. The girl occupied half the bed, her tentacles arranged around her somewhat evenly to support her weight. Where the tentacles grew thicker near her waist, there was also a thin stretchy membrane or webbing between them, looking for all the world like a kind of skirt. Jaelyn thrilled at the touch of her tentacles. Not only was her morning wood not going away, but almost impossibly, it raged even harder. She hated herself for it but she wanted to touch it so badly. No, she wanted the girl to touch it.

“Oh, really?” said the girl, and before Jaelyn could protest or do anything, the girl slipped a tentacle under her skirt and lifted it up, then flung it away, exposing Jaelyn’s huge erection. Jaelyn had forgotten the girl could read her mind.

“Only somewhat,” said the girl as she inspected Jaelyn’s cock. “But it’s how I learned to speak English long ago, and many other languages, for that matter. Except I have a hard time with what many words mean because I have no context for them.” She rumbled forward in the bed on alternating sets of tentacles under her, almost like how a spider would crawl, each tentacle coiling in a smooth, graceful motion. A single tentacle came forward and began laying itself down one inch at a time on her cock, from the base to the tip. The tip of the girl’s tentacle curled over the head of Jaelyn’s cock. Jaelyn covered her burning face with her hands and moaned a long shuddering moan. She could feel the suckers... sucking on her, individually.

“Oh, God, oh, God...” she whispered.

“It’s really big,” said the girl. Her voice was unusual, but even so, Jaelyn thought she detected admiration in it. Jaelyn didn’t know whether to moan or cry. The sound she made sounded like both.

“You seem distressed,” said the girl, “I’m sorry... should I not do this?” She started to remove the tentacle from Jaelyn’s cock by popping the suckers off of it one by one.

“No! Yes! Oh, God, I don’t know! I don’t even know your name. Do you even have a name?”

“My name is Liana,” said the octogirl.

“Liana... that’s a beautiful name,” said Jaelyn.

“Thank you, Monster Cock,” said Liana.


“That’s not your name? How your friend addressed you?”

“No, she was just being a bitch.”

“Oh... she was... being cruel to you?”

“Yes. My name is Jaelyn. Jaelyn James.”

“Jaelyn. I like it. How is she your friend if she’s cruel to you?”

“She’s not really a friend, we just all live together in this house.”

“Oh. What is a monster cock?”

Jaelyn pointed at her erection.

“How is that bad? I love your monster cock,” said Liana.

“I hate it,” said Jaelyn. Liana blinked her strange eyes and tilted her head to one side. Her pretty mouth frowned.

“How can you hate something that is a part of you? That is you?” she asked, “I’m sorry, Jaelyn, but I don’t understand.”

Jaelyn sighed and wiped away her tears. “It’s okay,” she said, “I don’t understand it, either. Someone else here tried to teach me otherwise. I believed her in the moment, but afterward all my old feelings came back. You really do like it?”

Liana nodded. “Yes! It’s magnificent! So big and beautiful. I really want to put it inside me, I know it would feel so wonderful!”

“Oh, God, oh, God...” whimpered Jaelyn. Liana rushed forward in a flurry of curling tentacles, pressing against Jaelyn’s cock with her breasts, working it into her cleavage, pushing forward until Jaelyn felt compelled to lean back, but she kept moving forward in a surreal, smooth motion, almost as if she were rolling on wheels as her tentacles undulated beneath her. Jaelyn’s back was against the headboard. Liana rubbed her prodigious breasts against Jaelyn’s own, and when their nipples brushed against each other’s it went straight to her pussy and the base of her cock and she moaned.

“I find all of you very appealing,” she said, “No, that’s close, but not quite the right word. Attractive! Yes, attractive, that’s the word. And for my kind, attraction is not just for the body. It is for the mind and the heart, as well, because we can see into each other’s minds and hearts to some degree. I like very much, Jaelyn, what I see in your mind and in your heart.” As she spoke, Iliana’s colors changed from dark purple to violet to deep crimson.

Liana pressed more into Jaelyn. Some of her tentacles were now draped over Jaelyn’s legs. Liana was, essentially, straddling Jaelyn. She reached out with her pale hands and caressed Jaelyn’s tear-streaked cheeks. Jaelyn looked into her black and green eyes and Liana looked into her blue ones. Two thin tentacle tips rose up on either side of Jaelyn’s face and began stroking her blond hair back away from her face Two more slid up her tummy to her breasts. They bent in a U shape like a pincher and squeezed her breasts.

“Jaelyn, why won’t you touch me? Do you not also find me attractive? I thought I felt attraction from you. Was I wrong?” As she spoke, Liana continued to touch and caress Jaelyn with several different tentacles as well as her hands. Jaelyn sighed.

“No, Liana, you weren’t wrong. I find you indescribably beautiful, I’m just... so confused within myself.”

“Do you want to touch me? I want you to touch me. I want to feel your hands all over my body. Please...”

She took Jaelyn’s hands in her own and placed them upon her breasts. Jaelyn felt Liana’s nipples stiffen under her fingers.

It’s already far, far too late. There’s no going back. 


“Yes...” breathed Jaelyn, hefting Liana’s breasts in her hands, squeezing them and sliding her thumbs across her nipples. “Yes...” she said again, sliding a hand up behind the back of Liana’s head and diving her fingers into her strange hair. It didn’t feel like human hair, its strands felt thicker and slightly flat, as if they were extremely thin satin ribbons. She pulled Liana’s face down to her own and parted her lips, but Liana pushed away, looking concerned.

“What are you doing? asked Liana.

“I was going to kiss you,” said Jaelyn.

“Oh! I know the word but not what it meant. My kind, we don’t do the kissing.” Jaelyn was at a bit of a loss, but after a moment, she had an idea. One she learned last night from someone else who found her attractive and beautiful.

“Just try to do what I do, but don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right,” said Jaelyn.

“Okay,” said Liana.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth a little bit, like you were going to touch some food to your lips.”

Liana wiggled into better position, which meant rubbing against Jaelyn’s cock, which made her moan and her cock leak embarrassing amounts of precum. But Liana’s eyes were closed, so she didn’t see it. Jaelyn slightly puckered her open lips and caressed them across Liana’s lips. Liana gave a tiny gasp and tried to follow along, moving her lips to caress Jaelyn’s lips.

They continued like that for a few moments, lightly brushing their lips against each other with slow, gentle movements. Liana tasted like the ocean, she was amazing, and was learning how to kiss pretty quickly. Jaelyn kissed her just a little more forcefully, pushing a little harder with her lips and her mouth, which made Liana gasp again, but then she pulled back. Liana kept her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, which made Jaelyn smile, it was so adorable.

“Okay, you can open your eyes, now.” She did, and looked at Jaelyn, and smiled in pure delight, laughing a little laugh.

“Wow...” said Liana.

“You like that?” siad Jaelyn.

“Oh, yes,” said Liana, “Can we do more?”

“We can kiss all day. But now we’re going to do something new. This is called French kissing, and you use your tongue. You can do other things while kissing, too, like touch each other and stuff.” Liana nodded, looking very earnest and serious and beautiful and suddenly Jaelyn felt like she was going to have a panic attack, except she felt wonderful instead of scared. No, that wasn’t right. She was scared, but she was aware that Liana could read her thoughts and she didn’t want to think this one thought in particular too loudly, lest she pick up on it.

God help me, I might be falling in love. At first sight. With an octogirl.

“Kiss me, Liana,” she said.

Liana did, attacking her with the same intensity with which their first kiss ended. Jaelyn brought up her hand to caress Liana’s face as they kissed and Liana did the same. Then Jaelyn slipped her tongue into Liana’s mouth, searching, licking, and caressing Liana’s tongue with her own. At first, Liana did nothing but feel the new sensations, but after she determined that she’d received the basics, she started to imitate Jaelyn and do everything back to Jaelyn that Jaelyn did to her. Their tongues flicked and touched and slipped over and around each other and suddenly Liana moaned in a sort of guttural, helpless manner and Jaelyn felt her cock and balls and thighs coated with something wet and warm.

Liana broke off the kiss and gasped, “Oh!” and she looked a little shocked.

“What was that?” asked Jaelyn. She watched in wonder as pink patterns of curling lines appeared all over Liana’s face and chest for a brief second as she looked away, then faded.

“You’re making me feel so good,” she said, and she seemed embarrassed. Those pink patterns on her skin... was that her way of blushing? “I’m getting... excited.” She cupped Jaelyn’s face in her hands, looked right in her eyes, and said, “Very much I want you inside me.” The way she said it was so cute and endearing and yet also it was unmistakably ravenous.

“So... you’re just... wet?” said Jaelyn.

Liana nodded, chewing on her bottom lip. “Very,” she breathed, and then moaned seemingly uncontrollably and all her tentacles shivered and curled and Jaelyn’s cock was again flooded with hot, thick liquid. Liana started grinding against her cock with the undersides of her tentacles near her center (core? waist? Jaelyn wasn’t sure what to call it). Only the tip of Jaelyn’s cock was visible, the rest of her was underneath Liana’s “skirt,” as it were, the webbed membranes between her tentacles. She glided over Jaelyn’s cock deliciously on the slickness of her own octo-juices.

“Oh, fuck...” said Jaelyn.

“Oh! Is this bad? I’m sorry, I can’t help it!” said Liana, suddenly looking distraught. Dark red patterns flashed over her skin and her tentacles turned brown.

“No, no, no it’s not bad at all,” said Jaelyn, “I fucking love it. It feels amazing!”

“But... something is not well with you,” said Liana, “I can sense it.”

“Yeah, look,” said Jaelyn, “I’ve never... been... with your... kind, before.”

“Oh,” said Liana, changing color again. Now her tentacles were a deep cobalt. “Ive never been with your kind, either. Human females are very nice-looking but they aren’t... equipped? To give me what I really want. And men are mostly boorish idiots out of all proportion to their tiny cocks. But you... you’re different. You are the most beautiful girl and yet you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks,” said Jaelyn. It was so hard to take a compliment about the one thing about herself she didn’t like.

“But.. I don’t even know what you... what you have under there.” Jaelyn confessed.

Liana looked at her for a moment.

“Only a hundred rows of sharp teeth,” she said.


“I’m joking,” she said, smiling, “I have what all women have. A... pussy? That’s the word, yes? A pussy. I have a pussy. And a butt. Have you not noticed that two of my legs are longer and thicker than the others? And they meet up together on my backside almost like your legs and your butt.”

“Can... can I see?” Jaelyn made an apologetic face and bit her lip. She wasn’t sure what was acceptable or not with octogirls. What if that was a big taboo in their society? Liana leaned back away from her, then unfurled two tentacles to the posts of the headboard. She leaned back on her two human hands and then heaved her entire lower body up close to Jaelyn’s face like a beautifully monstrous flesh blossom. Despite herself, Jaelyn shrunk back from it. Luckily Liana couldn’t see that.

All spread out like that, Jaelyn could see her eight tentacles actually somewhat divided into two group of four. There were indeed two thicker, more shapely tentacles that looked somewhat ass-like, and above where they came together, was a pulsing round ring of wrinkled flesh that had to be her anus. Above that were slick folds of flesh that looked familiar to her.

Strings of sticky fluid draped from them down to her cock where she’d been rubbing against her. If what Jaelyn saw was on a human woman, it would probably be considered a huge and well-used pussy. Because she had grown so aversive to her own dick, Jaelyn had developed over the years a fascination with big pussies and labia. Liana even had a big vulva, and then around it were the creases where her tentacles joined up with her waist and the rest of her body. She had a prodigious clitoral hood around which hung slicked curtains and folds. She saw a peek of pinkish-purple inside.

“Can I touch it?” Jaelyn asked.

“If you don’t hurry up and do something, I’m going to wrap all my arms around your head and suffocate you with it,” Liana said anxiously. As if the thought doing what she spoke of really turned her on, she let loose a surprised moan and right before her eyes, Jaelyn saw thick clear fluid surge out to splatter softly onto her breasts.

“Oh, Dagon!” said Liana, “Jaelyn, please, you’re torturing me!”

Who’s Dagon?

Jaelyn reached out and just palmed the entire thing, closing her fingers over Liana’s entire mound, but resting the tip of her index finger just above her clitoris, pressing on it gently. Liana let out a shuddering moan. Jaelyn squeezed her fingers together, squeezing Liana’s vulva and squishing her wet lips together, sliding them against each other. She moaned again, high-pitched. More fluid sluiced out between Jaelyn’s fingers and ran down her arm. When she looked at it more closely, she saw it wasn’t perfectly clear but had a slightly bluish-gray tint to it.

She brought up her other hand and gently spread Liana open, eliciting another moan from her. Goddamn, but she was a meaty girl! Almost a hot pink color inside. Liana was issuing constant little moans. Her vaginal muscles pulsed and contracted, as did her protruding back door bud. More clear-blue fluid welled up before Jaelyn’s eyes and poured out.

“Oh, Jesus,” breathed Jaelyn. She put her hand on one of Liana’s tentacles near the base where it joined her body and guided her down. The suckers of her tentacle puckered and grasped at her palm and fingertips. With her other hand she aimed her cock for those big beautiful wet folds. As soon as Liana realized what she was doing, she cried out.

“Oh yes, please, Jaelyn, I want you so much.” She rose up on her hindmost tentacles. Her front tentacles were still wrapped around the bed posts, so now she hovered above Jaelyn like monstrous umbrella. She slowly lowered her channel onto Jaelyn’s raging hard cock, engulfing it in warm wetness. All the way in, all the way to the very base of her cock. Liana bent over her, leaning forward onto her cock and pushing down onto it. Jaelyn reached up to her face and cupped it in her palms.

The wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock of pleasure on Liana’s face in that moment was something Jaelyn would never forget. Liana’s body shuddered with pleasure, her tentacles turned bright green and she began wrapping them around Jaelyn’s waist, her thighs, her arms, pinning her down. The webbed skirt around around Liana’s waist suctioned tightly around Jaelyn’s loins.

“Whoah...” said Jaelyn. Liana put her face very close to Jaelyn and the look on it was pure ravenous lust. Being inside of Liana was like nothing she’d ever felt, before.  Liana worked her vaginal walls in some kind of inhuman, peristaltic motion, devouring Jaelyn’s cock. As Liana shuddered with pleasure above her, her pale breasts swayed enticingly against her own. Liana began riding up and down on Jaelyn’s cock in an undulating motion. Jaelyn felt as if she were being vacuumed up inside of her, so tightly did Liana suction onto her with her tentacular skirt.

“Fucking incredible,” breathed Liana, “Oh, Dagon, can we just do this forever for the rest of our lives?”

“Only if you let me move,” said Jaelyn, “I want to put my arms around you.”

“Oh, sorry,” Liana breathed, “you’re just so fucking nice and big, the way you fill me up, I got carried away.” Jaelyn heard the quiet popping sounds of her suckers letting go of her arms and then the tentacles were unwinding from them. It was actually a very pleasant sensation, but Jaelyn was glad to be able to move her arms again. She reached up and wrapped them around Liana’s neck and pulled her down so she could kiss her.

“Oh,” breathed Liana, “Kissing and fucking at the same time...” Jaelyn slipped her tongue into Liana’s mouth and Liana did the same as she undulated above her. “Oh, yes...” Liana said into Jaelyn’s mouth as they kissed. The way Liana was moving and riding Jaelyn’s cock, Jaelyn didn’t think she could hold out much longer. She woke up with morning wood and had been getting so turned on by everything Liana did that not only was she about ready to blow, but she knew it was going to be a big one.

She’d never experienced this level of pleasure before. Last night, Ilsa showed her that embracing her true nature as a futanari could feel really fucking good, but with Liana, it was different. She was from outside of everything Jaelyn knew, and she valued Jaelyn for who she was inside. Although, right now she was doing a pretty good job of valuing her cock as she impaled herself on it over and over, rocking and undulating atop her with abandon.
Jaelyn looked up at her and smiled, “That feel good?” she asked.

“Oh... you have no idea!” Liana said.

“Hmph... I have a pussy, too, you know!”

Liana gasped, “Oh! That’s right!” Jaelyn felt the tip of a tentacle slither in between them at the base of her cock. Liana moaned and shuddered and more of her honey spilled out. She slid the tentacle around in it to get it coated and then...

“Liana, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to make your pussy happy, too,” she said.

“Oh, God...” and then Liana was inside her. She’d penetrated her with a tentacle!

“Hungh...” Jaelyn moaned, “Oh my FUCKING GOD.”

It wasn’t like putting a dildo or a cock inside her, it was a living thing inside her. Liana curled the tip of the tentacle and moved it all around inside her pussy and there was just nothing like it in the world.

“Oh my GOD, Liana, fuck me!”

“Yes!” Liana slammed herself onto Jaelyn’s hard cock with powerful motions, grunting and moaning loudly, now. Her hair hung down around Jaelyn’s face and swayed with her undulating rhythm. Jaelyn reached up and grabbed a handful of Liana’s hair and pulled her head back. She put her other hand on Liana’s waist and pulled her down onto herself with greater force. Liana cried out almost as if she were in pain and Jaelyn felt more hot slick fluid pour out over her under Liana’s membranous skirt. The sloshing, wet slapping sounds of their fucking were turning her on even more. Liana was whimpering, almost crying.

“Jaelyn... I’m going to... going to...”

“Cum, Liana, cum for me, fucking drown me!”

“Uh... YES...”

Liana cried out over and over and her tentacles went wild, spiraling and curling and thrashing. She spurted fluid all around Jaelyn’s cock so hard that Jaelyn heard it pattering against the mattress. The tentacle inside Jaelyn’s pussy worked its magic until her pussy came with its own release of fluid, priming the pump for the imminent big one. Jaelyn felt that final flex-of-no-return deep in her pelvis and her cock let loose inside Liana’s quaking pussy with a powerful spurt of cum.

“UH!” Jaelyn practically screamed as she unleashed her torrent into Liana. Everything that she was drained out of her, expelled into this amazing beautiful monster, this octogirl she found nearly dead on the beach. Liana held her close with both her ams and her tentacles and was doing that vaginal peristalsis thing again on her cock as she was cumming and it felt so fucking amazing she just couldn’t contain herself. Jaelyn bucked and thrashed with her whole body, screaming in pleasure, so that Liana had to hold her down with at least four tentacles.

She felt her own hot cum leaking back out of Liana, trickling trails down her balls. Liana withdrew her tentacle from Jaelyn’s pussy and brought it up to her face. She stuck out her bright pink tongue and slid the tentacle across it, tasting Jaelyn’s honey and looking at her through heavy-lidded black eyes. Her pupils were wide from excitement and her green irises glowed like sea glass in the light. Then she collapsed against Jaelyn and snuggled into the crook of her neck. Jaelyn’s cock was still inside her. Jaelyn put her arm around Liana’s shoulder and together, they simply lay there in stunned silence, in awe of each other and of themselves.

Nothing is ever going to be the same, thought Jaelyn, as she stroked Liana’s white hair with her fingertips.


Did you like this scene? It only gets hotter and crazier from here! Get the book and read the whole thing.

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15 July 2015

[Review] Watch Me, by Patient Lee

Book Description

A couple discovers the new thrill of being watched.

A family of five vacations in New York City. When the woman's parents offer to take the children for the night in the adjoining hotel room, they take advantage of the "adult time." Staying quiet so parents and children don't hear, they exchange delicious oral sex. They up the ante when she opens the curtains and presses her breasts against the cold glass, begging the people in view to watch her.

Inspired by a couple of true events, this short romp will satisfy.

My Review

Watch Me had some great moments and a great ending, which most erotica shorts don't. People fuck, there's some kind of afterglow/comedown at the end, and that's it. End of story. Watch Me has a much better ending than that, but I won't spoil it for you.

My favorite things about this story was how a warm wet washcloth gets used and the main exhibitionist sex scene. Specifically, Ms. Lee does an excellent job of getting you to really feel what it's like to be pressed up against glass and getting fucked but good.

My one complaint is that it's too short and could've involved a lot more detail during the sex scene. At the same time, too much was written about things that were not sex and didn't matter to why you'd want to read it, which is exhibitionist sex. Ms. Lee puts a good dose of her real life into her stories, and there's absolutely a charm to that. But it can also get in the way of telling a better erotic tale.

If the kids and the mom and all that attendant business were left out and the story was a series of increasingly hot and dangerously exhibitionist encounters, it would have been more satisfying, at least to me.

Get the Book

 More about the Author

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[SEXcerpt] Dirty Bathroom Business (NSFW Images)

Hello my naughty ones! Instead of another peek at the forthcoming vampire book, I'm going retro. Today I'm releasing for free an entire scene from In the Arms of Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl, my best-selling book, an erotic romance (by which I mean best-selling out of my other books). Not only is it an entire scene, it's a sex scene. Well, a masturbation scene. Anyway, it's fucking hot.

Jaelyn James is a futanari, but she doesn't want to be. Shunned and despised all her life by her family and society, she doesn't like who she is.Worse, she's always got the biggest cock out of any other futas she knows. She's on a ferry boat going to a special island just for her "kind." She tries to avoid masturbating and sex but things have a way of building up until they burst. A chance close encounter with another futa gets her way too excited despite herself. Jaelyn has to run to the bathroom to take care of some dirty business...


The restroom only allowed one occupant. She quickly shut the door and turned the steel crank sign so that anyone outside would know it was occupied. She spun around and leaned her back against the door. The front of her skirt was protruding about a foot. She held her hands out over it helplessly but didn’t touch it... yet.

Please, no.

She reached out and pulled her skirt back.

There was her cock, already a foot long and still growing. It bobbed and engorged a tiny bit more each time it did. Stretched across her dickhead was a maximum-sized condom. It hung off the end of her cock like a water balloon, except of course it wasn’t filled with water. It swung around in circles as her cock throbbed and engorged, now starting to stand up at an angle.


She was going to have to take care of it.

She put a hand to her face for second.

I can’t believe this!

She didn’t have much time at all, but if she tried to not enjoy it, it would take longer. Too long. Which meant, ironically, she had to do what she both hated and loved most of all. She had to get dirty in her fantasies and her actions, get herself really worked up and excited so she’d pop quickly, so she could get done, get out, and get her monster member back down to its normal flaccid ten inches.

She tried to carefully peel off the condom, but in order to do that, she had to grip herself behind the head, and that made her moan. There was no one around but her face was blushing a hot shade of pink just the same. She could see precum welling up at the tip of her cock through the translucent latex of the condom. The precum grew too much to cling there any longer and it dripped down into the condom. With a squeaky snap she got the condom off and the cool air felt so wonderful against the wet head of her cock it made her gasp. She gripped her cock and stroked herself for a moment with her dry hands, feeling the delightful pull of her skin under her fingers. But if she was to cum quickly, she needed lubrication.

She took the bulging, hanging condom and squeezed it so that some of the precum which filled it poured out over her cock. Since it had been in the condom for a while and been kept warm by her body, it was now thick and stringy, and poured over her fat shaft like clear honey, slowly coating it and dripping around it. She slid her palm over and smeared it around, moaning at both the physical pleasure of it and allowing herself to get turned on by the slick, sticky wet sounds. Excess precum dripped to the restroom floor, but she didn’t care. Now she needed to prime the pump, really get her juices flowing fast and hot if she was to cum quickly, get her disgusting business taken care of.

She took her hand off her cock for a moment and held the sagging, sloshing bag of the condom up over her face. She tipped it up and let it pour into her open mouth, hating herself for loving how it tasted, but she absolutely fucking loved how it tasted. Her precum was so sweet. Even as she swallowed it down, she poured it too fast and it overflowed her mouth, running over her lips and coursing down her chin, dripping onto her.

Oh, no!

Jaelyn gulped down the entire condom and threw at the trash bin, where it stuck to the side, missing the opening entirely. She didn’t care. When she got like this, she didn’t care about anything else. Drinking her own precum always turned her on, like flipping the switch on afterburners, lighting her up. She closed her eyes and imagined a multitude of hands all over her body, stroking her, feeling her up, pinching and squeezing her in all those magical places. She slipped a wet hand under her hoody and pinched a rapidly hardening nipple, her sensitive one, squeezing it hard enough to feel a delicious kind of pain that leaped across to her other nipple and down to both her clit and her cock.

So good, I hate this.

She sucked in a breath through her teeth at the sensation. Her hand traveled down to her balls, swollen big and tight below her cock, filled with cum and ready to burst, because Jaelyn only did this when she absolutely had to. She knew there were futas who could and did cum many times a day, even in the double digits. Jaelyn wouldn’t do it at all if she could stand it, but she couldn’t stand it. It always caught up with her, usually in the most unexpected places and ways, like this, putting her in potentially embarrassing situations.

Almost as if you want it that way, because you like it.

“Shut up!” she growled at herself, “let’s just get this over with.”

She rasped her fingertips over her balls, squeezing them gently and pulling on her sack a little. Then her fingers slipped behind it to find her clit. She put her fingers into a V and slid them down either side of her hood, popping out her little bud and then pressing her fingers together to squeeze it. She moaned and stroked her cock faster. Her cock continued to surge precum from the tip. It dangled from her in a glistening ribbon, down to the floor. She wanted to taste it some more.

You’re a disgusting fucking whore, an abomination.

“Yes...” she answered herself aloud, “Yes, I am.” And with that, she bent down her head and took her own cock into her mouth.


Her tongue slipped out and circled around the head of her cock, flickered over the hole, then she plunged herself as far as she could go just standing up like this. Her fingers squidged and slurped in and out of her dripping peach as she nearly gagged on her own cock and stroked it. She moaned through her nose as she worked herself up into the next level of sensation, flexing her pelvic muscles almost like working a clutch to shift into a higher gear. She had to moan around her cock like some kind of manic humming, but she was getting closer and running out of time.

Her cock kept squeezing out precum, which flooded her mouth. Some of it she swallowed and some of it she allowed to run back down her shaft to keep it lubricated under her hand. The wet sounds of her cock and her pussy reverberated off the hard steel walls of the little bathroom. She desperately wished she had more hands so she could touch herself all over in all the ways liked. Or at least, that she liked when she could actually admit to herself that she liked it, which wasn’t often.

 She drove her fingers deeper into her hungry drooling snatch as she stroked her cock faster and harder, curling up her fingers under her pubic bone and going for the magic spot there. She pushed her tongue hard against the sensitive head of her cock, especially along the flared ridge of it. Combined with how she was fingering herself, it was almost too much. If someone else were doing it to her, she’d probably jump out of her skin. She almost, did, anyway. The deep pelvic sensation of getting closer to climax was now surging in her loins. Only one more ingredient was needed for this volatile mix to explode.

She slipped her honey-coated fingers out of her sopping wet pussy and began caressing her back door opening, moaning loudly as she did. Playing with her puckering, tight little hole back there sent shockwaves to her pussy and the base of her cock and faintly up to her nipple, like a ghost sensation. Her stroking hand was getting tired and numb, but she was almost there.

She pressed and pushed and her finger went inside that dark back door, that wrong, wrong place, and it felt so fucking good she almost cried with pleasure. Her pelvic muscles clenched again, surging precum into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down sucking her own cock like a dirty, sex-crazed futanari slutwhore.

That’s what you are, admit it.

She popped her mouth off of her cock with a wet sound and replied to herself, “No!”

Yes, look at you, sucking your own cock and shoving your finger up your filthy butthole like a fucking animal.

“Uh... uh... uh... OH FUCK!”

Hot cum blasted into the back of her mouth, instantly making her gag and choke. It was just way too intense for her to keep her mouth sealed over her cock, she had to open her mouth so she could cry out and possibly try to breathe, but she was shooting so much cum and it had to go somewhere. She tried to swallow it but she was already choking so even though some of it went down, it went down the wrong way and she ended up snorting thick milky strings of cum out her nose. When she coughed, she sprayed out ropes of cum around the head of her cock just inside her lips, in her open mouth.

She came so hard she could hear the hissing sound it made as it surged out of her urethra. She probably could have taken her finger out of her ass, by now, but she didn’t. She knew that later she would hate herself even more for this, but she actually pushed in a second finger and rammed them up her own ass as far as she could crouching against the bathroom door, hunched over and self-fellating. Cum fired into her mouth and splashed back out around her cock and her hand, all over her clothes and the bathroom floor. Every flexing of the muscles that pumped her semen from her balls was a signal of ecstasy.

The bathroom door opened and she fell onto her back on the deck of the ferry. Cum splashed up out of her mouth and without thinking she pulled her fingers out of her ass and let go of her cock so she could put out her arms to try to keep her balance or grab something. But there was nothing to grab, so she simply thudded onto her back, her cock pointing straight up into the air and twitching as she continued to spurt out streams of cum, which strung across her own face like frosting. Jaelyn looked up past the ejaculating tip of her cock to see the red-haired chick standing over her with an astonished what the fuck just happened look on her face.


If you liked what you just read, be sure to grab the entire book! I promise you it only gets hotter. Plus you get a great story and a great romance, too--albeit an unusual one.

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13 July 2015

[SEXcerpt] How to Feed Your Futanari Vampire, Part 2

Greetings, my lovelies. I've been doing everything except continuing Enthralled, my futa vampire novel. But that ended today as I got back to work on it. I think I needed the break, but it felt good to return to it. As a bloody, sexy treat for you, here's an excerpt from when Ashlyn seduces another victim for Musette to feast upon. Convincing futa-haters from the protest rally to come home with her is nothing, so as this excerpt begins, Ashlyn is bringing in her second "dinner" for Musette. Musette is still injured, but not as severely, and she can speak, now.

WARNING: The following is hella fucking graphic for violence and a dose of sexy thrown in as well.


The second victim wasn’t that different from the first guy, at least, in how she seduced him, his beliefs and behaviors. How sad it was to Ashlyn that people could be so much the same. What was the point of being alive if you were going to be like everyone else? She never gave two shits whether anyone thought she was weird for smoking cigars or fighting with swords, or even being an illustrator.

She brought the guy in and led him to the couch by tugging on the flap of his fly. He came along willingly but wondered why there was plastic on the couch. She told him it was because they were about to repaint the living room.

“We?” asked the guy.

“Yeah, me and my hot redhead bi girlfriend. She’s here, if you want to meet her. She may even join us. Would you like that? Threesome?” She looked at him with a coy, pouty face and put a finger to her mouth. The guy could hardly believe his luck.

“Uh... yeah, sure,” he said, trying to play it off all cool.

“Okay, I’ll get her. Oh, Musette!”

“Yes, my pet?” Musette answered from the bedroom, and hobbled their way.

“I’ve brought someone for us to play with.”

“Oh? Is he cute?” Musette was closer, now, almost around the corner. She wore a pale robe, tied loosely at the waist.

“He’s a handsome older gentleman,” said Ashlyn, looking at the man appraisingly, as though she liked what she saw.

“Ooh!,” said Musette, “Does he have a big cock to suck?” Musette limped into the living room and put an arm around Ashlyn. They kissed, trading tongues for a moment before Musette looked at the man.

“I don’t know,” said Ashlyn, “It looks pretty big under those pants. Why don’t you get them off, Daddy, and let your little girls play with you?” The man needed no further urging. He undid his belt with a musical clink and off the pants came, revealing a cock that actually wasn’t too bad, by normal human male standards.

“Ooh,” said Ashlyn, “Look at Daddy’s plaything! Can I play with it, Daddy? Please?” She gave the man a sad, pouty face. Musette moved in close to him on the other side. She managed to get her left arm up over the back of the couch and behind his head without too much trouble and with her right hand she caressed his cheek.

“Oh, yeah, baby, play with it all you want,” he said, but he was staring at Musette. Her eyes were incandescent again, shining with that beautiful rose color, and he was transfixed. She was ready to drink. Ashlyn wrapped her hand around the man’s cock and stroked him slowly. Musette slid a hand over his chest and kissed his neck.

“I don’t know, pet, he doesn’t look that big to me,” said Musette.

“What?” said the guy.

“Well, whip yours out and let’s see who’s bigger,” said Ashlyn. Musette untied and shrugged out of her robe and tossed it away.

“Oh, shit, Master, your cock is so much bigger!” said Ashlyn.

“What the fuck!?” said the man.

“Isn’t it, though?” said Musette

“I’d rather play with yours,” said Ashlyn.

“This is bullshit! I’m outta here!” said the man. He tried to get up but both Musette and Ashlyn pushed him back down.

“Well, what are we going to do with this guy? He’s no Daddy, he’s a Littledick,” said Musette.

“Fuck this, you fucking whores!” said the man. He tried to get up more forcefully, but Musette had no trouble at all pushing him back. His face was getting red and he had quite the offended pouty lip.

“I dunno,” said Ashlyn, “You’re the fucking vampire, why don’t you drink his blood and then kill him?”

 “What!? Fuck you, I don’t care if you are girls, you touch me again, you get hit!” said the man. Musette deliberately put a finger to his chest and pushed him back again. He raised his hand, but Musette bared her fangs and hissed at him like a predatory cat. Ashlyn was starting to get a little frightened, herself. She'd never seen anything like that. The man shrieked and a little jet of pee shot out of penis. Musette smacked his face so hard his head turned all the way and he bounced off the couch cushions, making the plastic tarp crinkle. She caught him by the face as he rebounded and she bent down and tore out his entire throat with a gristly wet ripping sound.

Ashlyn flinched and put up her hands as hot blood covered her. The man’s arms flailed and his legs kicked out, hitting the coffee table and flipping it over onto its side. Musette slurped and swallowed the blood out of the man as fast as she could. She was a ravenous red demon, veiled in blood from head to toe. Blood sprayed through her fingers and around her face as she fed. As the blood washed over Musette’s cock, Ashlyn noticed it throbbing slowly and steadily into an erection.

Before she even thought about what she was doing, Ashlyn reached out and stroked Musette’s cock while she drank. Musette slurped and sucked at the wide-open tear in the man’s neck. Blood poured over Ashlyn’s hand and Musette’s cock as she stroked it. And then, just like that, it stopped. His heart had pumped out whatever remaining blood in him that Musette didn’t drink and he was done. Dead. Musette’s cock was now fully erect and Ashlyn stroked it, but she kept her gaze on her master.

Musette crouched over the dead man. Her mouth hung wide open, revealing long upper fangs and shorter lower ones. They gleamed white but red ran in between them. Blood drool cascaded in stretching ribbons from her lips. She was a feral animal on a fresh kill. With eyes that flickered like coals, she looked at her own hands like she didn’t know what to do with them. She slowly brought them to her face and slid them down through the blood coating it. She undulated her body and caressed her own breasts with her eyes closed. Blood sluiced down her tummy and her thighs.

Ashlyn slid her palm along the underside of Musette’s cock from tip to balls. Musette opened her eyes and looked at her like she’d just as soon kill her, too. Ashlyn realized she was now unbelievably wet and aching to be fucked.

“Master...” she said, and that word seemed to cut through the fog of Musette’s blood lust. She cocked her head at her pet, closed her eyes again and breathed deeply. Her eyes snapped open and she threw the dead man onto the floor where the tarp extended across the rest of the living room. Rivulets of blood ran along it in random patterns. She grabbed Ashlyn by the back of the head and yanked her in close. Ashlyn completely panicked and let out a helpless wail.

I’m gonna die now. This is how it ends.

Musette opened her mouth and kissed Ashlyn. Ashlyn was so surprised and grateful Musette didn’t kill her, she could hardly respond except to weep.

“Oh, Master...” she said, but anything else she might have said was kissed away by Musette’s fierce lips and tongue. The passages in her body opened up by the surge of adrenaline now flooded with lust and desire. Ashlyn moaned through her kisses and slid her hands all over Musette’s blood-soaked body. The smell and feel of blood coating everything was overpowering. Ashlyn disengaged, and for a moment it looked as though Musette was going to contest the loss of her feast, as though Ashlyn had tried to steal food from an animal. Ashlyn lay on her back on the couch. Blood pooled around her on the plastic. She spread her legs and with her hands spread apart her lips, revealing the tender, wet pink folds amid a field of red.

“Take me, Master...”

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What are Futanari? Why Do I Like Them So Much? (Pics NSFW)

I write futanari erotica, and I get asked this so much I'm writing this by way of answer so I can link it for anyone who asks.

What is futanari?

Futanari is a Japanese word. The concept comes from Japan. They are women who have all the anatomy and characteristics you'd expect of women, but with one very important addition: they also have cocks.

Essentially, with futanari (futa for short), you get the best of everything: a beautiful woman and a beautiful cock. In Japan, futa are considered lesbians. In the West, anything with a cock on it that isn't a man MUST be gay, because we're fucking stupid like that. Futanari are often mixed with and confused with (but also enjoyed with) trans women (shemales, although that word is falling out of favor).

The important thing is this: a futanari is not a man who is crossdressing. A futanari is not a transgendered person. Futanari DO NOT EXIST. They are erotic illusions, creatures of the erotic imagination. But as such they are female, just... with dicks as well as pussies.

Futa have become popular in illustrated and animated Japanese porn (what we in the West call hentai). Since futa is "my thing" I post many futa pics to my Tumblr. My Tumblr is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Why futanari?

The first time I ever saw a picture of a beautiful girl with a huge, erect cock on her as well as a dripping, hot little pussy, it completely short-circuited my sexual wiring. It didn't just push my buttons, it smashed them with a baseball bat.

Futanari also have certain characteristics which have become somewhat standardized over the years of animated movies and comics about them. They are sexually insatiable. They are constantly horny. Their anatomy is exaggerated: often they're depicted with huge breasts, big ol' booties, and of course huge cocks. Sometimes also horse cocks, by which I don't mean big, I mean actual horse cock. Sometimes multiple cocks.

They don't just cum, they cum by the quart. They're constantly leaking pussy juice and precum because they're so horny all the time. Because of their unique anatomy, they can do things sexually that are impossible for people to do. Not the least of which is suck their own cocks, which... come on... how awesome is that?

It's Not Everyone's Cup of Jizz

I get that most people aren't into futa. Most people haven't even heard of it, and then when they do, their reaction is often eww, or, if they're stupid, that's gay. I'm used to it. In a world dominated (ha) by billionaire BDSM werewolf alpha male whatever, you're automatically an outsider when you come in with something perceived as strange.

But how do you know you don't like something unless you explore it, at least a little bit? Don't knock it until you try it. As Walt Whitman said: Be curious, not judgmental.

Beyond the Strap-On

The interesting thing about futa is that both men and women like it, although it's mostly men. A lot of women like cock. Love it, in fact. But they don't like men that come attached to them. Because men are dicks. Put the cock on a woman. Problem solved. It's a fantasy. In a fantasy, you can go beyond the strap-on.

You're Not Gay, Relax

Men like them because we're biologically disposed to respond sexually to certain visual cues. These cues are breasts, butts, feet, and... dicks. Yes, that's right. How's that for "no homo?" So a futanari is all the normal cues from a woman, plus one confusing (and gargantuan) extra cue. So men respond to visually to futanari almost helplessly, and then get hilariously confused later as to why they got a boner and came so hard fapping to it.

Just go with it, guys, it's all good. Futanari are fucking hot. On the sexual dial of 1 - 10, they're a fucking 18.

If you end up getting turned on by trans women also, well, that's not such a bad thing at all. There are some mighty stunning beautiful trans women out there and if I had the chance I would get with one in a heartbeat. But I digress.

Plays Well with Others

You can combine futa with anything! Futanari and demons & angels? Check. Futanari and octopus girls? Check. Futanari and vampires? Double check, because vampires already come with a boat load of sexy.

Combine vampire sexy with futanari sexy and you have sexy sexual super-sex-a-rama overload.

The More You Know

Now you know what futanari are and why I like them so much. You know a little more about me, as well, and if you want to be my friend, this is something you probably should know about me. I thank you for taking a few minutes to broaden your horizons and do that.

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11 July 2015

[Erotica Review] - Something New, by Patti Kake

Something New, by Patti Kake, is a first-time lesbian erotic romance. Two college roommates, Janie and Delilah, have no idea how hard they're going to fall for each other as Delilah offers to teach Janie how to experience carnal pleasure.


Janie and Delilah are college roommates, and complete opposites.

Janie's the embodiment of a good girl.

Delilah's a free spirited party girl.

When Delilah catches Janie drooling over their quarterback, Blake's, Facebook page, she is shocked Janie isn't as polished as she pretends to be.

Delilah comes up with a plan to help Janie come out of her shell in order to hook Blake. Janie tentatively agrees to accept Delilah's offer.

Neither girl expected the connection they form as their training heats up.

With graduation weeks away, they must decide if their feelings are worth fighting for. Or if they should go back to their prior plans, and forget their passionate nights alone in their apartment?

An erotic F/F novella with romance, humor, and a lot of steamy lesbian love.

My Review of Something New

I loved this book!

It was a great erotic romance. The plot conventions are what you'd expect for a romance (and that's not a bad thing at all, you have to get the formula right to succeed in any genre). Two people are surprised to find themselves falling in love with each other. Internal conflict and external forces try to tear the relationship apart. It's a close call, but love wins in the end. Sprinkle in great sex.

Except Patti does not sprinkle.

She backs up in a mammoth dump truck and unleashes several tons of oh-my-god-so-fucking-hot lesbian sex into this book. You just look at your Kindle and lesbian sex leaks out of it and gets all over your furniture.

Here's a bit from a scene where Delilah and Janie are showering together:

Delilah took her time massaging Janie’s breasts realizing how much she liked having her breast played with. Delilah took one hand and slid it down Janie’s body hissing when she felt her bare snatch flowing from the shower above.

Janie cried out when Delilah thrust her finger into her and massaged her clit at the same speed as her other hand massaging her taut nipple.

Janie’s head rested on Delilah’s shoulder and Delilah had the urge to mark her. Never had anyone burrowed into her heart the way Janie had done.

Janie was insatiable, and satisfied Delilah in everyway. Delilah bit down on Janie’s shoulder, sucking on the clean flesh wanting to make Janie hers.

As soon as Delilah’s teeth sunk into Janie’s shoulder an orgasm blasted through Janie. She cried out as she ground her pulsating clit into Delilah’s finger. Delilah held onto her shoulder with her mouth as Janie’s orgasm ripped through her.


The story is that Janie and Delilah are an "odd couple" of college roommates. Janie is the Beverly Hills princess from a wealthy family and Darlene is the rebellious free spirit with attitude. Janie is crushing hard on their college's quarterback, Black. Delilah offers to help Janie become more experienced in the ways of carnal pleasure in order to help her catch Blake.

Neither girl is a lesbian. But everyone's got a little gay in them, and sometimes all it takes is simply the right person at the right time to make you wonder what if? Delilah does just that. She feels a sudden inexplicable attraction to Janie. She can't explain it but she rolls with it and suggests to Janie she giver her carnal "lessons."

These lessons are the bulk of the sexual content of the book. It's a great pretext for hot first time lesbian sexplorations. The vulnerability and desire these two feel for each other almost smokes right off the page (well, screen, really).

Besides the Blistering Lesbian Sex, Here's What I Loved

As Janie and Delilah fell in love with each other, I fell in love with them. The tension Patti creates in this story is excellent and nearly unbearable. Janie wants to touch Delilah so badly but feels she shouldn't because that's not part of their "lessons." What she doesn't know is that Delilah, much to her own surprise, is simply dying for Janie's touch. I was mentally yelling at the screen: JESUS CHRIST, JANIE, JUST FUCKING TOUCH HER.

When these two girls fell in love, it felt like real love. When outside forces threatened to tear their relationship apart, I completely forgot that I knew the romance plot formula about how these things are supposed to work. I just wanted them back together again and I hated every second they were apart from each other. Despite that my own stories are full of blood, cum, depravity, and monstrous things, I'm actually just a softie at heart and there were times I teared up reading this story (when I wasn't reading it one-handed, that is).


I liked this book so much that my criticisms of it are minor and are far outweighed by everything I loved about the story. But if I were to give an honest review then I should mention where I saw how things could've been better.

Word choice is a very subjective thing. What seems hot and sexy to one person can be very jarring and unappealing to another. So, keeping that in mind, I felt that the language and word choices at times could have been better. Words like hole, sawed, and slashed were jarring to me. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with hole, but if you use it too soon during a vulnerable, tender encounter, it's going to be jarring to me. Sawing and slashing are not words I feel should be used when talking about cute juicy little pussies.

In erotica, repetitive language is a persistent problem. It's a problem that's nearly impossible to get away from, because attempts at variety can sound clumsy and ring false. I found the repetition of the word pulsate to be a mild annoyance.Throbbed or twitched or spasmed probably could have worked in a few instances. Pulsate just didn't "read sexy" to me. But again, that's such a personal, subjective thing.

The last thing I might mention is that the title doesn't really give us much of an idea about the story in the book. Sure, first time lesbian experiences definitely counts as a "new thing," but I would have liked to see a more evocative (and provocative!) title.

Final Recommendation and Links

Definitely get this book if you want to read some wickedly fun lesbian romance!

Purchase Links:
 Author Links:

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05 July 2015

[SEXcerpt] How to Feed Your Futanari Vampire

Oh, my lovelies. I have a treat for you. An entire scene from Enthralled, Book 1 of the Futanari Vampire Chronicles. Ashlyn has run across a severely injured futanari vampire and has brought her to her apartment to try and nurse her back to health. That means she needs to lure "dinner" home for the vampire. The pickings are easy at a nearby anti-futanari rally. As the scene begins, a sword-bearing Ashlyn (she's weird, that way) returns home with her vampire's prey.

WARNING: This content contains graphic violence.


Ashlyn unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped on a piece of paper as she strode in. She bent down and picked it up as she apologized for the mess her place was in. Not that she actually cared what the man thought, she just wanted him off his guard, and normal, nervous we’re-about-to-fuck smalltalk was in order. Her heart thrilled as she saw it was her note left for the vampire earlier. But it was now folded into quarters and on one side was written:


“What’s that?” the man asked.

“Just my roommate telling me she’s going to be out for the rest of the night,” Ashlyn said smoothly, deviously delighted that the lie came so easily. She shut her front door and threw the bolts.

“Most people would text, you’d think,” said the man, “Why is it so dark?” Ashlyn twirled out of her longcoat and tossed it over the back of the couch.

“Because I haven’t turned on the lights, yet,” said Ashlyn.

“What’s on the floor?”

Ashlyn followed his gaze down and saw dark streaks across the floor trailing up to near the door. In the red light from the votives dotting the living room, the smears looked black. There were splatters where it stopped.

“Messy roommates,” said Ashlyn. “This look better?” she asked, thinking quickly, she lifted up her lace top, deliberately bouncing her breasts a little. Could it really be so easy? She slid her hands over herself, cupping her breasts and letting them bounce back and sway as she slowly backed away from the man.

“Jesus, those are beautiful!” the man exclaimed, and he was so heartfelt and earnest about it. Ashlyn almost felt sorry for him.


She turned and looked over her shoulder at him. She arched her back and thrust her ass out. It was funny how gratifying it was to her that the man reacted so strongly to her, even though she hated him for his beliefs and found him just absolutely gross.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, approaching her. She spanked herself and her toned ass jiggled a little under the denim hugging her curves.

“I think I’m about to be really bad, Daddy, maybe you should spank me in advance?” She didn’t just press the right button with those words, she smashed it with a fucking hammer. The man took a deep breath and let it out as if to say, Thank you, God, for giving me something I always wanted, and then he looked at her with a feral grin.

“Oh... Daddy spank,” he said. She let him swat her ass a few times and found herself responding to it even though she couldn’t stand him. Maybe it was due to the excitement of the situation, the intoxicating power she felt, knowing that she had chosen this man to die.

Of course, she also just liked getting spanked.

Ashlyn moaned and whimpered appreciatively at him, then said, “Well, don’t let me get away.” She sauntered away. “I’m here in the bathroom, Daddy, I need my mouth washed out with something!” she said.

The vampire lay low in the bathtub, her feral eyes glowing red. Ashlyn saw that she was naked and was nearly distracted herself by the girl’s curves and her cock, which was big, and... getting bigger. In the light that filtered through the red votives, Ashlyn saw black streaks smeared across the floor and the tub where the girl had climbed in.

She did all that with bullet holes, a broken leg and a broken arm and a slashed throat.

But the vampire’s leg and arm didn’t seem like quite such dead appendages, now. They looked to be whole, if not yet terribly functional. The gash on the girl’s neck was like a strip of chewed-up raw meat laid across her throat. It was no longer gaping and open, although perhaps barely. Ashlyn drew her sword, looking into the vampire’s dark, hungry gaze. The girl nodded to her. Everything Ashlyn knew about real sword fighting was designed to kill a man as quickly as possible. Not make a man easier for an injured vampire to feed on.

“Daddy’s coming you bad little—” but his words turned into a wretched, burbling gurgle as Ashlyn’s blade pierced his throat.

“Uh...” she said, unsure what to do. She reached out for him with her other hand, but to get close enough, she inadvertently pushed the sword further into the man’s neck. It sounded like any other blade entering any other gristly meat. The man tried to yell but instead of sound, a fountain of blood sprayed out of his mouth all over Ashlyn. She screamed and shoved the man over the tub. His legs hit the rim of the tub and he fell over. Ashlyn’s sword wrenched in his throat as he fell. She yanked out her sword, flinging blood in a line across the tile.

The man collapsed over the tub and the vampire reached for him as if to hold him close like a lover. She put her mouth over the torn hole Ashlyn’s blade put in him and drank greedily as the man thrashed. His hands slipped with squeaking sounds on his own blood as he banged and thumped around inside the tub. All the while the vampire held him tightly in her one good arm. The man kept trying to breathe, but his throat filled with blood and the gurgling rasp from his labored efforts made Ashlyn want to cover her ears.

But she didn’t. She simply stood over them, vampire and victim, watching, holding her sword pointed down. The man slowly weakened, as if succumbing to the effects of a drug. Eventually, he stopped moving, and shortly after that, his gurgling breaths became a wet raspy whisper, then ceased. The only sounds in the bathroom were the heavy breathing of the vampire and the tinny gurgle of the blood draining in the tub.

Ashlyn looked at her blade in the red light from the votives. The man’s blood lay smeared across it and the steel gleamed through it. She brought the blade to her face and licked a clean swath of blood from it. She tasted the copper in the blood and the iron in her steel. Blood ran down either side of her tongue. She brought her tongue back into her mouth and felt the man’s blood there, resting on her tongue, waiting against the back of her throat.

She swallowed it and stood there with her eyes closed and her lips parted for a moment. She opened her eyes to see the vampire looking at her.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” said Ashlyn. The vampire nodded. Of course she understood. She got to live out her own secret blood lusts every night. At least, when people weren’t trying to kill her. Decades of lessons and practice with a sword, and the one thing Ashlyn had always secretly wanted to do was kill someone with it and lick the blood of her enemy from her blade, like a warrior woman.

The blood tasted gross, but it also tasted like triumph. She felt like Queen Fucking Bitch of the Whole World in that moment. Fucking futa-hater. Fuck him, anyway.

Ashlyn took a towel and wiped the blood from her blade. She sheathed it with practiced grace and realized she was also licking the man’s blood from her lips and swallowing it. She bent down and hooked an arm under the dead man’s chest. With a grunt, she lifted him off the vampire girl and shoved him up against the corner of the tile. His face was still surprised. Ashlyn didn’t want to look at it. But she did want to look at the futanari vampire girl. Making sure the corpse wasn’t going to fall over on her, Ashlyn crouched down at her side and rested her hands on the lip of the tub to look at her.

She looked a little more healed, but she was covered in blood, too, so it was difficult to discern. Blood pooled between her thighs where her cock rested. It was easily the biggest flaccid cock she’d ever seen and her heart quickened a little at the sight of it, despite all the blood. Or perhaps because of it.

Ashlyn looked at her to see her looking back.

“Better?” she asked.

The vampire nodded.

“Can you talk?”

“Only like this,” she whispered, almost silently.

But Ashlyn thrilled to hear anything from her mouth that wasn’t a sickening whistle of air. She squealed a little and covered her mouth with a hand.

“Oh, my God,” she said, “that’s so amazing. This whole thing is... I don’t even know.” she stammered.

“What about your leg and your arm? Any better?”

She nodded, but then whispered, “Can’t walk yet.”

“I’m Ashlyn. Ashlyn Kovalenko.”

“Musette Vaillancourt,” whispered the vampire.

Ashlyn gave a tiny gasp, “Like the dance? Oh, that’s so sweet.”

Musette smiled ruefully and nodded. She looked quite relaxed reclining in the tub, as if she covered herself in blood and chilled out in tubs all the time.

“Can you help me up?” asked Musette.

“Yes, of course,” said Ashlyn, who stood and braced herself and then extended a hand. Musette gripped wrists with her and Ashlyn gently pulled her up to her feet. She could only stand on her good leg and put one arm around Ashlyn’s neck. They were very close, now, standing like lovers.

“Was... was that enough? For tonight?” Ashlyn asked.

“He bled out faster than I could drink,” Musette breathed into her ear with the softest of voices.

“Oh, because I stabbed him in the neck. Sorry, I never killed anyone, before.”

“You did very well, Ashlyn.” Musette was petting Ashlyn’s hair and the back of her neck with her bloodied hands, but Ashlyn didn’t care about the blood.

“You saved my life, Ashlyn Kovalenko. You still are saving it. Thank you.” Musette planted kisses on Ashlyn’s neck, and with each kiss, it was like lights inside her being turned on, illuminating her heart and its desires. She wrapped her arms around Musette’s back and shoulder. The smell of blood was sickeningly strong.

“I only saw that you were a futa, I didn’t realize until later that you were...something more.” Ashlyn sighed, those kisses were melting her. Musette kissed her earlobe and sucked on it gently. She put her lips to Ashlyn’s ear.

“Vampire...” she whispered.

“Yes...” said Ashlyn.

Musette licked her neck, giving her gooseflesh.

“I still thirst, Ashlyn,” she whispered, barely audibly, “I thirst for you.”

Ashlyn sighed and a quiet sob escaped her. Just one.

“I’m yours,” she said, “just... please don’t kill me.”

“And what if I do?” breathed Musette. Ashlyn pulled her head back to look Musette in the eye.

“Then make it good,” she said, and kissed her.

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