30 June 2015

Putting the Erotica in Monster Erotica

Previously: Putting the Monster in Monster Erotica.

Today I want to explore the more fun part of monster erotica: the naughty bits.

To me it's the (mostly) physical elements that make monsters what they are that are also the sexy parts. Or at least the expressive parts. These are parts we use to identify them as monsters. Parts that usually aren't human: horns, wings, tails (especially tails), talons. Other things, too, like powers: reading minds or seeing in the dark or magic. Things that are impossible and don't exist, like sexual organs where they don't belong.

Being a monster has its good points, too. Sure, most everyone hates you and probably wants to kill you, but as a monster, you're free to do what humans can't. Especially civilized humans. You're free to indulge your monstrous nature. You don't need a reason, you're a fucking monster, doing what monsters do. Vampires kill and feed. Werewolves and other shifters kill and fight for dominance in the pack. Demons have all kinds of dirty work to attend to.

There's a dream, here. When you're the monster, the dream is you get to engage in monstrous behavior you otherwise only wish were possible or acceptable. When you're a normal person interacting with monsters, you're allowed to be swept up in their excess, in their monstrosity, whether by choice or by force (Taken Hard and Unprotected by the Werebuffalo!).

Imagine having the powers and immortality of a vampire, the speed and grace and just motherfucking style for days. Right? Imagine having the raw animal power at your beck and call of being a shifter: the speed, the strength, the enhanced senses. Fucking cool, yeah?

Hell, yeah.

Now the erotica part comes in, because along with these incredible abilities and powers also comes insatiable lust and sexual prowess. Monsters can't get enough dirty fuckin' and they're absolute bosses in the boudoir. Combine that with something already known for its outlandish desire and sexual proclivity, like futanari, and you have hazmat suit situations, here. Like, sexual defcon 5.

What also makes monster sex pop for me is focusing on the monstery bits themselves in my writing. The demons and angels of my Futanari Apocalypse series show what they're feeling through their wings and tails. Wings will spread, shudder, cower, fold down, whatever is needed to help portray emotion and thought. Tails, especially are not only expressive of emotion, but they make for amazing sexual tools, too. Tails can wrap around a cock, penetrate any hole in the body. Good times! Horns make better handlebars than pigtails.

And of course futanari are monstrous in their sexual exaggeration: enormous cocks on girls that drip and ejaculate ridiculous amounts of cum, dripping wet pussies, huge tits, and unrelenting sexual appetites.

This is why the Futanari Loves Octogirl series is so much fun to write. Futanari plus tentacles? It doesn't get any better for crazy monster sex. Those tentacles can do amazing things. Little suckers that kiss your body all over. Tentacles wrapping around your cock or squeezing your tits. Suckers on your nipples. Suckers on your clit. Tentalces doing things inside your pussy or ass that a finger or a cock could never do (think about how tentacles move). MULTIPLE tentacles inside you doing those things. And when you get hugged by a girl who has 2 arms and 8 tentacles, that, my friends, is an uber-hug.

I make my monsters behave in ways that are more human than the humans do, sometimes, but when it comes to the erotica in monster erotica, focus on the monster parts.

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29 June 2015

Putting the Monster in Monster Erotica

What I write probably wouldn't be called monster erotica to most people, because so far all my "monsters" are mostly human.

And that's kind of the point, for me.

Are girls with cocks considered monsters? Look at how actual trans people are treated. You tell me. How do you think real hermaphroditic persons, such as futanari, would be treated? The irony is they'd be victims and their haters and persecutors would be the true monsters. It's Frankenstein's monster all over again.

In my stories, that's how they're treated. The hatred and fear of them becomes part of the plot. Maybe one day I'll write a story where being futa is the norm or at least accepted, but right now that's not what I wish to explore. There's no juice there. It's boring to me. Conflict creates story.

Are mermaids considered monsters? Not usually. But if you put an octopus on the bottom half of a woman instead of a fishtail, she's no longer a child's fairy tale fantasy. Now, she's a monster. Think of the most famous octomaid you know: Ursula, the sea witch, from Disney's The Little Mermaid. Granted, her behavior is monstrous, but make no mistake Disney wanted a physical form to match that in their eyes.

What if, instead, an octomaid was sweet and loving? What if she fell in love?

For In the Arms of Love, the main character is a futanari and she hates herself. She hates what she is. All her life, she's been told she's a monster. But then she meets what people would consider an actual monster, an octomaid. The octomaid never saw herself as a monster until she realizes others see her that way.

To me, the scene in that story where Liana tried to put on makeup so Jaelyn wouldn't see her as a monster is the saddest thing I've ever written. Like, seriously, I cried writing that. But I'm a dork that way.

I put that in a book full of sperm-spewing futanari cocks and blistering hot crazy tentacle sex, so that's what people focus on (to be fair, that's what sells the book). One character sees herself as a monster at first but then doesn't, the other character didn't see herself as a monster at first, but then does.

Vampires usually are considered monsters in the classic sense. In recent years they've also become tragic figures if not antiheroes, to actual heroes in some cases. Becoming one means you become a monster. Living with yourself as a monster. Constantly justifying your existence because you must kill to live.

Demons are considered monsters, but all demons used to be angels. Did they really do something monstrous, or were they only judged and condemned to be monsters? In Demon's Embrace, Veronica Hudson decides she'd rather capture stray earth-walking futanari demons by seducing and fucking them. In order to accommodate the futa demons' outlandishly huge cocks, the demons use magic to alter her body. Not only can she survive having sex with them, she feels it more intensely.

But this has unintended consequences. Along for the ride come other "gifts," such as a budding pair of horns on her forehead and a pair of fangs. The other people around Veronica already treated her like a monster for her disregard of social norms and her ravenous sexual proclivities. Over the course of Demon's Embrace and Angel's Kiss, she physically becomes more and more demonic.

She becomes the monster.

Yet she loves and is loved.

What happens when you love a monster?

What happens when you become a monster?

What defines "monster?" Is it fangs and tentacles and bat wings and cocks? Is it behavior?

Does "monster" live inside us or outside of us? Where does the perception come from?

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28 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Inside Now, from Enthralled, Book 1 of the Futanari Vampire Chronicles

Greetings, my lovely dirty, dirty people! I'm writing chapter 5 on the new vampire story, Enthralled. It's been a few since I allowed any more sneak peeks to peek out, but that ends today. Here for you is the continuation of the opening lines up until the end of the first scene. Both posts will be updated with new edits to the story and with links so you can read them both easily.

Yeah, I know, neither of these SEXcerpts have any sex in them. Maybe if you're good little pervs and share this post around on social media, I'll post something bloody and sexy from the book.

Part 1

Help me, she mouthed.

The girl had fangs. Long ones.


Ashlyn couldn’t think or speak. What she was seeing was simply not possible. Her mind waited for some open mental loop to close, attempting to resolve the unreality, except it wasn’t closing.

The girl twisted Ashlyn’s wrist roughly and shoved her coat sleeve back, exposing her wrist. She dipped a finger into the blood of her own wounds and painted two words on Ashlyn’s pale skin:


The girl’s face pleaded with her urgently, silently. She looked scared.

Somewhere, church chimes rang out. Ashlyn looked up to see the sky beginning to lighten.

“Uh...” Ashlyn looked around as though something near her might offer her some clue or better yet absolve her of her involvement in this. That’s when she saw the girl’s torn clothes revealed a long, thick cock between her legs.


There was no hesitation in her, now. She scooped her arms under the girl’s back and legs and carefully lifted her up.

Why am I not simply calling 911? Or walking away?

She didn’t know. Or, rather, she wouldn’t admit it to herself.

It wasn’t that far to her place, she figured she could make it without too much trouble. The girl possessed an iron strength which belied her delicate beauty, and she clung to Ashlyn’s neck with only one arm. The other dangled limply. As Ashlyn carried her newfound, inexplicable charge, the girl bestowed little kisses upon her neck, which Ashlyn found both invigorating and distracting. Also distracting was how one of her legs flopped sickeningly.

Two words echoed through her mind, one improbable, one impossible. As Ashlyn carried the girl, every few minutes, she would hear a metallic sound, something being dropped. She saw one as it slipped out of the girl’s shredded clothes and fell to the street.

It was a bloody bullet.

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25 June 2015

PSA: Facts About Blood When Writing about Vampires

I know I'm the guy who said "fuck science" when it came to writing about octomaids, but remember, I keep the stuff that makes it sexy or adds to the story. With vampires, it's just a little different. Nobody but me, apparently, is writing octomaid erotica. Everyone writes vampire erotica. Maybe not futanari vampire erotica, but still...

That means there's a lot of stupid, ridiculous shit out there totally harshing on your suspension of disbelief.

So let's right some wrongs and bust some myths, shall we?

How long does it take to recover from blood loss and what should you do to speed it up?

Although your body produces red blood cells pretty quickly, it's estimated to take 3-4 weeks to fully recover. This accounts for the wait period when donating blood.

To recover a little faster drink plenty of water, eat citrus, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and meats high in iron.

And don't keep letting vampires bite you.

Source: http://www.blood.co.uk/about-blood/how-the-body-replaces-blood/

How much blood does an adult have in them and how much can they lose?

  • Adult women typically have a little over 5 liters of blood in their bodies, men about 6.5 liters.
  • 50% of your blood lost over 3hrs constitutes "massive" blood loss
  • After losing, about 750ml (25 fl. oz. or 1.5 pints), you feel the blood loss
  • After about 1,500ml (50 fl. oz. or 3.12 pints), you feel weak, thirsty, and anxious
  • At about 2000ml (67 fl. oz. or 4 pints), you will feel dizzy and/or go unconscious
Source: https://mathspig.wordpress.com/tag/how-much-blood-can-you-lose-before-you-die/

Three pints is a LOT of blood, really. Imagine if you knocked over 3 pints of beer in your own kitchen (don't tell me you never did any such thing).

How fast do you bleed out if a major artery or vein is punctured?

In vampire stories, people are forever being bitten on the neck. The neck muscles run parallel to the carotid arteries. IF YOU CUT A MAJOR ARTERY, YOU WILL DIE IN A MINUTE. The heart pumps 5 liters of blood a minute. You may not even have 5 full liters of blood in your body. Cut a major artery and you basically have only a minute left to live at most.

Source: http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=16876.0

How much fluid can a stomach hold?

If you're drinking blood, can you really drink all of the blood in a person?


A human stomach can hold at maximum around 4 liters. But it wouldn't feel comfortable. Remember last Thanksgiving? Worse than that. And an adult will have at least 5 liters of blood in them.

If you want to say vampire anatomy is different than human anatomy, go for it.

Sources: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-ounces-of-liquid-can-a-human-stomach-hold

Be sexy, not stupid, with your vampire erotica

I actually make use of this knowledge to serve the story in Enthralled, when Ashlyn, determined to help the injured futanari vampire she's found, decides to bring home "dinner" for her new guest. And of course every time someone is bitten to drink from them but not kill, it's never on the neck or any major artery/vein.

Whatever "science" or magic you have in your vampire erotica has to serve the story, there's no question about that. Vampires are ridiculous from the outset, but if we're going to indulge in their impossibility, and we want people to be turned on, maybe the little details that support reality, used well, can make your vampire erotica a step above most of what's out there.

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24 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Opening lines from Enthralled: Book 1 of the Futanari Vampire Chronicles

I knew I absolutely had to write a series about futanari vampires, but it wasn't until recently that I had a premise and a plot and a heroine in mind. One of the recurring themes you'll find in my writing is this: what happens when we love monsters? Don't ask me why I feel compelled to explore this in everything I write. I have no idea, but goddamn, is it fun and interesting!

Ashlyn discovered the vampire when she saw her falling from the sky like a bloody star. She was lighting a cigar when she heard a sound and looked up. The girl slammed into a fire escape with a clang and bounced off of it in a twirl of limp limbs. Wavy, long red hair and shredded black clothes trailed behind her like a comet’s tail as she fell. She hit the ground and Ashlyn flinched. Then she heard voices above.

“Guns, Orenda? Really?”

There was the unmistakable click-clack sound of a bullet being chambered.

“Shut up, Kristiana. She was a mistake. Your mistake. I should make you pull the trigger, but doing it myself is more fun. You turned a fucking futa? What the fuck were you thinking?”


Ashlyn crouched behind a dumpster, taking cover in its shadow. She started as automatic gunfire ripped through the night.

“That ought to do it,” said Orenda, whoever she was, “Let’s get out of here before it gets lighter, and tell Kaden.”


Did she just witness a hit?

She should go back, go around, go some other way home.

I’m already nearly through this alley, I’ll just walk past.

Ashlyn didn’t think of herself as a blood-and-guts girl, but her morbid curiosity was too strong. She held her cigar down at her side as she approached the body. Her blond hair slipped in front of her eyes but she ignored it. But she was too transfixed by the bloody mess before her to do anything but stare and slowly approach, as if helplessly towed in.

As she approached, the girl twitched. How could she possibly be alive? Ashlyn gasped and crouched down to get a better look. The girl wore black clothing, and the fabric shone wetly.

Ash, what are you doing?

She reached out as if in a dream and turned the girl over onto her back. Her hand came away red with blood.

Oh, God...

All was blood from the neck down. The girl was absolutely covered in blood. Under her black jacket was a top that had perhaps been white, but which was now soaked dark red. Cut into her neck was a deep gash that made Ashlyn’s stomach sick and hot. It was like someone had taken to her neck with an axe, chopped at her like a tree trunk. And, somehow, she still moved.

With a gasp the girl’s eyes opened, and Ashlyn saw they were an incandescent shade of rose. Even with her horrible injuries and blood-spattered face, Ashlyn could see she was extraordinarily beautiful. She breathed quickly and shallowly and Ashlyn could hear the air faintly whistling in and out through the gash in her throat. The girl’s hand flew up to Ashlyn’s collar and grabbed her with shocking strength. She looked at the girl’s face and the girl looked right at her.

Help me, she mouthed.

The girl had fangs. Long ones.

Continue reading...

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20 June 2015

Erotica Update: The Futanari Vampires are Coming (or... Cumming)

Greetings, my beautiful pervs!

I have something of an overall news update for you, today. I just submitted In the Arms of  Love: Futanari Meets Octogirl to Amazon for publication. This puts me at 2 books written in my Futanari Apocalypse series and the 1 book written in the Futanari Loves Octogirl series.

I had already determined that I was only going to focus on three major series, so as not to take too long to wrap any one of them up. The longer that takes, the longer I don't have any series bundles for sale! Some series will be more books than others, I'm sure, so who knows how long they'll take to finish out. I'm not sure if I can always stick to the book-a-week schedule when they're 40k+ words each, but we'll see. Maybe the first octogirl book was a bit of a fluke in that regard.

But I'm still left with a 3rd series, and that is going to be a futanari vampire series.

In a blatant nod to Anne Rice, I'm going to call it The Futanari Vampire Chronicles. The typical vampire story goes something like this (with Bram Stoker's Dracula of course providing the base template): A vampire sees his old love reflected in the face of a young mortal woman, and so of course he is irresistibly drawn to her. Feelings on both sides may be conflicted, but certainly they are conflicted for the mortal woman. Is she loved and adored or is she a victim, a living echo? As the mortal woman is drawn into the vampire's web, others try to stop it. Whether the mortal becomes a vampire herself or not (or remains so) depends on what direction you want to take the story.

All good and well, and nothing I'm doing.

Both Underworld (which I love) and Twilight (Ugh... don't even get me started) dealt with the whole vampires vs. werewolves thing in their own ways, and I'm not doing that, either. And, sorry, but the entire shifter/alpha thing absolutely rubs me the wrong way and I'm never going to do that.

The first book of the Futanari Vampire Chronicles will be titled Enthralled. Here's a rough blurb I wrote just to get a feel for what I'll be writing. I don't have any names, yet:

A nerdy, introverted mortal, human woman stumbles upon a badly injured futanari vampire. She decides to try and nurse the injured vampire back to health, and has to commit unspeakable deeds to do it. In the process, she becomes enthralled to the vampire, falling in love and embarking on a new life of transformation, love, lust, power, and danger. 

Because the coven that tried to kill her charge aren't going to be happy when they discover she lives...

In vampire folklore, a thrall is a human servant to a vampire who loves the vampire and is loyal to her, protecting her during the day. This could supposedly be the result of vampire magic but I prefer it to be voluntary, out of love and awe and raw sexual attraction (and perhaps the hope of immortality).

I'll be writing Enthralled as my next book!

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15 June 2015

Some Thoughts On the 'Reality' of Octogirl Anatomy and Biology

Greetings, my dear romantic perverts. A quick thought to share with you today about the realism and the science behind the story in erotic romance and erotica.

You ready?

Here it is:


Actually, let me put it a different way: it only matters in that it serves the sex or the story, and that's it.

For example, in my futanari/octogirl story, the octogirl has chromatophores in her skin, just like real octopuses do. Chromatophores are cells that contain skin pigment and have the ability to change color. Not everyone realizes that octopuses (or octopi, if you prefer, but either is correct) can do this. They change color for camouflage or to indicate their mood. This is a real biological thing I'm using in the story because it's fun and sexy and helps tell the story.

How the suckers on their tentacles work and what they look like and how tentacles move, this is all based on reality and it goes into the story because HOT TENTACLE SEX.

Here's what doesn't matter:
  • That the octogirl can be out of the water. When she's out of the water she breathes AIR. When she's in the water, she breathes WATER. I don't even bother with gills, because gills are NOT SEXY. Realistic? NO. I don't give a fuck.
  • Octogirl does not have a beak or mouth in the center under her "skirt" of tentacles. She has big ol' sloppy wet ultra-fuckable pussy. OCTOPUSSY (sorry, I had to). Because, duh, it's a story about a futanari girl with a huge cock getting it on with an octogirl. It's fucking HOT and that's all the "science" I need.
  • Futanari exist as the result of a genetic accident, the details of which are not explained because it doesn't matter. It only matters that they're in the story and they're a highly oppressed group of people.
  • The particulars of how octopeople do anything in the water doesn't even matter for the first book, yet. If it matters at some point in the future then I'll just... make something up on the spot. I'm kind of good at that, actually, it's one of the reasons why I can write fairly quickly. Some of my best story bits and sexy bits come from following a whim to its conclusion. But I digress.
  • A real octopus would not be warm-blooded out of the water. No fluids squirting out of her in sexual ecstasy would be warm. But since octogirls aren't real to begin with (sadly) who gives two fucks about the science of warm blood vs. cold blood? Of course she's hot... she's sexy!
  • What does an octogirl eat? WHATEVER SHE WANTS. Ha ha. This one happens to like pizza and wine. On the spot I made up some bullshit about how she knew what wine was because her people would take it from sinking ships. SCIENCE.
RANDOM CONFESSION: Strangely enough, for all the tentacle-thrashing, big futa dick cumming action in this story... to my surprise it is actually turning out to be an extremely tender ROMANCE. Who'd-a-thunk-it?

Anyways, this is the kind of shit that goes through my head all the time. Just sharing it with you, aren't you lucky? Back to writing!


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13 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] A Very Thorough Exam

Dear dirty perverts, I present to you another deliciously dark snippet from the forthcoming futanari & octogirl book. I am blazing through this thing. It might be finished and published by the end of the week.

Once they arrive at the island, the futanari girls are subject to medical inspection. I mean, OF COURSE they are. How can you not have a naughty medical inspection? That's just crazy talk.

“Ah, our last one for the day, what weather we’re having, no?”

Jaelyn was greeted by a tall woman in a white latex uniform that clung to every curve of her amazing body underneath a loose latex lab coat.

Jesus Christ, they’re not even pretending it’s a real exam. What kind of uniform is that?

“Nice uniform,” Jaelyn said, holding out her folder to the woman.

“A necessity, what with all the... fluids I have to deal with when we get new girls in.” The woman came closer and as she took the folder from Jaelyn’s hand, she caressed her fingers. The futa was a stark contrast to her surroundings. The room itself looked like a nightmare from an abandoned insane asylum, containing a crazy old medical chair that had old-fashioned pedals and levers, stained dingy tile walls and floor, and flickering fluorescent lighting tubes above. A first aid cabinet was mounted on the wall.

The woman looked quickly over the contents of the folder and Jaelyn saw her raise her eyebrows and quickly glance at her crotch. A sly smile crept onto her face and she licked her very, very dark red lips. She closed the folder and looked at Jaelyn.

“Well, my dear Jaelyn James, my name is Dr. Ilsa Carerra. We conduct medical inspection exams for all of our new residents. We can’t have anyone coming onto the island with a communicable disease and there may be other medical issues we’d need to know about so we can make sure everyone is taken care of. Usually the inspection is rather cursory, but in your case, I’m going to make an exception and see to it that your treatment is much, much more thorough.” She sounded as if she were about to start moaning with pleasure on the spot.

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” said Jaelyn. Dr. Carerra looked at her appraisingly and came closer. Very close. She wore thick black cat’s eye glasses and behind them gazed at her a pair of the most expertly made-up eyes Jaelyn had ever seen. Her eyeliner wings were perfect and her smoky eye shadow was to die for. Jaelyn found herself stirring more inside against her own will.

“Oh, so you know how this little game is played?” Dr. Carerra said with a sensuous sneer to her lip. Her rich, dark chocolate hair was up in a messy bun and as she spoke, she reached up and removed the clips. She shook her head and let her hair cascade down in luxurious dark waves that Jaelyn wanted to touch despite herself.

“Yeah, I know how this game is played,” Jaelyn said.

“It’s my favorite game in the world,” whispered Dr. Carerra, moving in so close Jaelyn felt her lips brush against her skin as she spoke.

“I hate it,” Jaelyn hissed. Dr. Carerra’s laugh was languid and sultry.

“Oh, don’t tell me that, my dear, I’ll only enjoy myself more. You signed consent forms long ago agreeing to this. Now, take off your clothes.” And she licked the side of Jaelyn’s face, which instantly made her nipples painfully hard. She hated it, but it felt so good. She was starting to feel a little conflicted.

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11 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Welcome to Futa Island, Bitch

Admit it: When you saw The Little Mermaid,
you wished Ursula was young and hot
and those tentacles would've been super sexy.
I've started a new book and a new series, and I'm already 4k words into it just because it's so much dirty fun to write!

I don't have titles worked out just yet but the series is about a futanari and an octogirl. Also called octomaids or cacaelians, octogirls are basically mermaids but their bottom half is an octopus instead of a fish. Think Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid, only way sexier.

Tentacles and futanari dick? MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

Here's a brief excerpt from very close to the beginning of the story. Jaelyn arives on "Futa Island" a reservation for her "kind" in the midst of a raging sea storm. As the ferry gets tossed about on the waves, Jaelyn gets thrown into the arms of another futa girl coming to the island too. This gets her a bit excited and she has to go to the bathroom to uh... take care of business. She gets discovered by one of the other girls and is mortified. You see, Jaelyn doesn't want to be a futanari. This excerpt is the scene where she is being processed by the authorities.

The man before her looked like he really wished he was somewhere else. He peered through a stack of thick folders on his beat-up old metal desk and set them back down. She sat across from him in an uncomfortable metal folding chair inside the dilapidated little building near the dock. Waves of rain washed against the windows and lightning flashed outside.

“License?” he arched a brow at her and held out his hand. Jaelyn searched through her purse for her wallet and then extracted her Maine driver’s license. The man took it and looked at it carefully, as though he expected it to be a forgery. He spent a lot of time comparing its picture to the real person before him.

“What’s on your face?” he asked, then, “Wait, never mind. You’re a futanari, what else would it be?”

Jaelyn’s face burned with embarrassment.

“Is James still your last name? You are Jaelyn James?”

“Yes,” she said, wiping her face with her sleeve.


“Eighteen.” Guess somebody was too lazy or too stupid to look at the date of birth and figure it out.

“Penis length, both flaccid and erect?”


The man blinked at her. “Ms. James, you heard me. Please.” He raised his eyebrows at me and readied his pen to write.

“Why does that matter?” She just couldn’t let go the absurdity of it, the humiliation of being reminded she was a second-class citizen in the “Land of the Free.” Thunder boomed so loudly he had to wait to reply.

“It’s for our records, if you refuse to comply, things can become very unpleasant for you.” He glanced over to the other end of the room. Jaelyn followed his gaze to see a couple of beefy men with beer bellies that stretched out their uniforms. Slung over their shoulders were glossy black M-16 rifles. Jaelyn had a pretty good idea what unpleasant meant.

“Nine and... fifteen.”

The man’s pen slipped and ran off the edge of the form he was filling out and he coughed. Jaelyn felt her cheeks continue to burn. It was bad enough she had to be born a futanari to a family too poor to afford the reassignment surgery. But worse, she was huge, even compared to others of her kind. She recalled the red-haired girl who’d opened the bathroom door on her calling it a Frankenpenis. Her eyes burned and for a moment she thought she would have to fight off tears, but at the same time, she felt her member stir... again.

Don’t even THINK about it! she silently commanded it.

I'll be working on this story in a white hot heat until it's finished. Meantime, the 2nd Futanari Apocalypse book, Angel's Kiss is now available!

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08 June 2015

[Update] First Draft of Angel's Kiss FINISHED

Finishing a book is always a bittersweet experience for me. There is the triumph of completion, but also a sadness that it's over. Especially when you have as much fun writing as I do. And I had so much fun writing Angel's Kiss.

This book is twice what Demon's Embrace was:
  • First of all, and most importantly: more sex. Like, WAY more sex. Yes, there is a real story, a real plot, but at the same time, I'm a big fan of "everybody fucks everybody and as often as possible."
  • More menage! Threesomes and a foursome, woo hoo!
  • Put on yer waders and yer rubber gloves (and open your mouth) because the futanari cum output in Angel's Kiss is just ridiculous. Plus, Veronica and Eleanor practically dehydrate themselves from squirting so much.
  • Keep them on because the blood kink and the violence... well, it gets pretty sick. And that's the way I like it, or I wouldn't have written it that way. The final sex scene could be described in 3 words as: fucking blood bath. Emphasis on the fucking and blood. Bath, not so much, because it's DIRTY. So, so dirty.
  • You met Eleanor in Demon's Embrace. Well, she's a scene-stealer in Angel's Kiss. I loved writing her cute naughty squirting hotness so much.
  • As the title of the book implies, this story has more than demons. For the first time, you get to meet an angel. A fallen archangel, to be specific. She may be good, but she's far from innocent. In fact, I'm pretty sure she is the most sexually sadistic character I've yet created.
  • The story takes some incredible turns and the reveals are stunning. The series ain't called the Futanari Apocalypse for nothing.
  • In Demon's Embrace there were some moments of tenderness, some poignant scenes. Expect not only a bit more in Angel's Kiss, but also there is love... polyamorous love, even.
  • Veronica will never be the same after this story. The ending was a little heart-wrenching for me to write, just because I don't think anyone loves Veronica more than I do, and I really put her through some dark shit in this story.
Now to edit and tighten things up, get a cover for it, and release it! Could be a week or so for that to happen, so stay tuned because of course I'll let you know when it's available.

If you still haven't read Demon's Embrace, don't wait any longer, grab it now.

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05 June 2015

Character Interview: Meet Eleanor Deveraux: Cute Naughty Squirter of Angel's Kiss

Taking a little break from writing the second-most intense sex scene of Angel's Kiss to give you this character interview with Eleanor Deveraux, the new cleaning girl of the Hudson & Hudson Investigations Agency.

Of course, Hudson & Hudson is no ordinary private investigative agency. It's a front for Veronica Hudson's secret life as a mercenary demon hunter.

Character inspiration for Eleanor
But Eleanor wasn't hired because a cleaning girl was needed. She was hired because Veronica lusted after her, and needed a pretense, plain and simple. We first meet Eleanor in Demon's Embrace, but she makes more of an appearance in Angel's Kiss. Some of the hottest, wettest scenes in the book feature Eleanor, where her combination of innocent cuteness and desire to be naughty end up stealing the show!

I would've loved it if I could've gotten her to open up a little more, but she was so distraught and embarrassed that I just didn't have the heart to push her that far. If you want to see just how bad this good girl can be, you'll have to read Angel's Kiss when it comes out soon.

Bryce: You had NO idea what you were getting yourself into when you went to work for Veronica, did you?

Eleanor: Gosh, no! I went to confession one day, and uh... well, never mind about that. Afterward I was walking down the street when Miss Hudson spoke to me, and she offered me a job as a cleaning girl at her agency. I really needed a job, too, so of course I said yes. She was so kind and pretty!

Bryce: Why did Veronica just run up and speak to you out of the blue?

Eleanor: (blushing) Ah, she uh... noticed I had wet stains on my skirt and wanted to tell me so I wouldn't embarrass myself.

Bryce: Interesting. And how did those stains get there, Eleanor? Was it water?

Eleanor: (blushing even more, fidgeting) Please, can we talk about something else?

Bryce: So, you found out that Hudson & Hudson, and Veronica, are not exactly what they seem. Were you shocked?

Eleanor: I'll say! At first, I thought they were private investigators, because that's what it said on Miss Hudson's business card. But she has a room in there with an entire wall covered in different kinds of guns and swords and other weapons. Her pride and joy even had a nickname. She called it Big Boy (giggles). I'd never seen a gun so big in my life. I asked her about it and she said what she did was more like bounty hunting, and I thought what a strange profession for a woman to have. 

Something's happening to Veronica. Her demonic
"gifts" are changing her.
Bryce: But Veronica is not a bounty hunter, is she?

Eleanor: No, she's a demon hunter, something I never imagined could exist!

Bryce: Have you, personally, seen any demons or seen anything strange?

Eleanor: Well... I don't know what to make of this, but when Miss Hudson first hired me, everything was fine. She was very beautiful but also strong. I just love her wavy red hair and I don't think I've ever seen anyone on whom lipstick looks more natural. And she has blue eyes, like me! But then... she started changing, and I don't know if it's bad or good. Frankly, I'm worried about her.

Bryce: Changing how?

Eleanor: Oh, I know this is going to sound so ridiculous, but she now has these sharp teeth, you know, like an animal, and... (sighs) horns.

Bryce: Horns?

Eleanor: Yes, horns. Growing out of her head (puts hands to head and points finger up on each hand). Like... like a...

Bryce: Like a demon.

Eleanor: (covers mouth with hand) Yes! Oh, I hope she's going to be all right!

Bryce: You seem more concerned for Veronica than a mere cleaning girl would be. Is there something going on between you two? I happen to know Veronica very well and I think she would just adore you.

Eleanor: (blushing, fidgeting, squirming in seat) Please, no! I mean, yes. Oh, I don't know what I mean. Maybe? I was always told that sort of thing was wrong, an abomination, but the angel, she does it, too! But she's more than a woman. She has a... (covers face with hands).  Oh, it's so confusing. I don't think I want to talk about this!

Character inspiration for fallen archangel Sariel
Bryce: That's okay, Eleanor, you don't have to talk about anything you don't want to. Would you want to talk about the angel, though? Are you saying you saw an actual angel?

Eleanor: Yes! Oh, my gosh, she is so beautiful, too! She's here to help Miss Hudson with something important, but it seems they spend an awful lot of time... well, never mind.

Bryce: If this is all so strange and, knowing Veronica, sinful, with the sex cranked up to eleven, not to mention dangerous... why haven't you quit? It can't be the money. Surely, there are safer and saner jobs to have.

Eleanor: I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me, one that I never knew existed. Demons and angels walk the earth. Women can love other women. Being bad feels really, really good. I would not trade my time with these extraordinary people for anything in the world. Yes, it's dangerous. I don't know what's going to happen, but I could never turn my back on Miss Hudson. Unless...

Bryce: Unless what?

Eleanor: (puts finger in mouth) Unless she orders me to turn around and bend over!

Bryce: (laughs) Why, you...

Eleanor: Interview's over! (giggles)

Meet Eleanor in Demon's Embrace. Much more of her coming (and cumming) in Angel's Kiss!

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04 June 2015

[SEXcerpt] Here to FSU - Angel's Kiss SNEAK PEEK

You guys, I have been so busy writing Angel's Kiss I've taken no time to post here. Right now, I'm about 30k words into it and it should be available within a couple weeks at the most. And yes it will be even hotter than Demon's Embrace!

I hope you like a little violence to go along with your sex, because this snippet is not a sex scene (even though it's still sexy). It's a battle scene. Writing combat is much harder than writing sex scenes, lemme tell ya. When I'm reading other authors, fight scenes are what I tend to skip because I find them boring. Often, they're boring because they're nothing but combat: no story developments are unfolding, no character advancement happens, there isn't even any foreshadowing. I think fight scenes need to be about more than just the fight, just as sex scenes are better if they're about more than just fucking.

Veronica and her new companion, fallen archangel Sariel, are approaching the mansion where the Virtue of Hell Xezbeth has made her lair. This is round two with Xezbeth, as those of you who've read Demon's Embrace know.

Veronica's gun once belonged to Xezbeth, but she managed to steal it from her in Demon's Embrace and now she uses it against her. She's very... affectionate with her weapons and liked to give them nicknames. The hell-tech rifle she decided to call Bones, because that's what it looks like the gun is made of. Bones appears to be semi-sentient, and does things on its own, which is a little unsettling but does a good job of keeping Veronica alive and enemies dead.

As Sariel and I approached the dark, fiery mansion, Bones reconfigured itself into a beast of a rifle, its long barrel like some kind of sickening, elongated spine and ribcage. Two hellhounds appeared to our right. They must’ve been patrolling the outer perimeter of the grounds in a clockwise route. As soon as they saw us, they howled, a sound that made my blood run icy cold. Imagine the biggest wolf you’ve ever heard and then take that two octaves lower.

Operating on instinct, I dug my back heel in and fired Bones from the hip. The gun arced almost straight up in my hands from the recoil, and I swear I skidded backwards in the dewy grass a few inches. But a fiery projectile shot forth, leaving a contrail of smoke, and hit one of the beasts as if a stick of dynamite had been stuffed into a side of beef. Black blood and molten lava spewed from the sundered hellhound.

Considering I write futanari erotica, yes, something
is missing from this picture! I try to keep the pictures
here somewhat clean and let the words be dirty.
Before I’d gotten off my shot, Sariel was in the air. Her wings snapped and her crystalline sword trailed in her hand like a rudder. Reaching the apex of her leap, she spun the sword in a graceful circle, pointing it downward as she descended. She put her wings together during her drop, like a hawk diving. The great blade pierced the hellhound’s skull as it leaped up at her, as if it meant to snatch her out of the air. The beast fell onto its hindquarters as Sariel’s blade continued its way through its flesh. With the momentum of her flight, she spun around on the handle of her sword like an acrobat and landed on her feet, pulling out the blade as she did so. She shook her hair from her face and flicked her arm to whisk the gore from her blade.

Hisses and screeches sounded. The hounds weren’t alone, but had been leading a patrol of demons, three of them. Of course, they were beautiful, with dangerously sexy bodies and faces and cocks, but at this point in the game, it wasn’t about seduction, anymore.

I wasn’t here to fuck, I was here to fuck shit up.

One of them I obliterated from the waist up with Bones right off the bat. Sariel decapitated the other two at the same time with a single spinning stroke. We could’ve left them that way, but I wanted to get them completely out of the picture, for one thing, and for another, I wanted to be merciful to them. Unless their heads and hearts were destroyed, they would only have lingered on in a lifeless, deathless limbo. I shot their severed heads into oblivion and Sariel stabbed their hearts. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you being so kind to them?” she said. I shrugged.

“I guess once you fuck a few of them, it changes things. You know, I actually liked the demons I knew... carnally. Got to know them as real people, even if only for a short time,” I said.

“Fair enough,” she said.

“You never fucked a demon?” I asked.

“Heavens, no!” she sounded horrified at the very idea.

“You should try it, you might like it. I mean, what would happen to you, at this point? You’ll piss off a God who [REDACTED SPOILER]?”

We ran into two more patrols before getting close to the mansion’s door and took them out in a flurry of blood and limbs flying. God damn, but it felt good to just be destroying everything in our path. Except...

“This is too easy,” I said, wiping blood spatters from my face.

“Yes,” was all that Sariel had to say. In all likelihood, Xezbeth wanted us to reach her. From her perspective, we were the unfinished business. Well, correction: me. The mortal who got away. Who embarrassed her before her minions. Who stole her gun from her. Who fucked her and lived. Yeah, I think maybe she had it in for me.

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01 June 2015

Heat Level: 4 out of 4 Stars! A Review for Demon's Embrace

Mindy at Naughty Book Snitch has reviewed Demon's Embrace.

Here's her synopsis, but if you want to read a highly entertaining review, you really want to check it out for yourself. I love her reviewing style and the funny pictures she uses. She has a gift for making the every day extraordinarily dirty through context.

When Mindy first told me she was reviewing it, I checked her site to see if she ever gives bad reviews, and it turns that she does, and that's great, because it means she's not jerking everyone off just to get affiliate commissions or whatever. You know she's being real.

One of Mindy's GIFs referencing the cum levels of Demon's Embrace.
Anyways, go check out her review of Demon's Embrace and be sure to follow her on social media and stuff, too, she's a wonderfully fun (and dirty) person.

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